Critical Miss: God Emperor of Steam #4

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Maybe the decades of fried chicken and mashed potatoes will cushion the landing.

This is just not funny anymore. Sorry.

That was awesome. These comics are actually so good, congrats.

Ahhh yes, a fitting tribute to close it out...

I see what you did there.

*Wipes away tears* Bravo :3 a fitting end.

But I the one that has to do THIS :|?

I guess so...

To stop a gaben....

At least he died with bronor and dignity, you´ll be missed chad

Poor Pokemon. You took down a God, but with a price. But i'll bet you'd gladly pay that price over again to meet your Bro again....


Great reference here. :) I'm looking forward to seeing the resolution.

Addicted Muffin:
is steam really shut down? cause i can get on TF2 and L4D just fine...

Read the previous strips. This story arc is a joke about what "would" happen if Steam shut down.

The Cheezy One:
I liked the poignancy of just having the names at the bottom, and no jokes...

It really makes it hit that much harder.

but but but... why he shut down steam? Now i'll never know!

did you read the first comic in this arc? He saw one of the "Gabe is Fat" jokes and snapped.

I think we can safely say we all knew this was coming, bro.


dalek sec:

Nice job on this one, does this mean Gabe is doomed to spend the rest of his life on the Golden Throne now to power Steam?

that woudl be the most awesome thing ever.

Glad you like my idea so much for it. That way all the 40K nutters (like me) could get a kick out of Gabes fate. :D

you guys have no idea how to finish the story do you?:D

Definitely feels like there is a lack of focus going on. And I don't even know how they got here in the first place.

This is just not funny anymore. Sorry.

I felt this needed to be said again.


Onyx Oblivion:
Was that, like, in reverse?

Because Gabe is falling...and then he's standing in a later panel.

Yes. It's a reference to the Dead Island trailer.

Which I had to put on in the background while reading this.

Haha glad I'm not the only who put the trailer's music on youtube while reading this one.

That was really cool. And touching. Goodbye Chad. You'll be missed bro.

Just to help anyone who hasnt seen it and wont get the reference...

Thing is the first version I saw of the trailer was this one:

Now I can't help but hear the lyrics over it.

I can't help but to laugh at Erin's face, so accurate with the reference joke.

I was hoping for a more epic conclusion, but this will suffice. RIP Bro.

Nice reference. So how did they get STEAM back on?

easy. turn the VALVE.

I stood up and applauded this one.

Then I realized I looked like a fool and sat back down.

My point still stands.

Awesomely topical!

Hehe, great Dead Island trailer reference. :)

figured that's what it was :D

Wow. Did you even plan it that way? That worked out so perfectly...haha!

Everything is better set backwards to sad piano music!

But doesn't this mean that we'll NEVER see HL2E3?


I think in God Emperor of Dune, at the end he dies after falling? It's been so long I forget.

yes, the God-Emperor fell into the water and died.

Poor slowbro...

Chad gave his life to end the tyranny of the God Emporer. Rest in peace bro!

The question I have is... which review site will gamers hate the most now that Chad and Lance are both gone?

I'm rather sad now. Fitting end for the evil corporate maniac considering his Watchmen referencing design.

Dead Island, nice

Joe Deadman:
Well that's episode 3 down the drain...


On the contrary, maybe somebody will take over that actually cares about fans.

lol. Took me about 5 seconds to figure out what was going on, but I didn't even think about the dead island reference.

When I saw the last panel I was like ooohhh ok, then I yelled "for his brother!!!"

Won't Gabe bounce?



I thought you were going to stop this arc with them going up the elevator. Frankly that would have been utterly brilliant if you had, ending on a cliffhanger and driving your fans batshit. I'm not even sure what the hell is going on now that you started back up.

Though I should compliment you on the improvements in your drawing style.

well played......well played.

great reference to dead island. very clever indeed.


I arrived from school now.

I..i..i can't believe it.



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