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Whoa, whoa, whoa, Cyclops's dad is an intergalactic space pirate with a crew of aliens?! HOT DAMN, if that were in the movie, my ticket would be good as sold!

I can't believe it took me 2 hours to GET the title

Mr. Sinister? Whoa, that'd be a REAL trip!

I have a question, shouldn't take too long to answer, but I'm confused about the movie continuity. If this is taking place when Magneto and Prof X are young, shouldn't -all the other- Xmen, basically be not born yet/4-5 years old? What am I getting wrong here?

They're ignoring comic continuity for this reboot.

How was the SR71 hovering? ~.^

Pluses: The Hellfire Club is a great villain for this movie, as unlike most X-Men villains, Shaw doesn't have a personal stake in the Erik vs. Charles fight. It also means you get to use interesting characters like Morrison's Emma.

Minuses: Nowhere near enough character interaction in this trailer. I don't come to see X-Men for the special effects; I can get those in 50 other movies coming out in the next two years.

Also, many of the X-Men's lesser characters are ignored for a reason: Their concepts are dumb. Darwin is basically a walking deus ex machina, Azazel is a comic-booky mess, and Mr. Sinister is straight out of bad fanfiction.

Wow, wow. Really like where you're going with this but what's with the hate on Darwin? If I recall correctly, his powers were always fairly...localized.... Most of the abilities he developed were limited to his own body and they only seemed to be basic counter-measures that you could still get around. I think he could fit just fine into a movie if they try to make the changes even less extravagant than in the comics. Azazel too could fit nicely if you just use a pair of scissors and cut away any ties to Austen. Instead of the religious mess they could easily have him just be an influential member of the hellfire club who looks devilish.

I enjoyed Wolverine...
but I didn't like X3
okay well time has made it easier to stomach and I can still enjoy it for some of its stuff (can't say the same for Transformers 2)
and overall I like the series a lot

but yeah First Class...time to bring it all back again
(cuz initially I was eh that they were making a movie just about Wolverine...but then I started really liking the character in 08-09)

But I'm tired of reboots!

We finally get past introductions of characters so there could potentially be a whole movie focusing on whatever the plot is instead of spending 3/4 of the film bringing everyone up to speed on all the introductions.

Now instead of just moving forward with the existing story, or going from X2 even, we have to see ANOOOOTHER reboot re-introducing the characters pulled from abercrombie and fitch catalogues so they can cash in on that Twilight money. Same goes for spiderman and being forced to see a WHOLE MOVIE of the highschool version

As X-men is my fav comic franchise I'm looking forward to this. Anyone think we are going to see the American government aact like dicks due to needing a reason for Magento to go bad? The Cuban Missile crisis is not where I would expect they would of set it, but it could be good. As long as it is as good as X2 I'll be happy. If not I'll still watch it.

Holly shit! That WAS Kevin Bacon standing next to Emma Frost. HOW could I have missed that nose?

And Nightcrawler was only in his twenties I thought in X2, so it wouldn't make sense for him to be conceived in First Class if it takes place 40 years prior. If it's in the same timeline at all.

That scene with Mystique at 1:02 could be Nightcrawler's origin.
Or maybe at 1:20 with Beast, if they want to completely fuck-up the timeline.

I think we can safely assume it's not in the same timeline. Many of these characters were actually conceived a long time ago. Hell, Beast was first created in 1963. They're not stretching things too much. Anyway, these are comics we're on about - why shouldn't every guy to undertake a new film play fast and loose with it, create his own version of things? That's the best way to treat such a crazy property, I think. Remember, all these characters also get their ages retconned in the comics like a billion times during their run.

I wasn't exactly sure if I liked the idea of doing an X-Men prequel film, but it looks like Matthew Vaughn is being ambitious with it, which I like (then again, this is a guy who made a passable film out of Kick-Ass, so I shouldn't be surprised that this is looking good). At the very least, the alternate history superheroics can deliver some interesting visuals, sort of like the Watchmen film, but hopefully not crap.

Two worries I have though:

1) Dumbing down the Cuban Missile Crisis to make it seem like either the U.S. or the Russians were the sole aggressors. Fox would be doing the film (and the source material) a disservice if they did that.

2) While I'm not going to worry about how this film lines up with the continuity of the last three, because let's face it, that part's not going to work (and doesn't matter all that much anyway), I am worried about the way they're trying to make it both a reboot and a prequel. Mostly because they run the risk of convoluting the storyline the way the comics have (take Azazel for instance, a character I could really do without. If they're going for that whole "Hey, that's where Nightcrawler came from" angle, then it's going to just make the whole thing messy). As much as I like Bryan Singer's films, I'd rather just let Vaughn run wild with the movie and just stick with the end point of Xavier and Lensherr's idealogical split, and not try to explain everything else related to the first three.

Apart from that, I have a tiny bit of hope this will be good.

Armitage Shanks:
One of the characters you just saw can teleport by travelling through hell.

It's already bizarre fiction. No one is going to argue a new theory about the Cuban missile crisis and cite First Class as evidence. Even in pub discussions, saying "the soviets were actually bad guys according to First Clas-" is going to sound bollocks, cause it was also the movie with the guy shooting lasers from his chest.

I certainly wasn't arguing that the movie was about to be cited in academic paper as a source. However, the Cuban Missile Crisis is already steeped in falsehoods across not just popular culture. So I can't help but feel it's just another bit of reinforcing the myth of Kennedy standing up to those evil Soviets and their Machiavellian plans.

So it's not that the movie is introducing new myths, it just seems to be continuing with the same old myths.

I'd like to believe that the further we get away from events the more capable we'd be of looking at them rationally and objectively, rather than emotionally.

X1 was great, but was improved upon GREATLY in X2. X3 was pretty dire, but was still kinda fun (but why kill Patrick Stewart?!). Am I one of the only people who enjoyed Wolverine? Even if Deadpool wasn't in it for long. Ryan Reynolds, if given more time, would have been awesome as Deadpool.

This film looks good, will be seeing it when it's out, but my expectations won't be high like my expectations for Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern and Dark Knight Rises. Saying that, if Dark Knight Rises meets my expectations (after Dark Knight became my favourite film ever) it could be the Citizen Kane of comic book movies.

I think this movie is going to be pretty good. I am excited.

But where is Ice-Man?

Mr.Sinister... nah, what is essentially Dracula, Dr.Frankenstein and The Hollowman roled up in a spandex, rocky horror out fit. Not happening... would be cool though... get some Gambit back story maybe thrown in...

Nautical Honors Society:
I think this movie is going to be pretty good. I am excited.

But where is Ice-Man?

Still helping to ruin the 3rd film...

That movie wasn't his fault, but whatever. It's the 60's and Bobby isn't even a twinkle in his Dad's eyes yet.

Timeline-wise the movie is mostly adequate. Beast is a bit iffy, but alright. What I don't understand is the need to bring Havok into all of this. He's not such a small part character like Angel Salvadore to be able not to piss anyone off for breaking basic mythos nor so big that they needed to shoehorn him in there. That's my main gripe. Alex and Scott summers should remain younger and older brother, accordingly (I'm ignoring the whole Gabriel Summers bit here),and not be even be born at this point so cyclops in X1 and X2 can be the age he is there.

I'm really hoping man in black is not Sinister. It could walk straight into the "too many villains" territory. That is unless it's just a cameo and perhaps a nod to possible future storylines, one that includes Gambit in some proper and awesome way. I just love Gambit (see avatar).

01:21 Havok, using his version of the energy-blast power (it comes out of his chest, evidently) he shares with his brother Cyclops. Incidentally, the Summers Bros. dad is an intergalactic Space Pirate who runs with a Manga-esque crew of aliens called The Starjammers. No, I don't think you can expect to see them in the movies anytime soon.

What about Vulcan? Scott and Alex' younger brother and part time galactic Dictator? Don't tell me you haven't read War of Kings? Shame on you! :P

Well, in The Cuban Missle Crisis, the Russians *were* horrible aggressors. They were trying to put WMD right on the borders of the US, a gun to our head so to speak. This is not to say we didn't try and do similar things during "The Cold War", but that's what this incident was. The situation with "First Class" seems to be connected to the implication that there was more going on than just the incident witht he munitions being stoppd, and the Russians didn't back down simply due to a combination of diplomacy and fear of immediatly starting WW-III. The idea has been fodder for popular spy and military fiction for a while, including things like how we found out where the missles were and what they had planned far enough ahead of time to stop them, etc...

This is also incidently why there is such bad blood with Cuba, when they went communist they were complicit in this scheme which could have brought down the US. It wasn't that long ago, and that's why a lot of people like me don't really into the whole "Cuba can be our friend" thing.

I'm a huge critic of Kennedy and left wing politics, but in this paticular case I think the bottom line was pretty straightforward, and it's good fodder for historical fiction.

Truthfully though I can't help but think that these guys should be cutting a big check to whomever holds the rights to "Wild Cards" right now. Those novels covered a lot of alternative history with super-heroes material, and arguably started the trend. I won't go off on a massive rant, but it did things like propose a "what if" scenario where we had Super Heroes going into Iran to rescue hostages for Jimmy Carter and messing it up, and things like that. I think that project deserves some credit, though I suspect a lot of people are going to disagree with me.

That said, we'll see what happens. It looks like an okay movie, but at the same time where I was once very tolerant of such things, I think movie-makers need to be made to back away from playing this fast and loose with beloved characters with a huge amount of back material and canon. I understand you can't condense decades of comic book development into a movie, but I think we're getting into territory here that's pretty bad, since it's going past making a few changes to get things to work, or using a popular character or villain with no respect for the timeline or how it fit with the story evolution.

I think it's a problem when you have movies that are so differant from the source material, that someone who wants to get into comics due to liking the movies, is going to sit down and have to deal with a massive "WTF" when they see how differant it is, to the point of being unrecognizable. I mean it's relatively minor when you change a character's origin stories a bit, but when you have the X-men involved in the 1960s this way? It's making me lose a lot of respect for Marvel actually, as it seems to be willing to risk trashing long-held, and much loved properties for a quick buck. On some levels I'd almost want to see them lose the rights to a lot of these characters to "Stan Lee Inc." even if Stan Lee isn't running it (or perhaps "especially because" Stan Lee isn't running it), but then again there is no guarantee they would be any better, and in the end it would probably just ruint he universe anyway by splitting up all the IPs.

The trailer is good. We have to wait and see whether the movie is good.


Nautical Honors Society:
I think this movie is going to be pretty good. I am excited.

But where is Ice-Man?

Still helping to ruin the 3rd film...

But he was in the original x-men!

Pretty exciting trailer. It already has my nod of approval with no Wolverine in sight. Let's hope they can get it right this time.

Thank you for bringing this to my intention. I am actually cautiously excited for this one.

Still wish they didn't have the rights to it so marvel/disney/whatever could merge it into their Avengers movie universe.

SO... Going through that wiki site Bob linked to for a couple hours, I can safely say that his recurring catchphrase "COMICS ARE WEIRD!" is a VAST understatement.

The Marvel universe is so twisted that they could pretty much make-up and do whatever they want.

The stuff on Apocalypse was interesting (on Marvel's site), I thought he was a superman villain (aka DC), but then again I know nothing of comics.

So what is a "mulligan"? I can't help but want this film to fail badly. Then hopefully the rights will eventually bounce back to Marvel/Disney and we can get some more movie crossovers.

Raiyan 1.0:
How was the SR71 hovering? ~.^

Magneto using his powers? Beast having modified it with advanced hovertech?

If they won't revoke the rights to Spider Man from bono and his efforts to destroy everything good about it. Then X Men will never be revoked from fox for making some crappy movies with moderate enjoyment and a bigger profit margin.

That being said can't wait for first class because I really want to enjoy the X Men movies as much as Iron Man (and soon Captain America, Thor, and Green Lantern.) Wow being a nerd has never been more worth it than now.

I thought X-Men 3 was pretty good.

I don't really know if this can be called the 'first mulligan.' What separates it from every other superhero reboot movie?

o god after reading this article im actually glad the X-men universe is owned by fox. its way too convoluted and expansive for me to keep track >.< just reading the many biographies on the characters listed made me a little sick XD

especially Mr. Sinister.

Yes please leave the X-men out of the Avengers please lol

Well, it looks like it could be great, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Ah, the science of X-men... I have no idea how evolution works in their world.

Also diamonds shatter really easily. Not a good form to shift into unless you need to scratch, as opposed to hit, stuff.

I don't think this necessarily HAS to be a reboot...Although that might just be wishful thinking on my part, because I'm actually pretty excited to see some real, ongoing, open-ended continuity in the X-Men series. Problem is, it CANNOT last much longer, even if the new Wolverine and First Class movies can work with the four existing movies. After a few more years, the 15-35 year old male demographic Fox is gunning for will start getting filled out with people who haven't seen the first movies, which means they either need to discard X1-3 and reboot things from First Class or abandon the property entirely.

This could end up being another flop, but it definitely seems worth watching!

Armitage Shanks:

I am not looking forward to a movie that'll likely paint the Cuban Missile Crisis as some bizarre fiction where the Soviets were horrible aggressors. I know there's a big predilection to romanticize Kennedy and everything he was involved with, but seeing such recent history fall into the land of "extraordinary myth" so soon irks me.

One of the characters you just saw can teleport by travelling through hell.

It's already bizarre fiction. No one is going to argue a new theory about the Cuban missile crisis and cite First Class as evidence. Even in pub discussions, saying "the soviets were actually bad guys according to First Clas-" is going to sound bollocks, cause it was also the movie with the guy shooting lasers from his chest.

The Cuban missile crisis is an interesting point in history. At least it can dovetail nicely with the Magneto missile thing in issue #1(as minor as that conflict was in the long run). I don't really know how to feel about this one. It seems like it could be cool. I have to view each movie as an adaptation on previously established material.

The Hellfire club would be interesting to see on film, but if they are trying to link these with the other 3 movies then HFC had nothing to do with Phoenix (which in the comics HFC took full advantage of that situation... at least Shaw did... tried to). If you all think that comics are a big convoluted mess then you underestimate how these films can become one. I just hope that the writers have thought this all the way through. Especially if they are planning first class sequels.

ok some thing i want to know WHERE THE HELL IS COLLOSUS AND ICEMAN they are my two fav xmen. and collosus could have his own loylaty subplot. yeah but at least wolverine dosent show his oversold head. we know he noit coming cause other wise 2/3 of the tralier would be of him. and i figured out why darwins in the movie a rapidly evolving mutant plus mr sinister a crazy villian focused on evolution i wonder whats going to happen there

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