Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Best Celebrity Voiceovers

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I really liked Martin Sheen as The Illusive Man in Mass Effect 2. At a certain point, I was just playing the main quest so I could get to his mission intros / outros. Taking drags on a cigarette, phrasing his words so carefully and seamlessly, and dressing down Shepard at every snap. So cool. He was like a sci fi character out of an old Philip K Dick novel. He made even the simplest task sound both matter of fact, an absolute necessity, and vaguely menacing. There were so many dialog options to try to talk your way out of it, but you couldn't. He's The Illusive Man.

Would be neat if somehow Charlie could get a part of the action, but I think his prices are probably too high. That and the final game has to come out within the next decade. What a Girl Wants 2 made me LOL.

A The Cheat T-shirt in a good video...

You just won Web broadcast of the Month, kid.

Sometimes, 5 just isn't enough. Even with a tie between two characters, you need more.

Oh my geez,Jackson as tenpenny? Daym, I remember him having a cool voice but I was probably way too young to have any check on actors at all! Er... and I played GTA:SA as a minor, crap happens society.

Totally missed Nathan due to me not playing them halo games (no xbawx) but how could I miss Seth Green? I knew there was something familliar with that voice.

Also, too bad I won't ever hear Patrick Stewart do that awesome narration, why? Because I don't play hack and slash games, hell I don't even play console games!

Stephen Frye as Reaver? no???

Sorry Lisa, but worst list you've ever done.

Christopher Lee in Kingdom Hearts?
Stephen Fry in Fable 2/3 & Little Big Planet
Ricky Gervais in GTA4 (A small part, but it was amazing)
Jack Black or Ozzy Osbourne in Brutal Legend
Bruce Campbell narrating the Spider-Man movie games.

I nominate all of Fable 3's cast.,
John Cleese, Jonathan Ross, Simon Pegg, Michael Fassbender, Zoe Wanamaker, Stephen MotherFuckin Fry, Bernard Hill (KING FUCKING THEODEN!)

I squealed when I saw Nathan Fillion and ODST

of course I'd want Liam Neeson on there, but admittedly his and even Patrick Stewarts roles in Fallout 3 and Oblivion were quite small

Sonic Doctor:


And Nathan Fillion is awesome. Though I do object whenever someone says that he plays the same character in everything he's in, because that's neither true or fair.

I know he plays a different character in everything; he is awesome. Though I know why some people think he is the same in everything, they confuse his voice with character. He has such a great unique voice that sometimes that is all people hear. Some people don't understand that voice isn't character, it is actions and personality.

His characters in Firefly and Halo ODST are a little similar, both in a sense are the same, Mal and Buck are veteran soldiers fighting for survival.

Barring the voice, I find it bizarre how people can't see the difference between those two, Captain Hammer, and Richard Castle.


The video was on the money. Again, Nathan Fillion is awesome. Also, Patrick Stewart is awesome, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is one of the best games I have played in a long while.

I agree, Nathan Fillion isn't a flat one-note type-casted actor
altho I feel like Bungie being such massive Firefly fans more or less kept it as Mal = Buck to a degree :p

now I wanna try playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. reviews weren't stellar but y'all have gotten me interested haha

im surprised Mark Hamill didn't make this list...also almost everyone on Modern Warfare 1 and 2 should be here too...

mhm very good mentions there actually. and just last night I was wondering to myself if only Mark Hamill hadn't decided to work under the radar after Star Wars

Maybe Mark Hamill wasn't there because technically his Joker voice work originated from Batman: The Animated Series.

Sorry but not all geeks like or care about Fillion


But what about Luke Skywalker as the Joker in "Batman: Arkham Asylum"?

EDIT: Dammit, ninja'd about eight ways from Sunday.

great ringtone, great scrubs reference, but i think the credits could be a tiny bit faster; there were two or three letters i could read xD

nice choice of voice actors though (and of course a list you could not possibly get right - just too many great actors do great voice acting, how the hell are you supposed to pick only FIVE?!). but you don't do patrick stewart justice when you only mention him as a trek captain. i mean, he did and does a little bit more than that. like, theatre plays, university lectures, etc.

liked this, as always *thumbs up*

but what was there to the left of the camera distracting you, especially towards the end?! FOCUS! or kick the distraction in the butt ^^

War... war never changes.

War... war never changes.

or does it?

pft, I never even knew any famous people did voice overs in games,
probably cause I never really cared.

Christopher Lee in Kingdom Hearts?
don't tell me he was Ansem?

Totally agree with all of your picks but you know what? You should totally have called Micheal Dorn.

Dear Lisa,

Whenever I watch your videos, I can't help but think, "Oh my gosh, what a dork!" I only ususally watch them for a short lived giggle at your attempts at humor. But today was different.

While most of your lists seem biased and convoluted, I (surprisingly) found myself cheering along today. All the way up until number one. Right before you revealed your pick for number one voice actor I was at the edge of my seat chanting, "Pat Stewart, Pat Stewart, c'mon Jean-Luc!", and then came the satisfying reveal with much jubilation.

And so I realized that, "Gee, I guess I'm kinda dorky too." I guess what I'm trying to say, Ms. Foiles, is that I think we have more in common than I thought we did.

I'd like to ask you out to dinner, my treat. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail at [Mod edit: email address removed] (no, I'm not kidding).

If you'd like to know more about me, I like exercising, volunteering, acting, and retro gaming. I'm 5'9", slim build, and have black hair. I like Asian and Eastern European food (Hungarian is so yum). I think "Firefly" was the best sci-fi show ever, and I've been totally into "Soul Eater" lately. I'm currently reading "Spiderman Loves Mary Jane," and when the weather gets nicer I'm going to start riding my motorcycle again ;).


Good show this week, I am really starting to like this series.
But my one question is do you pause in Fable 3?

Patrick Stewart is just awesome in anything he plays, I could listen to him all day. I am not going to dispute the fact he is number 1, unless it's Riker. =P

As this is the first top 5 video I have watched, can I say Lisa is cute? Too creepy? I thought so...

I must say that Jim Cummings in Splatterhouse was pretty good. Hell, that was the only good part of the game.

Joker is #1 for me! Perfect blend of good writing and good voice work.

Honorable mention (IMO) goes to Claudia Black as Morrigan in Dragon Age, but that's mostly because I adore Claudia Black (and Morrigan).

I suppose I can't complain about the list really, considering that I haven't played that many games with Celebrity voices, although I agree with most that Stephen Fry needed a hardcore nod of appreciation for his work in LBP (I Do agree with Yahtzee; His voice is like honey and chocolate)

I guess if I had to add any voice acting from anybody famous, I would have to consider Christopher Walken in either Ripper (Which is actually an FMV performance) or his appearance in the True Crime Games (True, you didn't play him, but god, did I want to).

Side Note: Does anyone secretly want Rage to come out sooner so we can all say "John Goodman" should be on this list?

I'm just saying.

All men??!! What about the glorious Claudia Black? She of the Farscape, stargate, Dragon age, Uncharted among thieves.. Sorry to go against the flow but living in the uk im really beginning to get sick of hearing Steven Fry's voice, he needs to take time off..sooo many t.v and radio shows and adverts.. Bleh don't get me wrong love the guy but all things in moderation!

Yes Christopher Lee was DiZ/Ansem

Great! Finally somebody who recognizes King Bohan in Heavenly Sword!

NOOOOO I have castlevania on my wall and I still haven't played it. That would have been a nice surprise.

Ha! Like your audience cares about Amanda Bynes.

Seriously I was not a fan of that show she had when I was a kid.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, I have the same "The Cheat" t-shirt that Lisa has.

Wait...Lisa was a huge Lord of the Rings freak?!


Seriously, why can't I meet girls like this where I live!?! Damn Erie and its bad weather and low nerd population!

I'd chip in Michael Dorn in Saints Row 2. The Worf voice is perfect for the towering angry badass Maero.

Lots of nerd rage over choices made/not made, as per usual.

But: the tolkien/Andy line - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that was awesome.

Daystar Clarion:
The American's unfamiliarity with Stephen Fry... disappoints me.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the angry dome.


I'm Australian, I love Stephen Fry, but hold on a second, what game was he in, sorry...?

SO much disappointment that you left off Mark Hamill. Not even an honorable mention? Shame.

Since Mark Hamill is a professional voice actor, he kind of falls off when it comes to the the "cameo" thing. Sure, he's a celebrity (I guess), but if we're putting Hamill on a list like this we might as well put Mike Patton down, or Dee Bradley Baker, or Maurice LaMarche and... hold on.


Seth Green as Joker? What were YOU smoking, Lisa?

His voice not only made me wish I'd had the option to kill Joker, but to do it as early in the game as possible.

Personal preference, I suppose. Ugh, ugh, ugh, says I.

Could have been worse - they could have tapped Shia LaBeouf. Or Pauley Shore *shudder*

No Mention of David Warner as the voice of Jon Irenicus in Baldur's gate 2?

**must control fist of doom*

(And am I wrong, or is Top 5 the most divisive video on The Escapist?)

No, you're right. The presence of a hot blond does it, I think.

**must control fist of doom*

Lookin' for this one?


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