Show About Games Show: Kinect and MvC3DLC

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Hahaha these are great! Just watched em all, really funny.

Why M.O.D.A.K.?

At least he's very different, and to some that's a positive hence why Shuma Gorath is a recurring character.

This episode..was..good.

well done. keep it this way

I got a big laugh out of the last bit, and a pretty good chuckle out of the cartridge bit, but I feel like so far, the best part of the show is usually the 10 second clips. Well... I guess the funniest part of the show, because the LittleBigPlanet world they made was pretty unbelievable. Nevertheless, I've been a little disappointed with the show since the pilot. Can't say why exactly, I've just not been laughing. Ah well, it's still pretty good.

So for the past two years, Faith has just been emailing companies instead of trying to make another game?...You know, I'm not very surprised even though I should be. :/

Now I have mental images of FedEx guys doing all kinds of pointless parkour to get my packages to me. That was a fun episode.

Love the 2001 parody.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Dave..."

And I also liked the bit with Faith at the end there. Was expecting a Starcraft joke, but that was still good. Faith is sooooo much cooler than Fed-Ex.

The Mirror's Edge bit is probably the best segment you've done so far. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing though.

Good episode guys, love the green-screen work with Faith and the makeup for the girl who played her, very nice!


"As long as you don't go all SkyNet on me"

"Fo' sho' David..."

I kinda wanna play Asian mode just to jack that dude's tshirt. I mean, it'd look better on me. Plus, awesome shirt in general.

...Okay, so the Kinect segment was pretty funny, as was the Cartridge Cleaning Tips, but yet again, I can't stand the "Gamesturbation" bullshit. It's beyond annoying and pretty damn dull.

Jessica Chobot's IGN updates are certainly not that dull. There's at least some sort of active personality to it. I went from a hearty laugh from the cartridge cleaning tips to absolute horror when the "games to the gamer" shit started..

Dropping by to see if things have changed. They have not.

I still find this program to be clunky and without humor.

Maaaan fuck MODOK. I have been groaning ever since they announced him as a playable character. Why can't they recognize some characters don't have crossover appeal? Or appeal at all? Why couldn't Stan Lee be in his place?

Also the cartridge bit looked great in reverse/slo-mo.

If you have to ask 'whyODOK' then you will never understand.

O holy crap that last segment is complete win XD

man i need to buy it at GameShop Shop! must have Daigoh!

I have laughed harder at bits of previous episodes, but I thought this one was the strongest complete episode overall. Keep up the good work.

First one of these I've seen... kinda painful:(

If the 'gamestabation' thing is meant to be taking off the ign daily fix then I'll say that it seems more like a tribute, and its more annoying.

'Why MODOK?' makes me burn with rage inside, I thought this site was for real geeks :)

Dropping by to see if things have changed. They have not.

I still find this program to be clunky and without humor.

Yus. Even worse, actually.

It seems you have listened to my advices :D

Good episode. Keep it up.

It's getting much better now which is great. As someone else said though, the repeating of words like "shop shop" and "show show" can be really annoying.

"Dear FedEx, I am so much cooler than you!" that made my day!

"Dear Fed Ex, I am SO much cooler than you!" Yeah, that was pretty epic in my book. Really loved the end of that skit.

I loved the "asian mode" and then Faith sending emails. I like how you kind of joined 2 sketches together there, it worked well. The kinect bit was decent and didn't drag on too long, much better than the previous kinect sketch. And the blowing into the cartridge was quite well done too. All in all a good episode. I haven't found this show to be all that funny since the pilot but this was at least on par with that, probably even better. Good stuff, keep it coming.

First episode since the pilot that got a laugh out of me. Look forward to the next episode.

I suppose you guys set the bar too high with the LBP sketch.

Rather good again :D

haha, Asian mode should be put onto every videogame.

OK, you're aparently aware of the international fighting game tournaments, but you're unaware that the current world champion, Combobee, is Canadian?

I liked the GameShop Shop pre-order bonus. :D

Damn that was horrible, how can you write something like asian mode and think people will find it funny.

Now as i see it all the earlier episodes had "some" fun bits because they were all directly linked to games/parodies of games. While every time they try to do some regular sketches it falls flat because they have no subject to joke with. Now the mirror edge is an exception to that rule, however as i haven't played that game i am going to give it the benefit of doubt.

what i am trying to say is: DO MORE GAME JOKES, you don't have to write something funny just show the ridiculousness of games, like you did with limbo, tomb raider, red dead redemption, borderland robot and some others i can't remeber.

Eh, the part with the Asian was alright, mainly cause it was a pretty short sketch. That's how sketch shows work. Bam! Joke! Ok we get it! Next sketch!

Meandering on about the kinect for over 2 minutes sucks all of the energy right out of the episode.

OMG! "Asian Mode" That was so wrong... and so funny, but so wrong. But when Faith showed up, I just freaking lost it. Almost choked to death from laughing so hard.

I really enjoy this show, about Wow that was corny even for me.

OT: I thought this episode was awesome. The 2001 reference with a twist was grand. I feel like this show just keeps getting better and better! :)

Not happy with this show That news girl acts trys to be like jessica chobot from ign but atleaset jess dos it right

Dear Faith,

Yes. Yes you are.

I see improvement. Keep up the good work :)

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