Show About Games Show: Kinect and MvC3DLC

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Why the hate on modok?:(
Hmm, capcom should put asian mode in dmc games too:D

I lol'd this time. Gratz ;o

the kinect hater (JK don't even have one XP) kinda looks like a slim version of Zach Galifianakis O.o

I thought he looked familiar, but I couldn't place who it was he looked like. Thanks.

*laughs* That's it! Three/Four good segments.

I was worried about the Hal/Kinect but you pulled it off well. :)

And the Game Station(no relation) was reasonably accurate, but I guess your actress didn't want to wear a negligee to get it that accurate.

the mirrors edge bit made me fall out of my chair laughing.

lol should introduce more sterotypes just for the lulz. Hvaing trouble in Madden enter "jock mode" getting schooled in halo? "kid mode!"

I freaking love the Mirror's Edge joke. Props. Wait, there's a news post at the bottom of the page saying the sequel might still be on! Blessed timing!

They need an Asian Mode for Blaz Blue. Good lord I suck at fighting games.

The "Asian mode" segment was awesome, and yes, Kinect is intelligent... TOO intelligent some might say ¬_¬

I laughed pretty hard at the "blow" segment.

<3 the Faith bit.

Also liked the silly GameStop-mockery.

Asian mode = Hilarious! Best one yet!!


I would pay extra to get my packages delivered by Faith, if only because I know that they'll get to my house no matter what.

So yeah, the last bit made me laugh, the rest was pretty entertaining. Keep up the good work!


the kinect hater (JK don't even have one XP) kinda looks like a slim version of Zach Galifianakis O.o

I thought he looked familiar, but I couldn't place who it was he looked like. Thanks.

HaA XD no prob, isnt that that the escapist community is all about xP

"automatic updates have allowed me to become self aware" - brilliant.

I think this show about games is gonna go far

If you get this reference, give yourself a cookie for having good taste.

And yes, Faith > FedEx

I can't watch this show anymore. It's becoming painful..

im sorry but i didnt like it at all

i thought it was unfunny

If you guys keep this up, and only develop farther from this point, you've got a winner. Actually didn't have a segment I didn't like this week... not all of them were hilarious, but none of them were completely devoid of humor. Also, props on fixing your sound problems, had no issues understanding anyone this week at a consistent volume level.

That Mirrors Edge part had me in stitches. That was the funniest thing you guys have ever done.

And the Asian mode thing in general.

Oh MAN! this one was so solid and fun, it made my gut hurt laughing :D GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!

That ending email was gold.

Suck it FedEx.

Seriously out of All the characters they could pick for Marvel, they picked MODOK......Thats just Dum....Dum Dugan, YEAH I MADE THAT JOKE!

The Kinect bit coulda been shorter, but the cartridge bit took me back to the mid nineties, and I'm only 21!

Ha Ha Ha! Casual racism is funny when the person telling the joke points out that it's mildly racist!

I'll admit, I laughed at Asian mode.

Oh, and a quick comment to Jill Gennaro -- how's life being related to John McClane?

'Asian mode' F-ing brilliant!

Loved the Asian mode!

Guys, I'm trying so hard to like this series. I really am.

But the Hal Kinect was too obvious and introduced nothing to the table and the MvC 3 material just left me complacent.

The video game cartridge bit was really good though. It was quick, it didn't dwell on the joke, and it was unexpected. All the good components of a fast paced sketch.

I'll give this series one more week. I've seen how funny you guys can be.

Lol. Really like the last sketch! :D

Asian Mode FO SHO:

just from the 'red sight' I could tell that one of the Kinect's first lines was going to be 'I'm afraid I can't do that Dave' :P
and, yes, Faith IS cooler thanh FedEx (what can poo do for you?)

"Because, seriously, why Modok?"

Truer words have never been spoken.

Another nice episode. The show isn't anything revolutionary, nor is it trying to be , but I like it enough to come back each week.

On a unrelated(?) note - anyone else miss Doraleous? :(

The faith costume was really good. And the last joke was funny.

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