Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Wise-Cracking Sidekicks

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No love for Morte? :(

I laughed so much over the Navi thing. It's funny because everyone and their cousin and mother complain about how much they hate that fairy.

On another note, I know I recognize the voice of the Star. If I could just place his voice...

But yeah, awesome video.

The Navi skit had me laugh my ass off - good job it's not quarter to midnight and I share a paper thin wall with my neighbours...oh, wait..

LAWL @ navi

No Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time? Ahh... Arthur was hilarious and the most wise-crakening sarcastic sidekick ever! Owell... Still worth watching because of the attempt to swat navi with a fairy-swatter.

+1 for Arthur, greatest funny sidekick ever.

Disagreement Max should be number 1

In addition.

James Lewell:
I must ask, why is Kazooie NOT there?

She is also made of genius.

Aw, no Clank?

Instead of Daxter? Agreed

I KNEW that Daxter was gonna be on this list!!

Ok, this made her that much more awesome.

Miss.Foiles is EXTREMELY attractive... there i said it, but also shes one of the few girls who are actually funny, most women comedians, well to put i charitably, they suck. But not Miss.Foiles, she has some actually good jokes, also shes REALLY attractive.

I think this is her best episode yet (although it's hard to top the purple shirt in the last episode).

I literally laughed out loud at the Navi bit, not something that happens often.

Keep up the good work Lisa. :)

Max is mentioned, but none of the superior jokes written for the "Sam and max hit the road" game were mentioned? Aw man, PG-13 Max is funny, but the comics and Hit the Road versions were hilarious. Also Sam was more of an impulsive, emotional tough guy


Ha! I knew Sully would find his way in there somewhere, that cigar chompin' bastard. A very fine list there Miss Foiles.

seriously, no kazooie?!?!? she's the most foul-mouthed, wise-cracking, bitch you've ever met?


Also, I think I'm the one who has been playing Magic wrong. Please fax me the rules.

Speaking of Lisa and Drunkeness...!5766182/how-realistic-is-video-game-drunkenness

Wow... Lisa's really a martyr for science! :P Really like that video- if anything I think it's slightly better than some of her Escapist ones.

Great video as always, Lisa, although I was kinda sad not to see Murray from your beloved Monkey Island there!! Then again, he's not really a side kick, is he?

I want your version of Magic XD Sounds so much more fun than the original.

Remember the Sam & Max cartoon? Remember how they always used bazookas and flamethrowers whenever they needed some kind of weaponry?

It turns it it was because of the FCC censorship. As the man himself said, they weren't allowed to show guns in a cartoon (technically, kid's show, but for the FCC cartoon = kid's show), but somehow more destructive weapons that aren't likely to exist in a normal home are A'OK.

As the producers said, this was one of those rare instances in history where censorship contributed to make something MORE awesome.

Nice Magic rendition, looks a lot more fun than the cardstore!

Stopping in again to see if any changes have been made to the format or presentation. I still find this show to be an irritating attempt at comedic presentation.

Cool story bro...
Interesting your point of view really.

YAAAYYYY!!!! COMIC JUMPER FOR THE WIN!!!! 'Bout gorram time that game got some recognition....Star/Smiley are comedy gold!!!

My favorite part was when she pulled on the shirt.

I kinda wish Clank made it on the list... oh well.

And now I really wanna build a fort.

No love for Barry Burton or Barry Wheeler?

Elated Comment: I cannot wait for the episode with HK-47

This show is rapidly becoming my favorite on the Escapist.

Heh, summining an air cannon... good that HK47 got a shoutout though...

Navi had it coming

off topic: I have one of those air cannons

I realize that top fives aren't actually official accurate guides, however the list should have included Alistair and/or Morrigan from Dragon Age:Origins, and Maya Fey from the Phoenix Wright series.

Russell's cousin is in The Longest Journey !

Clank may not be the most wise-cracking of side kicks, but he's still the greatest side kick of all time.

Audio is screw-io.

Also, what shirt or style is she wearing? Aren't those low-rise jeans? And is her shirt suppose to raise up like that, or is she just wearing a size or two too small?


Stopping in again to see if any changes have been made to the format or presentation. I still find this show to be an irritating attempt at comedic presentation.

Cool story bro...
Interesting your point of view really.

I think you may have lost me in regards to whether you give a damn or not. If you are, I will reiterate, from previous postings, that this show comes across as shallow in content and heavy in superfluous commentary. The presenter appears vapid and unintelligent, despite whatever other winning attributes she may possess.

If you are uninterested, my apologies for wasting your time.

Good to see Crow getting some credit, although it kind of sucks he didn't show up in the game for all that long (Dreamfall really took a long time to get going in general IMO)

It's obvious that Lisa is our protagonist in the fight, because only a Villain would use an Air Cannon.

Wait, that's a Giant Fan. Sorry, only a Villain would use a Giant Fan.

OT:That was an amusing list.

I also had no idea that people still used Chroma blue. I guess it's just less common than green nowadays, and we can see why.

The scene when she turned on the bluescreen, giggled and danced . . . .OMG CUTEST THING EVARRRRRR!!!!!

*clears throat* Ahem anyway very good top five and great Navi joke =)
And I think someone needs to inform me on how to play Magic, it seems ive been doing it all wrong

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