Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.3: This Future

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This keeps getting better and better. I'm also digging the blooper stingers. Keep it up, guys!

pretty good. but seriously guys, muzzle flashes

D Moness:
[quote="wsmieszek" post="6.265121.10078874"]But it is 167 years after the end of the world. Eps 1 tells us the now is 47 days until the end of the world. So the real question is not why does the house still looks the same but more why is it still in such a good condition after 167 years of probably not being cared for anymore.

You're right. Damn... I guess I did not invest enough attention in these videos.
The question still stands. Why is there such a low attention to small, yet attention-grabbing details?

I would buy a t-shirt that just said "FIVE STARMIES?!?!"

Such a good blend of humor and action! I really like the creativity that you guys have with the "post-apocalypse". There are so many cliches surrounding it these days that it's nice to see some fresh ideas. Guess I should steal all my brothers old Pokemon cards while I still can!

The show needs a sound man or auto-leveled volume.

I agree. I'm having trouble hearing some of the lines.



Don't we all recognize the Burch household from HAWP? Their Dad must be a great sport to let them mess up the place and shoot. But I'm sure they put everything back in order.

Preach's beard makes him more of a character.

This actually kind of makes sense to me....

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