Trailers: Pirates of Black Cove Teaser

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Pirates of Black Cove Teaser

Gather your crew on your quest to become the King of all Pirates.

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The name of the game is "Pirates of the Black Cove" not "Pirates of the Black Cover"

That said, I wouldn't mind seeing more about this. Pirates are under-represented in games. At least, in good games.

"King of all p-"

I can't see the video because I'm on my Wii, but that slogan makes it sound like a One Piece knock-off.

I typed in the website url and got nothing. Then went to google and found it doesn't even exist.


I do enjoy free-roaming games - as I hope this one will be - and if it's along the same kind of lines as Sid Meiers Pirates then huzzah!

Google turned up that link as one of the top when I searched; only has concept art and a few features.

Given that it's Paradox, I'm going to hazard a guess that this will be a strategy game, which will be an interesting concept I suppose. I think I'll keep my anticipation securely unfocused for this game, I just don't think it will work if it's anything like Paradox's other work.

Then again, if it's not, then I have no idea how it could turn out.

A bit vague, I have to say. Give it time, and I'll probably gain an opinion on it.

from this it almost looks like it's a facebook game...
some gameplay footage would be nice. I'm hoping for something like corsairs, that game was awesome! ahh, nostalgia...

That is the most boring trailer i have ever seen

I like me some pirate games, but really this trailer shows *nothing*. I saw some concept art, I guess, but we can't even tell what kind of game it is. Maybe next time the trailer could wait until there's something to trail.

from this it almost looks like it's a facebook game...
some gameplay footage would be nice..

That crossed my mind as well. Pirateville, argh, matey!

Wow, I never seen a trailer that made me ever care LESS about a game.

Considering that the trailer is nothing more than concept art and that their website doesn't seem to work; I can't exactly weigh in on it. I enjoyed Sid Meier's Pirates! well enough so I'd be lying if I said this didn't at least pique my interest.

Guess Nitro's or Paradox's new idea is to release the trailer before anything of the game is coded.
Concept art is nice but usually only after the fact when people want to see where it came from.

I must say I'm underwhelmed. With rare exception I don't think there have been many good pirate games, especially of the "Action/Adventure" genere which is mentioned here. A lot could be done with the whole concept of pirates as a theme for gaming, but it usually seems to be an idea from lazy developers hoping to sell a game on the "OMG Pirates" appeal. The recent Disney movies actually haven't helped much either.

One of the big problems is that pirates as presented in the media, especially nowadays, oftentimes have me wanting to beat my head bloody on a brick wall. For some messed up reason people have gotten it into their heads that being a pirate is about freedom, and these guys are at worst "dashing rogues" who rarely do anything all that evil, or at least not that you ever see in the scope of a storyline. I mean these guys are generally murdering robbers, who hardly leave people alive and sail away. I mean I "get" where this idea comes from, but the problem is that in fiction such situations are presented as an exception rather than the rule, and when every single product focusing on pirates features that kind of attitude at the forefront, I think that's an issue.

Hard to accomplish I guess, but what they basically need is "Grand Theft Auto" on the high seas. Then you'll have a pirate game worth playing.

Also I don't know what it is, but the whole "pirate classes" thing, kind of bugged me, maybe it was sort of like how the rifle one of them was holding seemed like it belonged in a western a couple hundred years later, rather than in the hands of a pirate.

Are you freaking kidding me? A slideshow trailer?!

Oh well- Sid Meier's Pirates! is pretty much all I could ever want in a pirate game, so I don't see myself yearning for another pirate game anyway.

Oh. Uhh...okay. I think teasers are all well and good for popular IP's, but teasing something that's completely new just seems like...wasted resources.

watch it will be hex based :p

Yet another crappy teaser. Why companies don't understand that teasers should TEASE?

That trailer was a bit underwhelming... nevertheless, I'll keep an eye out.

Anyoen else think this promo was incredibly lazy? The barest semblance of bad background music, and a couple of stills laying out the unit types...

wow. that was boring. couple of still images and something that barely even ammounted to music

That was a really bad trailer, I will wait with expressing my opinion until I get to see game play.

Am I the only one who for a second thought the title was Pirates of Black Love because of the font they used? I was disturbed, but curious, then watched a boring slide-show and don't much care anymore.

After playing red dead redemption, the only open world pirate game i want is one made by rockstar. they did the west, they could certainly translate that to the open seas, also this trailer sucked. they couldnt have picked a better font for the subtitles? seriously? its like they just used the standard font on whatever program they were using.

How.. who approved of this trailer? There is nothing worth of interest there. Its like whoever did this was under orders to make it as bland and sedated as possible.

I'd love to be concept artist for that game, because I would be able to draw anything related to pirates or ships and get a cash in - this means that the trailer doesn't say much XD

Slideshow ≠ Trailer

Squeeeee! Pirates of Dark Water-

Oh :(

I enjoyed Sid Meier's Pirates! well enough so I'd be lying if I said this didn't at least pique my interest.

If its as addicting as Sid Meier's game, I'd definitely consider it. As for the trailer, its kind of lackluster and not exactly a good indication of what the end product will be. My opinion remains neutral.

Squeeeee! Pirates of Dark Water-

Oh :(

I know, that's the first thing that came to mind for me as well :(

On the game itself, not a whole lot to say since there's not a whole lot there, but color me interested.

EDIT: Sorry, it double posted for some reason

Must say, that was quite an atrocious teaser. It's one selling point seemed to be 'Pirates, yo' and it could be anything from action-adventure to RTS.

Still, I hope it's a good game. We all need more pirates in our lives.

David Bray:
That is the most boring trailer i have ever seen

boring AND vague

Sounds like a 1600-1700s sandbox RTS.

Which is to say I'll be skipping it.

But why cant you play as the British? I mean, granted, this is a game about pirates, but usually they still offer the option to play as the British. Or I at least hope you can fight them.

... SOrry, I enjoy seeing that banner sink beneath the waves.

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