Dead Space 2 Is No Resident Evil 4

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boy you must've hated the bit in Iron Man 2 with the suit-in-a-suitcase...

really good points...except that this is the third time he's made them (Dead Space 1 review, Dead Space 2 review, and here now) lol

regardless, games like Dead Space and other "not-quite-horror" games are still a bit much for me. guess I'm still having trouble stomaching my losing my stomach and other organs in grotesque ways on screen

My only issue with the helmet is why it decicdes to fold away during some executions or when you have to wrestle with Stross or Nicole. If those are Isacc's standard social encounters then it makes sense why he's so screwed in the head.

Spot on. Again.

The way everything (that doesn't make sense) is just swallowed these days is disturbing in itself.

Disturbing how? What I find more annoying is how even the most insignificant detail (like the helmet) gets over analyzed, it's just a video game it doesn't have to be 100% realistic.

hahaha, great ending paragraph, i lol'd

I think there is definately a balance between realism and gameplay, sure, carrying only a pistol and a machinegun in HL would be more realistic, but it would make the combat too unvaried, so the devs thought, unrealistic, whatever, deal with it, we want to make a fun game

on the other side, opting to go for the more realistic choice of a good old solid helmet would make more logical sense, but would not affect gameplay. And in games like dead space, where the subtle details really contribute to immersion, stuff like this sticks out like a sore thumb

I really liked Dead Space when I realized that it wasn't a Survival Horror. It was an action game in a spooky atmosphere with some horrifying visuals. In that regards, it's a pretty damn decent game. Not particularly scary, but very fun and entertaining. They even manage a few scary spots now and again. It doesn't make it a real survival horror, but those few spots still worked.

I've always hated the Dead Space helmet. It's a really lame design, and EA seems to think it's "iconic" or something. It's not. It's a fucking tin can with slits in it. This is but a nit to pick.

I kind of always wished the necromorphs were more like The Many in System Shock 2, wailing "kill me" and "I'm sorry" as you beat their brains in with a wrench. Now that was creepy.

I have been wondering about those helmets too. What if your hair or beard gets stuck or indeed your ears or neck wobbles get sliced and diced? Makes me cringe every time. Plus a hit to a sensitive spot might fry the circuits and jam the mechanism and then you'd have to weld the thing off your head. Ouch.

I keep thinking about the Dead Space developers freaking out. "First Yahtzee hated that Issac was an anonymous space marine, and now we show his face and he bitches about how we show it? WE CANNOT WIN!!!!!"

Which is how it should be.

Oh pfft who cares about the helmet thing. It looks cool.

Dead Space 2 was a fun game. Who cares if it wasn't always scary? It was fun. Remember fun?

Wow your actually going to bash HL, you've changed.

Brief moment of clarity: We're discussing realism in Dead Space, right? The same series where it's common practice to harvest entire planets without any repercussions or consequences?

The same series where flamethrowers and remote mine launchers are considered "mining tools" and can be purchased at any magical Final Fantasy shop?

The same series where a space bug can go Alien all over ships or colonies without restraint, despite facing the same exact problems the the Alien series faces, that with the whole energy consumption and being a creature that somehow needs human fucking bodies to survive?

This is also the same series where Scientology is the majority religion.

So yeah. Lost In Space style folding helmets are completely bullshit.

Soylent Bacon:

Anyone got a link to the post credits RE4 scene?

It's not post credits. It's this slideshow thing that plays during the end credits.

It starts at 4:12.

Thanks man, I was searching post credits and just getting the stupid Metal Gear rip-off...

That is kinda messed up though, you assume the whole way through they're bad people (even if they are full of worms), but to then find out they were completely controlled...guilt.

I was describing to my friend what the game was like, as I was playing it.
I was currently sprinting along a hall way being chased by a regenerating necromorph, and I said to him:
"The game is not really all that scary, it's just tense."

And I think that's pretty much true.
You aren't scared, nothing forces you to hit pause and stop playing out of fear, instead you're just a little taut trying to anticipate when the next Necormorph is going to leap out of that all-too-familiar vent.

The first time you go through a maintenance shaft you aren't scared, just tense. Thereafter that tension disappeared because you realise that - if you experiment with controls - can't shoot or aim in there, therefore you know you won't ever have to fight. You can't crawl with speed, so you know you won't have to run.

You spend the entire game trying to anticipate, until you become familiar with the triggers at which point all that tension disappears and it becomes a stock-standard shooter.

He was supposed to be IRON man, but he became Artificial Spiderman... my bro had the same reaction as you did, and all I had to say to him "u jelly?". You know, I think it wasn't supposed to be a serious movie (unlike the comics, which came across quite so) but Dead Space 2, yeah that is really trying hard at being serious.

For a movie that apparently isn't trying to be serious, it sure as hell isn't trying very hard to be anything else. sept maybe pure crap, and if that's the case, they nailed it.

Labcoat Samurai:
First, the fact that people argue over the intention or meaning of something doesn't mean that it did a poor job of getting its meaning across. There are whole college courses taught in literary analysis, and not a single one of them consists of a whole group of people trivially going through every work agreeing on what it was trying to say or do.

I hope you were being sarcastic, because I've been in literature college courses where they literally do just that, no pun intended.

In fact, I think more gamers should be made to sit English in college, because a lot of them could do with being introduced to the intentional fallacy. Every time someone levels a shred of criticism at any game, someone pops out of the nearest manhole and declares that 'it's not trying to be this!' The value of individual response is strangely out of favour compared to lofty ideals of some meta-criticism that overrides everything else.

Having just watched Iron Man 2, the same thought is in my mind. All those tiny folds would have to fit together so precisely that the interlocking alone would be a pain in the ass. Any beating those parts took, any minor deformities, and the properties keeping your head from getting all mushed up diminish exponentially.

Still unsure of how you would make a piecewise object airtight, though. Imagine making a helmet out of Lego--even the pieces directly against each other would have to be quite tight. Sliding parts over each other means smooth surfaces, and it's not like you could get a rubber seal in there, because with all moving parts you just know something would get pinched. Hope he gets it regularly put in for maintenance/replacement.

Yahtzee Croshaw:

Indeed. I am becoming convinced that triple A developers haven't exposed themselves to any media except videogames, they don't seem to take onboard lessons from TV, movies or literature; or sometimes even the established games.

As for the foldy helmets, they're to help cutscenes I believe. To let the character seemlessly (and near-instantly, which is important for action games) shift from combat to non-combat and let us see the persons face. Take Mass Effect 2 or DA:O for example, in those games your helmet is either on or off. What happened? Either mods got made to hide the helmet in cutscenes or the helmet wasn't worn.

There are silly things that make no sense in all games, loads of them. If you're unlucky enough top be bothered by one that serves an actual purpose then, well, suck it up.

Double post.

It seems like there's always something designed to vex those who give it any thought. I think the folding helmet/armor/batmobile thing is ridiculous, too....from a design standpoint its not only impractical but usually impossible for the device to accomplish its intended job (like, say, being airtight). That said, I can at least theorize that sometime in the far future they've developed some amazingly sophisticated nanotech memory metal that does all that for dirt cheap, thus making a helmet like that more practical.

What REALLY bothers me is that punk ass gun deal in RE4. Not that he's especially out of place, but clearly the guy has three important bits of information that create massive, glaring plot holes so far as I am concerned. Specifically:

1. He knows how to get around that complex safely and secretly, because he's always ahead of Leon everywhere you go.

2. He must be immune to the whole parasite/exploding head/virus thingy because he's one of a handful of people clearly unaffected.

3. He has all the guns that Leon needs, but Leon's such a danged goody-two-shoes that he stops and politely buys stuff from this fellow as he can afford it. What they say in TV Tropes: Fridge logic anyone??!!?!?!?

Different people are horrified by different things.

I'm terrified of talking to people on the phone. I find Amnesia: The Dark Descent boring.

One cannot claim something isn't scary. They can, however, claim it for themselves.

Kinda funny how Half Life 2 actually puts out a tone of that which Yahtzee points out. The thing I am talking about is offcourse the zombies that have been turned how they are by headcrabs.

First off you got the screams. Put them on fire. You'll know what I'm talking about.

Second. When you kill them by whacking the headcrab off, you can see that they still are human.

I found that disturbing in many ways.

Good article, and you made me chuckle at the helm part. I see how all those moving bits can create a problem. For making a protective layer at least.

I remember saying to myself the entire time while playing Dead Space 2 that "Isaac Clarke should really get a helmet that isn't set to peel away in a cut scene situation". Seriously, there are occurrences in cutscenes in which a strike to the head could be fatal but the helmet still comes off. Keep up the great work Yahtzee.

I loved Dead Space 1, and I mean I really loved it. To the point that I played it through three times on different difficulties and collected every Trophy. It was scary and had just enough gore and in my opinion a good story.

Dead Space 2 on the other hand... I have yet to buy. The reviews, the comments and trailers have put me off. Games with gore are good, but games just deliberatly trying to be gory and 'Gruesome' just dont appeal to me. For instance I have never seen the appeal of the Saw films beyond the story behind them. I dont want to watch a man pull his eye out or cut his arm off or whatever.

I'll probably get the game eventually, when its cheaper probably so i can see for myself. But im already dissapointed that the series has taken this direction.

The helmet argument i agree with. Not because i find it unrealistic, but because it just feels a bit overdone these days. Also i was a bit disappointed by the games cover. It just wasent anywhere near as ominous as the cover for the first game.

Vanquish was mentioned in this article!

Please review vanquish. I feel like it would be one of those games that you would have so many colourful things to complain about, things that other reviewers seem to have missed. I certainly did...

Re: ending sequence to RE4. That was such a slap across the face that I almost dropped my controller. 15 seconds before, Leon delivers what is possibly his lamest line all game, which is btw INCREDIBLE given how many awesome ones he had before. And then, with brilliant accompanying music, you get a very serious (and lame line free) look at a nice peaceful village turning into a bunch of freaks. Who you just shot to pieces like a giggling school girl.

Damn capcom. Right in the family jewels. Didn't know you had it in you.

P.S. I must still be in proximal-to-valentines-day-forced-optimism mode, making review requests. *FORCES OPTIMISM EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY

Next week: why the ability to carry fifteen two-handed guns at once makes Half-Life the worst game ever made.

Freeman has magic power armour. Dur!

Wait a minute, why does the improbable nature of the helmet pulls you out of the game?

What about all those in game instructions that tells you to press [botton] for "action" ?
I don't need a press a button in real life to run. It stands to reason that Issac wouldn't either.

Or hell... what about the weapons? It would have been cooler if Issac took actual tools and turned it into weapons through the work bench. Instead we are shown an action scene where the plasma cutter which fires beams of plasma is normally used a medical device. That is one malpractice suit just waiting to happen.

That you can acquire full working suits of armor in any shop. You are the only one in the game that uses this capability. If I had a vending machine at my workplace that sold guns and armor and the zombie apocalypse occurs, you can bet that I would do my hardest to get at those spoils.

... this game doesn't scare me ... it just frustrates me.

Wait, wait...

You did play Vanquish? Where's the god-damn review? You reviewed Fable 3 and A Shadow's Tale while having a perfectly good Shinji Mikami game you could have reviewed? I'm sure I don't need to remind you that Shinji Mikami is the man behind Resident Evil 4, no less.

Forget all this Dead Space 2 nonsense, we already know you didn't like it and we know why. Go review Vanquish.


Seriously please review Vanquish...


Actually, the intro to Dead Space 2 is the fastest a transformation has ever occurred in the games. Usually, the person has to be dead for a fair amount of time before the flying vagina has its way with the it and even then it takes anywhere from ~5-10 seconds of sinew snapping and bone exploding before the shambling monstrosity is battle ready.

You think 5-10 seconds is a long time?

Tangentially, I don't know why the zombies' wailing in Half Life 2 was scrambled or played backwards or whatever. "Oh, God, help me!" is a lot scarier than "Yabba! My icing!"

The zombie screaming in HL2 creeps the hell out of me every time I hear it. I like to think that they're just decayed/mutated/insane enough not to be able to think or vocalize properly, but human enough to still react recognizably to pain. Which is horrifying in itself.

On topic, kinda: I loved the fold-out suit in Iron-Man 2 :-) Unrealistic, yes, but very very awesome.

It's a fun game. And the atmosphere is still creepy enough to keep you on your guard, with the 'anything can happen'. Yeah it's a bit more action-packed, it's fine with me, I actually *enjoyed* it, which is something I learned after RE4. The shifts in the horror-genre of games has been disappointing, but as a game by itself, is it still fun to play? And i'll have to say yes, it's a top-notch game with awesome creatures and graphics and weapons. Yes, some games are selling out the horror with more action, but they are still very enjoyable. One can only hope that something new will come to replace that which has been lost since the earlier Silent Hill and RE games. Sorry tho, Amnesia wasn't it, found that a lil boring and tedious to be honest...

And like someone else pointed out, there are toooo many other things that are so far removed from reality that a little folding helmet shouldn't take that much from the experience...unless it opens and closes every 5 minutes. Somethings you just need to not think too much *is* funny that it always seems to be open at the most inopportune moment, I'll admit.

"What is a drop of rain, compared to the storm? What is a thought, compared to a mind? Our unity is full of wonder, which your tiny individualism... cannot even conceive." GLORY TO THE MANY, AAARGHHH KILL MEEEEE?!?!?

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