Trailers: de Blob 2 The Big Takedown Trailer

de Blob 2 The Big Takedown Trailer

The INKT Corporation is back and it has found Blob.

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it's like pixar made a video game. : )

I didn't play the first and wont' play this one either but it looks awesome.

can anyone please tell me what this game is about?

liked the first one, will check this one out

Awwwww, another game where the bad guys seem WAAAAY cooler than the heroes.

Sooo... entirely recycling the premise and plotline of the first game with no indication of any changes...

can anyone please tell me what this game is about?

It's about a blob that absorbs color paint and paints buildings with different styles and vibes with a lot of timed challenges. It's a very ingenious platformer.

BTW, Wasn't this on the Wii first? What happened BlueTounge?

I... have absolutely no idea what I just watched.

But it looked cool. And that is what is important, after all.

Wow this definitely looks like something I can get into. I'll try to pick up the first one somewhere cheap.

I just want to say, I love that Syfy kids is using a Star Trek-esque delta symbol.
OT: it's been a while since I've picked up a good platformer. I might check it out


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