Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Wise-Cracking Sidekicks

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my biggest criticism with this show is the tags at the top of the page. ruined the top 5 for me, as they just plainly said what the top 5 was said. so im sad. i enjoy the banter when it seems more...... spontaneous. otherwise funny.

daxter only 4th place? he should've been 1st
he's the best sidekick ever, no doubt

During the entire video I remember thinking, "I wonder if HK-47 will be on this list". He's not really "wisecracking" so much as "(not-so) secretly evil". Good to know he was considered.

Now, bring on the robots! HK-47, Clank, GLADoS maybe? (why not, she's at least as funny as HK), GIR from Invader Zim (or if it must be from a video game, the semi-parody of him in Guild Wars, G.O.X.)... *sigh* good stuff...

Lisa's game reminds me of Calvin ball for some reason.

Even though this show somehow manages to include all the games I have never played, I still like it.

On another note: This show is slightly moving me towards taking a look or getting Sam & Max games.

Whatever audio problems there were are gone for me.

Also, tbh, I'd have to have said that Crow should've been higher. Sully just isn't that funny >.<

Also, if you are listening Lisa, please don't bleep out your swearing. It's fun to hear and the bleep is distracting no matter who does it. It breaks the flow, y'know?

I like Clank...

As much as I like the Ratchet & Clank series, Daxter is much more wisecracking than Clank.

A TROGDOR shirt?!

You have superb taste in clothing as well as in games, Lisa! :D

Sidekicks didn't work out for you, Lisa? Maybe you're just looking for sidekicks on the wrong places. *volunteers*

What?! Where's Kazooie?!

Scarim Coral:
I was wondering when HK-47 would appear on the list. So I guessing the future top 5 would be top 5 robots or robot sidekicks?

Well, it is hard to be a sidekick when you are a playable character. You could play as HK-47 and Kazooie.

must kill navi, must kill navi

I wonder if Lisa also has a "The Cheat" shirt? This is a good list of sidekicks. Most others that fit in here but didn't get chosen is ok because we still remember them but most sidekicks are annoying and/or useless in a fight or most of the fight.

This was a great episode! Not to say they all haven't been great, but this was definitely the best so far.

where's clank ? ... I mean really :p luckily good old daxter wasn't forgotten but still. The list feels meaningless without him :(

I'm pretty sure every time i came to a conversation in KOTOR i'd save and switch HK-47 into my party, just to see what snarky, passive-agressive things he had to say.

Do well with him, and you, Madam, shall be among my heroes.

No Morte from Planescape: Torment? For shame.

This show makes me giggle, even though I've rarely played any of the games mentioned (never owned a Windows PC or a PS2). I'm starting to like it more than zero punctuation.

excellent trogdor shirt.
and I like max.
so adorable!

I saw the title of this video and said "If Daxter isn't in this list, she fails at life."
Congratulations, you DONT fail at life.

It's really annoying that I have never really liked point and click adventure games. So many of the people I watch online say really good things about a lot of them, but I just can't get into them. I feel like I am missing out on some great games.

I know a lot of people say she's just "Girl with boobs talking about video games," but she's plenty amusing to me. The female and breast thing don't have anything to do with the enjoyability of these videos.

Dear Lisa,
You're awesome. That's all.

I may have to take a break from the show.
The omission of Ninja Ninja really hurts :(

No Morte from Planescape: Torment?.

I missed Morte not getting a mention, but Crow from the Longest Journey was in there, so all is well. At least for me.

Great show as usual. And the Navi scene was brilliant.

I have to admit I used to be a skeptic about this show.

Now this is one of my favourite on the Escapist! The intro skits you've put in are fantastic and the lists are getting better and better. I love crow by the way.

Could we get the rules for your game by any chance?

The giggle when the background turned back on made this episode.

...Wasn't that the Cabela's Dangerous Hunts lightgun?

Damn, I'd pretty much already planned my comment about her leaving HK-47 out..... SHE'S IN MY BRAIN!

Great top 5. I missed a certain kotor character, but since you mentioned him in the end, it makes it alright :)

Zero Pattern:
I know it would sound creepy to say that I want to touch her, but this is the internet, and I can't be the only one.

Yes you would sound creepy, and no you're not the only one. *shameface*

Awesome as always though i was expecting a nintendo character there somewhere (in my opinion Luigi or Midna) but still an agreeable top 5

I was a little surprised by the blue screen (im more used to a green screen at college)

I missed Issun the flea from Okami!
He was a great sidekick: annoying sometimes but helpful most of the time, a colorful character that had a great story to tell.

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