Show About Games Show: Co-op and the Girlfriend

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This show is the ultimate example of Your Mileage May Vary.

I hated the Limbo bits. The whole "blind ears" gag and Christmas Carol reference were the only real redeeming parts in my mind. Not terrible, but definitely not up to par with the content I've become used to.

pardon me, was that an Alexstrasza figurine?

Was I supposed to laugh?

Cos I think I was supposed to laugh.

I didn't.

Theres the problem, shoulda got a ps3.

The British voice says the LIMBO bits were brill' as usu'

The British news report (in England) reminded me a lot of "On The Hour" / "The Day Today", which is absolutely a positive thing.

Likewise. That was the best segment of today, I think.

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