Name Game: NeckBEARd

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That is adorable and you should feel good for making it.

awwwwww 3= thats so sweet =3

Everybody..say it with me now....


NO! You can't make me! I have the resistance of Hercules and Samson spliced together with Chuck Norris!

[Quickly looks around]


Oh come one Name Game. You lure me in with funny jokes then you go and keep pulling stuff that makes it hard to keep up my cold exterior. Cut that shit out!

On second thought, keep it up >.>

I thought that the guy in the first panel was kinda sweet, like I just sort of felt sorry for him. But then the last panel... that brought a tear to my eye, man! I'm tearing up here!


NeckBear is cool yet really disturbing at the same time.

Do not know if want.

That comic made me DOL though. D'awww Out Loud. (Hopefully that will never, ever catch on. Ever.)

thats sad man, sad


I hope this is continued somehow! I cannot wait till next week!

I think I smell a heaping helping of future character exposition!

Where can I get one of those cubes? Was it plush? A ball pit full of plush weighted companion cubes would be freaking amazing.


omg this is so beautiful

I hate this hoilday because i am always alone

But this left me a tear in my eyes

How cute. Love the companion cube (thn again, who doesn't?).
Reminds me of this:


Am I lame for thinking that? XD

He should have still given it to her!


Most adorable Valentine's comic ever. =D

I would just like to say...

I know everybody's comment is going to be the same but ..


Toasty Virus:
D'aww thats so cute.


That is adorable.
This is truly the what valentine's day is about.
Companion cubes.



Damn, wish I'd thought of that! If only the two gamer girls in my grade school weren't already taken every Valentine's Day...

I want a companion cube!!


That has to be the greatest Valentines gift ever.

Wait... are you saying neckbeards aren't attractive?

Thumbs down.

Who knew even he can show some compassion and love in his cold black heart.

Aawwwww thats so cute.

She would have loved it too.

Thanks for reminding us of valentines day D=! I kid, I kid. Lovely comic-strip which fills my heart with love.

Everybody..say it with me now....



Do I win the manly d'aw contest?

Toasty Virus:
D'aww thats so cute.

ditto :3

Wow... This actually made me feel something in the pit of my heart. Between Sadness and Happiness. Cause this somehwat happened to me one valentines day.

Just wasnt as nerdy (this was before Portal and all).



Every time I see that, I always wonder what the team was. I mean, not the point, but still.


My girlfriend will fucking love that! Thanks, comic!

Neck-beard-bear is really hot, I'll take him if she doesn't want him


I've just read it again....I know how it feels for that to happen

Honestly, I get what you were trying to do here, but it really doesn't put Alix in a very positive light.
"Waaah people give me gifts and attention but I don't have a boyfriend!"
Why Alix? Because your standards are too high? Those guys could have been really nice. Ah but because they chose to show you affection without first attempting to know you as a person (only assumed since we've never seen them before) they're creepy. Some people don't know how to behave socially, Alix. And you should know that, working in a video game store. Heck, working with PEOPLE should tell you that.

Which could have been a point you were trying to make about Alex, or that type of "princess" personality she's exhibiting. But I've never seen anything else in this strip to indicate that it's a character driven comic, so I felt I should point it out.

Honestly, I get what you...

I like how he said that (the whole post). Haven't read this strip at all really, just happened to check this out for a neckbeard joke, (because those should be easy to make) but this comic just left me a bit confused as to what this whole thing is about.

Wow, what a simple and yet powerful comic. You can almost hear all the courage he had built up crumble away to nothing.

Sad, but still cute.

Awww, so sad. :D

Valentines from customers are awkward. :S

sounds too familiar......

Cute, a little said, and like the development just like everyone's been saying...

But could you please put navigation _below_ the comic as well?

Edit: On a different note. I know a guy with a neckbeard and hair much like the guy portrayed in the comic, but he actually _intentionally_ has a neck beard; it's not simple "I ain't shavin' this month" laziness. He actually shaves his face quite often, but leaves the neck beard to grow out. Clean face, mega shag under the jawline...thick curly beard hair too. It's possibly the most hideous way to wear a beard I have ever seen; people who just don't shave anywhere on their face included.

As The Police sang, "Seems I'm not alone in being alone." Could someone please reinforce that so I don't feel so bad about Valentines Day?

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