Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.2: Bush League

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I'm not quite sure why I like it as much as I do. The bullet-deflecting shovel thing was unexpected, but pretty awesome, but the whole jumping into the pool didn't seem to have much of a point...

Some of the people here don't seem to get the point of the show, though. I mean, 'It takes the best aspects of science fiction and effortlessly mutates them into something that cannot be deemed "science" or "fiction."' It seems to me that it's supposed to be fairly ridiculous - especially the sci-fi stuff.

It is supposed to be fairly silly, yes. It kinda genre hops around from here on, so we'll see. It's a SciFi Action Comedy-- sometimes varying degrees of all ingredients.

Okay, I'm going to remain optimistic about this like I was with Apocalypse Lane, but still I've got a few problems.

The "polycarbonate suit" felt a little too convenient, plus it doesn't seem to work when you think about it; the suit is flexible enough to move like a normal suit, which means that when a bullet hits it the suit will flex around the bullet and form a shape similar to it, the bullet might not pierce the suit, but the suit will pierce your flesh if enough force is behind it and that force is concentrated into a single point.

I know someone has already said something on this, but if you have ever watched Stargate SG-1, think of it as a Gould Personal Shield, it can stop high speed impacts, such as bullets, but anything moving slower, such as an arrow or throwing knife will penetrate... except this also stops knives and arrows... lol

Is it just me, or before the action scene Mikey was acting a lot like the current Doctor Who?

I was thinking this the entire time.

Your cuts need to be way snappier, and lines delivered with a lot better timing. Also, you need to keep a closer eye on your light metering and things like dust and residue on the camera lens. Also, keeo the wind out of your mic.

I'm really enjoying this show. It's well shot, the acting's on point, it's funny, and the action's fun. The music helps alot with the mood too. Reminds me of A Good Knight's Quest.

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