Unskippable: Mafia II

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The opening remined me of The Godfather when Vito Corleone came to America, only by himself.
Anyway, great episode :D

Guys, the cigarette sheltering thing is a habit a lot of smokers have. I ALWAYS cover it automatically when I light it, no matter where I am. But I'm overthinking. I'm sure it was just for comic effect :P

Come to think of it, I could NOT play Mafia II for 5 minutes without craving a smoke! Mass Effect 2 as well (damn you, Illusive Man *shakes fist*)...

great video, crappy game!

So, where do I go to purchase an Empire State Building? I think one would look nice in my back yard.


Paul and Graham try to avoid sleeping with the fishes.

Why? Some fish can be kinda hot :3

I see what I did there
OT: Games starting to shush people and using subtitles so small most can't read it? What has the world come too?

I thought it was going to be the Little Mermaid.

You have ruined my day :(.

SHINING TIME STATION REFERENCE. FUCK YEAH!! FUCK YEAH!!! If you can work in a reference to Schemer, I will be in your debt. Schemer was like the greatest fucking villain ever.

Haha, I really enjoyed the reference with the talking rat! And yeah, I don't care what people say about HDTV solving the tiny text problem of current games. They're still tiny no matter what!

mafiaee 11 is awesome

And what is the Danish flag doing in Italy, or if they are in Denmark what is the sun doing there?


If you are referring to the flags at 4:41, that's the Swiss flag, not the Danish, pasted unto an Italian flag. Why they've done this, I don't know.

That was the flag of Italy, with the coat of arms of the house of Savoy, not the Danish or the Swiss flag.

"Maybe it's mafaii".

I actually had to pause the video there because I was laughing too hard to focus on what you were saying after that.

Awesome episode, Majin FTW!!! You guys rule.

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