Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Wise-Cracking Sidekicks

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I can't believe morte didn't make it in, he has in-game abilities based on wisecracking!
Not to mention some of the most hillarious deadpan lines ever.
Done by Rob Paulsen.
Honestly, what more can you ask for?

The Navi bit was hilarious, I kind of even laughed my ass off out of my chair and on to the floor lol. So now I think that she should do a top 5 most annoying ones and see who is picked for the honor of being the most annoying nuisance in gaming.

Hang on, Battle Toads weren't sidekicks.

Unless you've played the WII version and know something I don't. Call Gamestop and reserve your copy today!

Navi was helpful, I don't care what anyone says. Her advice on hostile creatures and targeting assistance made up for her annoying reminders. Also, I would play more card games if you made up the rules for them. :D

What about Grimoire Weiss from Nier?

Boba Frag:

I was kinda sad not to see Murray from your beloved Monkey Island there!! Then again, he's not really a side kick, is he?

Yeah, me too. But Murray is probably really no sidekick since he is not all the time or at least most of the time with Guybrush.

I really missed Harvey from "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout", a classic point-and-click-adventure where Harvey is a crazy stuffed toy bunny.
Well Max is in the Top least one crazy bunny made it.
All hail to crazy bunnys! ;)

I will have to calm myself that Edna is not yet so long out in the U.S. and that not every beloved sidekick fits into a Top 5.

Have to buy "The Longest Journey" now.

Murray will probably come in with top 5 coolest characters that were not at all important for the story, but made the game so much more enjoyabe. Well it's too bad there was never a game starring Murray, I mean I'm not quite sure how that would work but I'm sure it would be very amazing therefore.

Have to say though Crow and Max were kinda useful characters

Max is not number 1, List is invalid.

Burninatin' the people...

To all those who commented about Lisa's attractiveness, you might not want to watch the first part of this with other people in the room... or the part where she's running through the hallway... but it's also pretty funny. Also, Lisa herself verifies the suspicion I had that her and the sun have a very unfriendly relationship. :P

Seriously: what about Jonesey and Q from Armed and Dangerous!?!

I want an air cannon :(

I love Lisa even more, now that I know she likes Trogdor =]

Flux Wildly.
And if anyone gets that reference, can you tell me where I can find Toonstruck and whether I can make it work on Vista? Sigh... memories.

What no CLANK?!
No Kazooie?

And how was Sam NOT number 1?!

Except for Sam & Daxter the whole episode blew chunks.

I created an acc because i just needed to say: Where's Kazooie? He even carried Banjo. And in Game 2 he flyed with him. That and his hilarious comments, not even 1 fight without Kazooie ofending the one Banjo was about to beat up.

Just sayin', i love that bird, Lisa broke my heart.

I have to agree that Star was a total riot as far as sidekicks go. He always struck me as a bit of a dirty git, but a great laugh to hang around with.

Nice Trogdor shirt, Lisa :D
Expletive: Please do not forget about HK-47 Meatb- I mean, Lisa XD

Holy midrif Batman!

just spent a minute listening to 0:49 to 0:51

i could have that on a loop!
Hey Listen!

No, you listen!

for a while anyway

you forgot the best sidekicks ever:


Minsc & Boo !

also don't forget a honorific mention about Morte the flying talking skull,

Ah good old Max, favorit little psychotic bunny sidekick ^_^
And for emperors sake Lisa, put some cloth on! you're giving me a nosebleed =3

Lack of Clank made me a sad panda. Hell I'd have even taken Quark.

"No you Listen!" was awesome sauce.
I'm pleased Daxter made the list. You have done well...


This is probably the first time I've commented on a video for the series. So, thanks for this. I'm enjoying the series a lot.

Also, Anamanaguchi! The original version by Tugboat is also good, but not quite as rocking.

This episode has all sorts of win! From home made blanket and box forts, to shirts referencing the burninator, to blending in with the background! Plus none of that really had anything to do with the awesome Top 5 List! Lisa you rock!

good save about HK-47 best compaion ever!

i wish you would talk about games i know about lol except uncharted i know that game

James Lewell:
I must ask, why is Kazooie NOT there?

^ +100 & a very me-too, mob-mentality, pitchfork-waggling "YEAH!"

My infatuation grows deeper with each point & click reference. I have no excuse.

Good list. Following the trend of a blend of well known characters with less then jump to the forefront. I think a lot of people on this board seem to forget that it's easy to just list the obvious ones but has little actual VALUE. Mixing in obscure ones with the known allows for the list to enlighten viewers to less known properties! Which is a good thing!

Besides, you can't invalidate a list because it doesn't have your character on it. It's an opinion list. You can disagree, but the list remains as valid as her opinion.

Where was Grim Fandango's Glottis? Huh? WHERE???

Also: me wants air cannon.

"I DESTROY YOUR FORT FOR 2 VICTORY POINTS!" Hahahaha! That was brilliant. :D
Also, Trogdor Shirt? More awesome points for you.

Well done once again with the top 5, especially Daxter... I remember the first Jak and Daxter game, I still think about it with fond memories to this day...

And, like most others here, I'm very excited to see what you've planned for HK-47. ^_^

aw man I wanna play magic fort nerf kingdom :(. Nice navi bit and you better have an HK-47 bit coming up or there shall be angry letters that will never make their way to you

What about Grimoire Weiss from Nier?

You would reduce the mighty Grimoire Weiss to the status of mere sidekick?

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