Critical Miss: God Emperor of Steam #4

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triple failpocalypse...

Incidentally, I had just watched the DI Trailer before reading this (Actually, I read this, then watched the trailer because of EC, then read this again and got it.)

Slow-BRO! Ha, I finally got it. I was wondering why they weren't slowpokes or the one that needs a king's rock.

YEEEEEEEEEES! For the bros! Hahaha, damn that is satisfying.

Me too.
You are not alone my friend.

See I thought you were being artistic but it turned out you were parodying a trailer from some movie. I'm disappointed now.

Desert Tiger:

aha...dead island...good one

speaking of which, heard someone made a shawn of the dead parody...think i'll go watch that movie now heh

A parody of a parody?

chyeah apparently... I still haven't gotten around to seeing either the movie or the aforementioned video haha x.o

Wasn't this from the dead island trailer?

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