Creature Caster Masters: It Begins

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I think im in love.

This definitely has potential. Maybe some tighter editing would help, it seems kinda slow I guess. The item system jokes were good though, more of those.

I'll be checking back on this. It needs work, but it could be interesting.

Oh LAWDY no...
Sorry, but this just does not appeal to me.

I thought tis would be terrible, but it was alright. I found some moments to be hummus. I'll stick with it and see if it actually goes anywhere.

awesome sauce
Definitely be watching
hope it's weekly
though bi-weekly works too

Thanks for all the comments and feedback guys! Glad a lot of people seem to be enjoying it, and to those that didn't (and actually gave feedback), I'll be sure to keep your criticisms in mind as I continue producing episodes.

Just remember, humor is made better when it's punchy. ;) Fast, and relatively unexpected. Like Explosion! That made me crack up where everything else did not. ;)


The voice actor sound really familiar.

Waffle iron joke = Awesome.

Yeah, he does the voice of Jaden for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Abridged, and some other stuff I think.

Yeah! He got an actual job :D

Kind of... >.>

best parody ive seen so far.. i should buy pokemon again

Well, there were a couple good jokes in there.
I'll be watching to see if things get better or worse.

cool stuff, seems like it has potential, gotta love those old pokemon days ;p

why the hell are his left arm and left leg both moving forwards / backwards at the same time? animators not know how human beings walk? ^_-

Missed this back in the film festival. Unexpectedly funny. As always, I'll reserve judgment until a few episodes in.

that was awesome lol

No offense Escapist, but can you please only post funny and interesting videos that don't look like they were done by middle schoolers in Flash?

Honestly, I don't mean to hurt feelings, but this can't go on. This site puts out good content, and that's why people come back. As long as your articles stay up-to-par, you can stick with only putting out good videos regardless of how infrequently you post them.

Well, if the comedy stays at this level, I'll be watching this show from now on. FAR better start than some of the other shows I watched on here.

mi likey

They have to lose the dead-space between the jokes and beef up the satire.
Good idea though.

Didn't appeal to me. Everything was done before and better.
If this show won an award, then I shudder to think what the others were like.

This is only the first episode, so I'll reserve judgement until I've seen a few more.

I feel like this would have been a lot funnier maybe 10 years ago when Pokemon was relatively new. Most of these jokes about Pokemon and JRPG tropes have already been done (and done better if I may say so). Maybe the next episodes will have some better punchlines, but I'm not exactly optimistic.

Really enjoyed it! the pokemon references really hit me well, so keep up the great work! btw is Justin ShadyVox?

Glad to see Shadyvox in The Escapist.

For those who don't know Shadyvox is an internet voice actor that has done several things the youtube series Yu-gi-Oh GX and Digimon Abridged, as well as some songs like the Yu-gi-Oh rap battle and Jaden's rap, along with voice overs on other songs.

Even so, this episode, even after I watched it three more times, felt incredibly dry and not very funny. I've seen the Yu-Gi-Oh GX and Abridgemon parodies, but none of these shows are funny to me, likely because I see the source material as strong to begin with, so there's really nothing to make fun of.


I'm not a fan of the X-number-of-shows-within-a-parody-show stuff like this; there's simply too many popping up and they lack any real creativity.

While one of my favorite anime, Comic Party, does make references to other anime, it doesn't do so in a parody sense, I.E. it doesn't depend on the viewers knowledge of the subject at hand to make the show funny. It tells it's own funny story, Kazuki getting roped into the world of doujunshi by his friend, but adds references and minor parodies to other shows like Cyborg 009 and To Heart.

That's the problem that I see with this: It may pick shows that many people likely know to parody, but then it expects people to know what they are trying to make a joke about instead of hinting that this IS a joke about something. For instance, the Master Ball waffle iron, item descriptions (Seriously, Disgaea has been doing this for years, and they're better at it), encountering a challenger trainer, ect., ect.

Also, if you're going to parody something, make the main protagonist unique while retaining some of the elements of the show you're making fun of. This main guy was just a cosmetic mix of Yugi and Ash with next to no original personality of his own. Why not have him as someone new, lacking Ash's clothes and Yugi's half hair? That would've been better to do.

I don't have very high hopes for this. It looks like a bad blend of concepts that should have been handled by someone else.


However, to be fair and to show where I'm coming from, I will give an example of what I think a good parody series should be like. Start with a bad/poorly done show, and make it better by making some alterations the concept, poking fun at the characters on a regular basis, and adding clear instances of pop culture/anime into dialogue, unless you can disguise the joke well.

For example, I direct you to Sonic F, a parody show done right.

great pilot! I'll be tuning in every week for this one!

I'm not one to criticize a show for not being "topical" but given that Pokemon's been around for nearly 15 years, doesn't this just seem tired, uninspired, and far too late an arrival? I didn't get the waffle iron joke at all (which maybe shows what I don't know about Pokemon), and the only time I laughed was when Tun-Tun "used explode."

Maybe this show will get better and find its place, but I'm not hopeful given its premise.

You know, I came to this video thinking it would be a piece of crap..mainly because it looks like bad anime fan art at a glance.

But you know what, I feel like this has potential. Very aware of the setting and story that must be told, as well as whats expected out of a peice of work like this.

Cant tell if its gonna get better or worse, but Im sticking with this one until it fumbles the ball massively.

Pretty good, it has some kinks to work out, like how at times it is painfully cheesey


For example, I direct you to Sonic F, a parody show done right.

And to be fair, I'll say I watched that video and didn't find any of it funny. It sounds like a parody that's trying too hard beating on the same jokes.

If we use the Master Ball waffle maker again, it takes a twist on the well known capacity of a Master Ball. Seriously, have you ever heard any joke involving a Master Ball that wasn't just throwing it at some hard enemy to attempt to capture it?

And honestly, way more than enough people have played Pokemon and not enough played Disgaea to get the popular references and not feel "Oh Disgaea did it better already". Saying that to the generality of the show.

So my conclusion is that people have different tastes. It's good. It means we're not living in Brazil. The 1985 movie, not the country.

This has a lot of potential to get my Pokemon humor out.

Redlin like. Redlin really like!

It begins?
Really, you don't say...

It's either "I loved it" or "Here's a ton of problems with it" with everyone.
I enjoyed it, but I do have one complaint that I don't think I saw anyone mention: Balance the sound! I'm trying to listen to what the main character is saying so I turn up my speakers. As soon as I do I'm blasted with tinny 8-bit chimes, an explosion, or the music is going higher to create drama. It's like if the voice actors and the sound effects guys were in the same room, and you had the main voice actor stand in the back while everyone else hogged the mic.

Can we just bring back Unforgotten Realms already?

Onyx Oblivion:
*pauses video every ten seconds to read item descriptions*

Yeah. I like it.

Same here but my only real compliant was that I wish the descriptions weren't so fast that I had to keep clicking the play/pause button to keep seeing them. D:

But other than that this was a great pilot episode and can't wait to see what happens next!

can't say I liked it at all, really cheap references to the original pokemon games coupled with badly timed animation. no thanks, no thanks. Only joke that got even half a chuckle out of me was the master ball reference.

A funny show but unforgotten realms was way better

A funny show but unforgotten realms was way better

A funny show but unforgotten realms was way better

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