The Big Picture: Mystery Science Theater 3000

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Mystery Science Theater 3000

MovieBob's got major movie sign.

Watch Video

Interesting picture Bawb

Also FYI there are some episodes on Netflix Instant but the only one I have seen wasnt particularly good. may be a lack of affinity for the commentators though.

Gonna be checking some more out ASAP

Back in the nineties I didn't have cable at home. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was one of the highlights of the monthly visits to my grandparents' house. Thanks Bob :)

Excellent recap of the series, Bob!
Also, you can find a few full episodes on, you just have to sit through the occasional ad.

Mad props on this episode Bob. I got in to MST3K because of the crew of TGWTG and to see you spread its awesomeness even further just warms my heart. Everyone should see these episodes! Oh and MANOS! ... the ... hands of fate. xD OH AND PUMAMAN! OH: HE TRIEEEEED TO KILL ME WITH A FORKLIIIIIFT!

So awesome

Me and Bob dont agree on many things, this IS NOT one of them. Love MST3K, and loved the vid. Props man.

Heh I actually think the MST3K actually the forefather of a lot of thing on the internet (at least in the english sphere)

Blast Hardcheese!
Punch Rockgroin!
Slab Bulkhead!
Dirk Hardpeck!
Buff Hardback!
Crunch Busttsteak!
Big McLargehuge!
Roll Fizzlebeef!

That was a nice blast from the past. I was too young to really remember most of that stuff when it came out, but I remember thinking it was funny.

Also FYI there are some episodes on Netflix Instant but the only one I have seen wasnt particularly good. may be a lack of affinity for the commentators though.

Gonna be checking some more out ASAP

The only one I saw on there was Final Sacrifice, which is HILARIOUS!

To everyone else: If you've never seen the show, please give it a shot. It's incredibly funny but a few of the movies they show are truly painful to watch (or they just don't make good or frequent enough jokes) so hopefully the first one you see won't be a doosy.
I recommend:
Prince of Space
Time Chasers
Space Mutiny
Merlin's Shop

Or just try out
My friends and I just watched The Room with rifftrax commentary this weekend. WE CAN'T STOP REFERECNING IT! It was truly side-splitting stuff.

Just be careful, watch enough of this stuff and you'll become a riffer yourself and have a hard time shutting up during a movie :-)

Still remember the classic MST3K treatment of Cave Dwellers, especially when the hero and his sidekick get into a fight with "invisible" enemies:

"They couldn't even afford to hire villains?"

"Hey! Pick on someone of your own opacity!"

It's still tonnes of fun to get a bunch of your geek friends around, watch a bad movie and MST3K it.

My favourite show is MST3K too. It's probably one of the only shows that has tickled my sense of humor so much i've stopped breathing.

My mom doesn't like it though. She says it's too snarky.

I never liked this show. I just didn't get the humour. I guess its cos I'm not American, but everyone says it uses quite British humour, so I probably should find it funny. It just never clicked with me for some reason.

The world has come to a sad state when there's an entire generation of geeks so unfamiliar with MST3K that they need MovieBob to explain it to them.

Most of the episodes didn't even air in my country due to the aforementioned movie rights issues. This is a great sadness to me.

Yeah this was one of the highlights of my weekends growing up, when it was on Comedy Central and then Si-fi channel. This was an early source for my sense of humor and also introduced me to Gamera as well as several other obscure Japanese film.

Blast Hardcheese!
Punch Rockgroin!
Slab Bulkhead!
Dirk Hardpeck!
Buff Hardback!
Crunch Busttsteak!
Big McLargehuge!
Roll Fizzlebeef!

Bolt Vanderhuge!
Flint Ironstag!
Thick McRunFast!
Trunk Slamchest!
Pete Punchbeef!
Pack Blowfist!
Rip Steakface!

I could go all day.

Incidentally, many (dozens, I say, dozens!) are available on Netflix instant view and all of them that have been released on DVD are available through Netflix.

Also, the best line from MST3K: MORE BUTTER FOR MY HAM!

Oh, and Gristle McThornBody!
Slake Fistcrunch!
Bob Johnson!


Gypsy ate a demon dog, and I saw it.

Hey guys, rub a dub dub, three men in a tub, am I right?

By the way, if the Cinematic Titanic crew ever come to your town, PAY THEM ANYTHING THEY WANT. They deserve all your filthy lucre, and maybe a little currency, to boot.

Cursed Frogurt:
le snip

I think the one I saw was Hercules vs the moon monsters or something like that

I missed out on most of MST3K when it was actually running, I didn't actually find it until they were half-way through season 9. But my love of B-movies secured the Bots in my heart for years to come. I've not actually seen any of the Cinematic Titanics yet (last time I checked, they had only made one, I don't know if there's been any others yet). But Rifftrax has been pretty good so far. I agree though, it's not quite "the same" as the good ol' days.

I feel right at home in this thread. :)

are this guys the first meme generator!?

I know you said this was your favorite show in the FAQ, but I let it slide.

Now that you've devoted an entire show to it, I've gotta say that I respect your opinion a lot less now. This is easily the most overrated show in the history of television, and it has been a major contributor to the "I'm artsy because I shit on other people's art" movement in the U.S. The IABISOOPA movement is, as we all know, the most annoying cultural shift since the initiation of the gradual eradication of scripted television in favor of reality diarrhea.

That show is cynicism, refined and purified until it crystallizes into the most dark-hearted, annoying medium imaginable, and knowing that you respect it THIS MUCH may steer me away from any of your future episodes.

When I was in high school, they didn't have the comedy channel on the cable offered in my region, but my girlfriend lived in the county over and she taped it (yes, taped, as in VHS) and tried to make me watch it. That was a huge part of us breaking up, because I found it to be absolutely unbearable. An hour or two of awfulness endured for 2 or 3 actually funny jokes. (Me: "Hey, I've got that Kubrick flick neither of us have ever seen!" Her: Nah, let's watch MST3K, smoke a bunch of pot, and listen to Beck!" Me: "Got any arsenic?") This brings up bad memories of a relationship ended over an incredibly stupid show. You have made me sad today, Bob. Very sad, indeed.

For the record: The first "new show" I fell in love with that wasn't trying to sell me something? "Fraggle Rock". Grow a heart, Bob.

Every episode can be viewd mostly or in full on YouTube. Rowsdower! also have a couple of guys who stream mst3k 24/7. this episode. I actually did some MiSTing a while back and had my MiSTs online.

Before some douchebag hacked nFiction that is... *grumble*

Michael J. Nelson all the way, no doubt about it.

Anyone interested in checking out the series, there are free 'best of' videos on youtube. I recommend:
Space Mutiny


They also uploaded the full episodes.

I miss MST3K in the worst way!!

And also screw you captcha you hateful piece of shit!!

This is why I hate America, you bastards keep all the shittiest stuff you make and burn alll the good stuff. Seriously what in Christ's name are you people thinking?

It's weird how it works. If they wanted to re-release the entire series, there's so much paperwork that has to be done, the amount of money charged to do it probably won't make it worth enough to do it all.

I so much love the show. I kinda run across it per accident. And instantly loved it.

To those new to the show here's a list of some of my favorites

Final Sacrifice
Space Mutiny
Prince of Space
SEASON 7 (All of it)
Werewolf "Eh, I'd take a walk" OVER TO KIRK DOUGLAS' HOUSE!
Gamera series
Godzilla vs Megalon
Zombie Nightmare

and so many more...

Love MST3K! Love it so much I have an MST3K tattoo. You forgot magic voice though im not sure she counts as a robot.

I recently watched The Last Airbender movie w/ a friend of mine who insisted it was good. The only way I could make it thru that movie was giving it the MST3K treatment.

Nice to get an insight on your favorite show.

One of those actors look like one of the creepies from Dexter! O= Now I'mma have to Wiki it up. lol

There's one reason the new shows by these amazing geniuses will never match the original MST3k:
They don't have puppets.

Having said that, I fully agree with everything you said in this episode, Bob.

"Push the button, Frank."

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