GDC 2011: First Look at Jurassic Park Gameplay

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Gee whiz does this look like a big missed opportunity. Why oh why was this not a big budget free roamer?

Imagine how much more harrowing it could have been to be actually lost in a pitch dark rainy forest with nothing but a flashlight to illumminate your way, and desperately trying to hide from the looming shadow of a T-Rex before it sniffs you out.

Imaging running through the forest in a blind panic with nothing but the deep growls and thundering footsteps of the Rex behind you, while you try to break it's line of sight in a fashion similar to Assassins Creed?

Imagine kneeling against a kitchen door, pressing it shut it an attempt to fool the prowling Raptor outside that it cant be opened.....only to see another one stalking the dimly lit corridors across the other side of the room....searching for you.

Imagine taking shelter in the cage lift and losing your balance as a Brachiosaurus bumps past with its head?

Instead, we get shit graphics and quick time events. SNORE.

The only good thing I'll say for it is that girls screaming does sound realistic, but still, this is yet another case of a game that frustrates me to no end because I know I've got way better idea's than whoever wrote it.

The sylized design works for things like sam and max and monkey island, but in this case it just doesn't seem like it is working at all. I still think this game has a chance of being good, but it looks like Telltale is going to need to improve its facial animations in the future.
I don't know how I feel about Telltale making a quick time event based game, but I suppose it couldn't always be use _____ on ______ forever.

Gee whiz does this look like a big missed opportunity. Why oh why was this not a big budget free roamer?

Agreed. I don't want to play along with a movie. I would much rather have more control over intereacting with the dinosaurs and exploring the park in general.

Someone will pick up that ball and run with it one day. The JP franchise doesn't have exclusive rights to dinosaurs.

Always a pleasure to see Lisa Foiles though.

While it could still work, I'm really bothered by the voices and the Quick Time Events

Firstly, and most importantly:
Brunette Lisa! :-D

But yeah, nothing I saw made me care at all about that game.

My expectations for this game just plummeted.

I like the graphics, I mean, it's not being made with the UE3 or something, also let's keep in mind it will be a multi platform release, the Wii included and it's being developed by an (not so quite) indie studio.

Watching that vid really got me interested in this game, especially that last part when the T-Rex is approaching, it made my speakers tremble and I like when my speakers tremble and suddendly everyone is keeping quiet.

Also, I like the voice acting and I'm quite interested on how the story develops, especially if it's going to be like the first movie.

My god. This game looks like CRAP!

My idea was better than this! You play a soldier sent with a large group of marines to find whatever was causing the dinosaurs and destroy it! I could make a better game than them with my hands tied!

This WILL be argument! Nobody could say this looks good.

My expectations for this game just plummeted.

Same here man, I was looking forward to seeing more of this game because I liked the direction they were taking it in. It's not just the graphics, but the voice acting and animation etc. are just lacking any sort of life to it. These things matter even more so in a game of this style, the immersion can just be killed completely.

I'm open to this still being a surprise of course, but I can't say I'm really looking forward to it now...

Also, Heavy Rain is a fantastic game, since so many here seem to dislike it I thought I'd add my two cents, that includes the gameplay as well.

This looks like the sort of game that gets the 3% scores in PC Gamer - I mean do the people who made this even play video games? The original Source engine looks about 1000x better than this game and it's almost seven years old! Yes graphics aren't everything but at least get SOMEONE who has worked on a game engine since the Dreamcast died (that's about the generation this looks like it belongs in...)

holy crap, this looks really bad. is this near finished, cuz it looks like something you could make in a weekend.. crappy grahpics, bad sound effects, bad voice acting and lip sync and really i did not spot i single thing that looks attractive.


It looks awful. The facial animations, writing, voice acting, action, controls, and grapics all look horrendous.

I was fully prepared to say "oh it doesn't look that bad" but then I saw the video.... it really does look awful.... so much disapointment

Same here...I think the 1992 Sega Megadrive version looks better. And QTE's? Common isn't it allready well established by now nobody likes them?!

Oh my, this looks exceedingly bad. Stick with humour, will you?


Sigh, Telltale says they want to focus on the characters, but I honestly hated the characters based solely on the demo and wanted to see the dinosaurs kill them. Though what I'm wondering is whether or not the quick time events will be as hard as the demo's, because if they are, we might as well just fail all of the quick time events and let the game run without us.

it's not great looking, but it has dinosaurs and will probably make me drop the controller a lot panicking
def wanting to give it a spin...even if the whole cutscene game thing is kinda ehh they might still have a story to tell

Some of the positive comments in this thread are as facepalm worthy as the game appears to be...

Anyway, small budget + short development time + movie license = fail once again. The worst part is this game might still make a profit off of people who don't know any better, and yet more terrible games will be made in the future.
Now I'm depressed =/

I'm absolutely gutted, they got me all hyped for a next-gen JP game, i was imagining a Crysis-style romp through the park admiring some DX11 dinosaurs, and then this shit...
My fucking God, did i just drop back to 2004? Everything about those graphics was absolutely repugnant, i was dissapointed because it looked like a Wii game, then i saw a 360 analog controller in one of the QTEs and i was frankly shocked.

It is just unacceptable to release a game that looks like that in this day and age, it looks like it could be for PSP for God's sake. I'm not suggesting that graphics are everything, but if you can't afford to do next-gen graphics, there are plenty of tricks and art styles you can use to hide it, for example games like LIMBO or a lot of PSP/Wii games. It looks bad enough to be a movie tie-in, which it technically is, but i expected more from JP.
It just looks like dog shit.

Holy shit, someone actually made an entire game based around Quick Time Events? *sigh* That should have died back in the days of Dragon's Lair.

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