Creature Caster Masters: Death Spelunking

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Jack and Calumon:


Jack and Calumon:
Now the professor sounds very familiar.

Calumon: I used illuminate once. I couldn't hold the lamp and Jack lost a shoe. : (

Blake Swift a.k.a ShadyVox a.k.a. various parts in Yu-Gi-Oh abridged. Like Jaden.
And I've just found out that he's younger than me. Which is incredibly annoying.!

Oh so Shady did the professor too! I knew he did Justin, obviously, since that's the voice he uses for Jaden and one similar for Tai. Still, why would his professor voice sound familiar? Perhaps there was another old guy in one of the Abridged series' he was in.

Calumon: I found out that everyone on The Escapist is older than me! :S

Sounds more like LittleKuriboh's Yami voice, but the end credits suggest it isn't. Though that would be an old guy voice. You don't get much older than five millennia

Quite fun indeed! I can't wait to see more :)

It's got potential...but it had better move away from directly following blue version pretty quick, or it's going to get stale.

Tun-Tun will be scarred by the slaughter for the rest of his life. And he got 20 XP! YAY!

Yeah, so far I'm really not interested in this show at the least... I haven't even heard most of these jokes so far, and they still sound stale. I guess the problem is that this is a show about a genre of games that has been around for more than a decade, everyone's already thought of everything funny to say about it.

Well, it's better than Anthony Saves the World, so far. I see promise here. It's funny, too.



@ both of you.

Since you know Legendaryfrog you must've heard of the Star Syndicate (#1 uploader on Newgrounds). I'm a very long time member. That about sums it up.

That's great, but that doesn't really have any bearing on this. The fact that you're a prominent Newgrounds member doesn't mean that you have more of a right to claim that certain types of humor are objectively not funny.

It was but an illustration of how much I dislike him. The Star Syndicate dedicated entire days worth of flash movies making fun of him and his standard template for everything he does. The SS held some of the most talented artists on NG (Rtil, Zekeyspacylizard), but they were overlooked because actual art doesn't draw as much people in as predictable video game jokes and badly tweened animations. It just ticked us off. I've just always held a grudge against video game jokes that are, simply put, wayyyyyy too simple.

We actually managed to get a few of Illwillpress' Foamy movies removed from the website by mass voting them into oblivion, haha.

It needs better timing and less taking itself so serious.

The whole "trainer/creature" relationship explanation thingy killed it for me.

The rest of it was good though.

I'm still interested in this show. It does have promise.

One thing of note though ts that the speed of the conversations is a tad bit slow. It's like watching a childrens programme. I know you are technicaly spoofing childrens shows here, but the slow dialoge makes me loose interest a bit.

Still, like I said. Show has promise. I want to see where it goes.

There are some good jokes in there. My favorite was "of course not that would be assault".

I think this show is pretty good. Kinda funny.

OMG, i thought the main character was a chick!

Where can I find that theme song? I love it!

schweet, with a capital Schw. I'll be here next episode! If all it is debunking pokemon and card gaming in general, i'm fracking showing up every new episode.
i'll probably be playing black or white and yugiohwc while watching it :D
Seriously, learn to laugh a little.

The little details are brilliant

I thought this was absolutely hilarious! The references are so true.. and I didn't know that's how escape ropes worked!

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