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MovieBob: FAQ

MovieBob answers some of viewers' most frequently asked questions.

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Good stuff once again.

Aaaaah... Another batch of questions answered I've been wondering about, in spite of me never bothering to send an e-mail.
Long live lazy ^^

We have an eerily similar taste in hobbies, alcoholic beverages and just about everything except favorite animal.

Why DON'T we do a video on topic _____?

Well it's probably because it's hard to find recognition on YouTube. It's like playing the popularity lottery, and most people- me included- would rather not waste our time trying.

*before seeing it*

Oh wow, this should be interesting. Most people complain to MovieBob about a lot of things, some of the crap but others quite legitimate. Many have also agrued that Bob primarily uses straw man arguments, and doesn't tell the full side of the story, just so he can make himself look right. I wonder if he'll do it here...

Hey Bob, I've got a question. In your live action adaptation, who would play Mario?

Rare Exports! Go Finland! Yay.

Hey Bob, I've got a question. In your live action adaptation, who would play Mario?

I'm more interested as his choice as Luigi.

Woot my favortie movie quote is from Robo-COp. "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

I'm surprised "Could you review _____?" didn't come up
_____ being a game not a movie.

Troll Hunter! Go Norway! Wohoo!

More to the point, I recently saw it, and I grinned stupidly at the screen for 90 minutes, see it if you have the chance.

Well, that answered almost every question I have about Bob, except 1... your early Escape to the Movies episodes were censored, but the newer ones are. Who decided on that?

Most of MovieBob haters are Halo fans. Anyway. Bob now that you mention foreign movies, you should do an episode about classics. You know, best classics of a certain genre. Counting on that!

So, that was actually kind of fun... Except for the parts related to sex, those I didn't care for. I like baking, too, actually! It's fun, and satisfying!

Also, anyone who hates dogs can go screw themselves.

I love this feature. Thank you for the great and entertaining content Bob. See ya on the weekend for Escape to the Movies. :)

Troll Hunter! Go Norway! Wohoo!

More to the point, I recently saw it, and I grinned stupidly at the screen for 90 minutes, see it if you have the chance.

Being a slight narcissistic patriot that picture of a Norwegian film made my heart almost skip a beat. Norway! Norway!

I love positive Norwegian references in international media. We don't get that a lot.

About comic continuity: Yes, with long running titles it's almost impossible to escape continuity. That comes with the territory of having been around so long. However, every now and then a series will have a good jumping-on point for new readers. Marvel, for example, is doing their .1 issues with exactly that idea in mind. The only one out so far is Iron Man 500.1, but it did a really good job of highlighting the important parts of Iron Man's past (and in a clever way - Tony Stark was telling his story to an Alcoholics Anonymous group). There are plenty of other examples of this (namely when a series starts over at issue #1). And some writers (like Matt Fraction of the previously mentioned Iron Man), understand that every comic is someone's first, and write considering that.

Then you have newer series popping up that don't have that continuity issue. Sure, these tend to be non-super hero books that don't take place in the Marvel or DC universe, but many of them are really good (and some would argue better).

That really did go by fast (this whole night is...but that's unrelated).

Would love to see an extended show answering FAQs. Don't know why, I just find it interesting. Then again, I love me some random trivia knowledge, so there's probably a connection there.

My question to you is : What are you thoughts on the greatness that is warhammer 40k? What army would you play as?

That was awesome! I have a huge list of favorite things, that I keep upgrading. I personally believe that everyone should settle on somethings they like best, so in conversation they can come up and people can bond over them. Childish, yes, but still if it wasn't good, people wouldn't have been doing it. Also I want to point out that there is a difference between favorite and best. My favorite movie is "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", though I don't think it's the best movie of all, that would be "The Dark Knight".

Hope I haven't rubbed anyone wrong. Till next time, can't wait for more from Movie Bob :).

Good ep. Only contention I have is with the comics bit (not all comics are DC/Marvel), but...that maybe due to bias on my part, mainly because I can count on one hand the 'mainstream' trades I actually own, as I usually tend to go for comics that are either written as a single one-off book or a self-contained series of trades such as Sandman, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Transmetropolitan. Even the actual superhero trades I have like The Long Halloween or Red Son are, while starring Batman and Superman respectively are also self-contained with minimal reference to other continuity, or, at least not to an extent that it overwhelms the story the book is trying to tell.

Personally I HATE superhero comics (wanted is an exception but that's not really a superhero comic anyway ) so I end up reading series that don't really have any back-story / continuity behind them . stuff like the walking dead , northlanders and DMZ . even though I can see the appeal in memorizing every stupid arbitrary law in a fictional universe.

Interesting video, and I might have to add to the question about getting into superhero comics.

It's definitely possible to get into them, though not as much as many hardcore fans, without having to deal with a lot of the continuitity. Especially the popular superheroes like Batman and Superman, often have stand-alone stories; Superman: Red Son (one of the best alternate-universe stories ever), The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Arkham Aslyum, etc.

Those are just some I've read myself, but I bet that there are plenty of others out there.

Oh, hey, Bob likes to bake! That's definitely one thing the two of us have in common! =D

Interesting FAQ. Fun times are always had with answering questions, methinks. And there were some very interesting answers here today.

Oh, yes. You should REALLY review Troll Hunter.

Troll hunter is great fun. Would be cool if you did review it.

Also,extra props if you go and call it "Trolljegeren" the whole review. I find that title superior :>

I would love to see a review of Troll Hunter and Rare Exports. Should be possible as a double DVD review one week when things are slow. (like around just now???)

My question:

What is MovieBob's favorite Non-Nintendo game?

Shame it will never be answered...

All I can think about now is how awesome cheeseburger macaroni would be! Gonna do me some grocery shopping tonight.

As far as comics continuity goes, the rise of Wikipedia has indeed been a boon. I only got into comics a few years ago (2003, at the ripe old age of 22, with the thoroughly awesome Kingdom Come) but having access to online resources like Wikipedia and forums helped immensely. Lately I've been reading and collecting series away from the mainline stories (I've been reading and loving Fables, The Dark Tower, Runaways, and The Walking Dead), or alt-universe stuff (Marvel Noir, Marvel 1602), but when I do flirt with the mainline stories (Blackest Night, House of M) I often find myself plunked down in front of my computer looking up some of the background info.

You didn't mention your favorite game Bob. In a gaming community site like this one, we care about stuff like that. :)

Thanks for clearing up the "why do you hate____?" issue. Now that I understand what you truly mean I'll stop labeling you as a hater, in fact I'm sorry for doing it.

As for sating you don't actually hate Halo, well thats good to know but it would be nice if you toned down showing it when trying to label something bad. At least that way people will stop accusing you as a hater.

Question: what do you think about Big Bang Theory, which often has a multitude of comic book related references and yet never seem to touch on any of the miriad of issues that these MovieBob videos bring up and which are actually interesting (coming from someone who's read about 5 comic books ever).

I have something to say about one of your responses.

The reason some people ask others like you to cover topics instead of doing it themselves is for three reasons.

1. They're not cut out for it and they know it. They don't have the raw entertainment value that is required to make these shows interesting. While you could in theory just get in front of a camera and talk about stuff, there's always the possibility that you're just not interesting. When someone with the charisma that you have gets up and talks about something that they wanted you to talk about, it makes them feel better about it. Because people listen to you.

2. "No one cares." When someone makes a blog or a video log like this where they just talk about stuff that they want to be known, it quickly gets labeled as "attention whoring." Especially when they talk about a hot button topic like piracy. To some people, talking about a subject isn't worth it on the internet unless you are a prominent figure like Moviebob here.

3. They want to know what YOU think. Believe it or not, you do have fans now. And they can be legitimately interested in what you think. Sure, you talking about something they want to talk about is fine and dandy. But when it comes to this, people can be legitimately interested in others' opinions for reasons other than to tell them that their opinion is wrong.

I love MST3K, and I'm glad those guys are still doing that with Rifftrax.

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