Name Game: Clever Girl

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Appropriate I believe.

Why does she only have 4 fingers? It looks like she has claws for hands.

Wrong thread

I for one would like a FPS in which I would be a Dinosaur, but who am I.

so far, the closest i've come to that was controlling a dinosaur mech in Bulletstorm. still, a game like that would be great (not that dino d-day stuff, though)

Wait, I'm sure there's some Arcanum references being made here. Some lines sound a lot like the speech by Loghaire Thunder Stone in regards to the humans.

I thought the locked doors bit was the joke considering the reference to Jurassic Park 1



where did she got the sunglasses on 3rd panel?

Jeff Goldblum mode automatically produces sunglasses.

"That's, that's chaos theory"

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why do we gotta bring him back!?! DX

Damn you Goldblum!!

Hehe, I swear these last couple comics have been amazingly funny.
My favorite nerd comic out there right now.

I don't get it... someone please explain?

Honestly, I would think the name Telltale would carry the same weight as Blizzard or Valve by this point. The people there are GIANT geeks. They love going into every damn obscure bit of trivia concerning the subject the are making into a game.

Strong Bad, Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and Back to the Future. Every one of those franchises has a huge cult following. They treated each of those game as though they were making Holy Bible: The Game. Now they can add Jurassic Park.

I am willing to bet Telltale will be more faithful to the subject matter than Jurassic Park 3 was.


I for one would like a FPS in which I would be a Dinosaur, but who am I.

There's a driving game where you're a dinosaur that runs over other dinosaurs. Look for Off-road Velociraptor Safari.

I but that... who would... I don't... you...

But Raptor-gran just wants a Raptor-Game for her Raptor-grandson :(

*tsk-tsk* what would Raptor-Jesus say!?

Hey, hey, hey! Watch your mouth, this is Telltale games you're talking about here.

I agree they are ruining my childhood!
well not all of it. If they do a remake of Back to the Future then I am going on a hunt!

and the dinosaur woman made me laugh!

I`ll bring the pepsi

The whole 'ruining me childhood' bit would be a lot less stupid if you completely forgot about the second and third movies. Besides, its being made by Telltale games, an indie company that makes games that are great assets to series. The entire point of reviving a series is to keep bringing in new generations so they can appreciate it. So don't give us that 'ruining my childhood' bullshit. If you like the original movies so much, don't play the game and just watch them again.

Panel 3 is full of awesome (by which I mean dialogue references).

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