Trailers: Dead Island Trailer

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Crap, apparently no one else is feeling that that trailer looked hilarious. Guess I must be heartless.

Seriously I was giggling the entire time...

Reasoning is I feel that doing the whole 'Slo-mo, sad music' thing is lazy ass cinematography, and its about as engaging or informative as a mute giving a seminar. The producers just didn't realize that.

Anyway, could be good, but this premise has sort of been done to death by now.

A) I think we can give what looks to be an 8 year old a break when it comes to FAST ZOMBIES. ;P
B) 40-60? That sounds a little high to me. XP Sure it isnt around 10-15?
Side note: I could barely watch this trailer, I can only imagine what this does to a father with a girl about her age. -.-

He has a little daughter.

In the many videos he has done on Dead Rising 2 he has made it really clear he gets uncomfortable when a game involves your character being the father of a daughter in need.

That hurt to watch... if this is how the game will be, it will be horrible - Good job game designers

That was the best trailer for a videogame that I have ever seen. Tragic, sad, visceral and zombie. It was so strange how showing horrific acts of violence makes it not as grotesque as it otherwise would have been.

Trailers awesome, game sounds intresting from what i've read. If it fails i will be massively dissapointed.

I'm going to call it right now:
This game is going to get major flak from the press and politicians because it features children getting zombified and being killed. Well, a child. But a small child.

But, then again, Heavy Rain featured children getting killed and kidnapped, but even Faux didn't give it a mention. So I may be completely off. Either way, this looks like a good game.

Wow what an amazing job, I mean think of how many zombie titles and things there is out there atm. Yet this one is now firmly stuck in my mind. It's actually sort of beautiful and horrible.

That was...amazing.

if the game is actually this emotional, im sold

This game actually changed my perception of zombie games... UNtil then all i thought of them was: "Yeah, take that you zombie scum! Shotgun to the face!" but now I see there can be, CAN be so much more than that.

If this game betrays the epiphany I just had, I will NOT be happy.

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