Daily Drop: Xbox 360

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Should have hit it with the crowbar once or twice, just to be sure

yeah, it my come back as a rrod zombie and kill you

do a kinect next please

Careful! SCIENCE is at work!

You...YOU MONSTER!!! you destroyed a perfectly good ipod-charger/paperweight/heater/electronic cupholder

.. then gram walks in and says, "hey turns out, this still IS under warranty!" XD

oh god i can see its insides...*vomits*

Wow this really shows how flimsy modern consoles are. I've dropped my NES a couple time (mostly unintentionally) that thing doesn't looked damaged at all.

Still This drop was awesome.

Ah but this is from 'bout fifteen feet.

Aww i really wanted to see that HDD smash,now Ps3 you best watch your back.

My friend accidently dropped his Gamecube down the stairs once when he wanted to play it down stairs with the rest of us. The Lid on top cracked and we thought it was a goner, but alas I taped down the lid for him and we could still play it! We were shocked, GCs are bloody indestructible!

I loved the backflip. Interesting how it picked up so much rotational inertia from that angled hit.

You went all office space on it.

Ahhhhh! Naked X-Box 360! *covers his eyes*

Seriously though. That was awesome. I like these multi-drop drops. I think more video game systems should be dropped now. Definitely want to see a PS3, and a Nintendo, and maybe a few PSPs.

I've been waiting for this since the first trailer.

Same, it's the only one I cared to see.

This coming from a major 360 player.

I always enjoy how much plastic torques.

That was absolutely begging for crowbar.

For real. Heck, bust out a sledge hammer. It and many others have had it coming.

OK, Now drop a 360 Slim

Also Drop a DS, I droped one and the top screen broke off and then broke in half

I was watching this one again, and who said woo after the second drop?



HA! Eat it fanboys!
Say, why no crowbar, just to be sure to piss them off even more?

Your response proves your more of a fanboy then anyone, because I'm a xbox fanboy and i don't give 2 shits. I can't believe that mattered to you that much. Way to be a pc(and or sony) tool

OT: I imagine all the other people want wii's ps3's and pc's dropped now. Don't know, not going to check, so this is going to get expensive XP.

Uhm, that makes no sense. If you want to bitch at somebody, at least try to make some sort of coherent statement.

I'll use smaller words


You were the only person turning this into a gaming platform war.

every xbox fanboy as it falls in slow motion:

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn!"

every xbox fanboy as it falls in slow motion:

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn!"

Guess that means I'm not a fanboy. Even though it's pretty much the only console I have. (It hosts all the games I care about)

My main thought was "Damn." and then "I wonder, did they just find a broken down one, or do this to a function xbox?"

Damn, the sound of that thing falling reminds me of the doors in Wolfenstein 3D

NOW it works.

looks like you're going to have to change your subscription from Xbox live, to Xbox dead!

Just to repeat what was said in the video... WOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

I was watching this one again, and who said woo after the second drop?

People have been saying Tally, and I agree. Though, you've got a 50/50 shot of either Tally or Kathlene when there's a female voice.

Finally, someone is using X360 as it was originally supposed to be used :D

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