Unskippable: Fable 3

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dear unskippable (Paul and Graham)
i'm a chicken and im so offended, we do have aspirations...they just usually involve escaping the pen and taking over the world, but rebellion's good too.

-fluffernoodle the chicken

Damn, poor chicken, stupid chef, he got a free chicken with his teapot, and his only instinct is to kill it anyway he can ... damn some chickenophobia ... maybe he was locked in a barn as a child for being bad or something ... or perhaps a chicken tried to eat his "worm" :))

The chef didn't even carried the chicken back to eat it. Clearly a hate crime.

Also, who the hell shoots a chicken?

Someone who really hates poultry?

Anyway just goes to show that you should never kill off the most likable character.

Chicks dig the buttflaps!

Thought was funny the firing squad was just shooting rifles and the chicken is jettisoned through the air like they were using a cannon or something.

this video just made me laugh so hard, this one reminds me alot of your old vids, i strongly suggest that you watch your older videos though, cause your recent ones arent the same as in not as good

That chicken...was the greatest hero...in history
Also, I agree. Buttflap pajamas FTW

biocluck was SOOOOO overrated

That chicken really 'made' this intro! Not since City of God has a chicken done that (so well, I assume).

whenever John Cleese is mentioned the part of my brain that handles spellchecking stands up and insists that I've left out an 'h' and it should be 'cheese'. It generally must be forcibly restrained.


"and so it came to pass that Chicken Little's great great grandmother became a Hero of Albion"

Someone should mod this game so that the two choices of suits are, instead of elegant vs practical, butt-flap pj's vs chicken suit. Actually, no, scratch that. Someone should remake the game so that instead of good vs evil its butt-flap pj's vs chicken suit. Instead of "good" or "evil" choices there would be "butt-flap pj's" or "chicken suit" choices. And depending on what outfit you choose you get starkly contrasting powers. And all the seemingly big choices won't matter and all the seemingly inconsequential choices will have a huge influence on the butt-flap pj's/chicken suit-o-meter. Or something. Someone should get on this. Anyone who wants to collaborate, contact me through here (escapist). I've been trying to figure out where to go next in my life, and this seems as good a direction as any. Seriously. I'd be willing to do this, but I can't do it alone. This is not a joke. This would be awesome. BioCluck WILL BE A REALITY!

EDIT: Seriously. This should happen. Everyone on the comments is crying fowl (rimshot) about this, it's too good an opportunity to pass up.

Glad to see Fable 3's unskippable was their most emotionally invested ever :D

that..was the best...FUCKING...chick..en EVER!!!!!

Seriously, Lionhead please make a chicken DLC

yes! i have been waitinf for this since i saw the video!

"Bow... Wow?"
"You dog."

I rate those jokes a canine out of ten.

Dear Graham, Paul, Fellow Escapist's,

On behalf of all chickens, let me say that I was purely offended by our outburst during the review of Fable 3. Claiming that we do not have aspirations merely because we are partially flightless birds hurts not only me, but the rest of the current surviving chickens of today, and the chickens of tomorrow. We hope one day to live a life, in an age where we can be free amongst humans as pets and not as meals, because of our adorable feathers and not for our delicious meat that when slow cooked and layered with eleven herbs and spices would make a perfect meal for the entire family.

((Sorry I just had to))

This was one of the best Unskippable's yet! Love the work guys!

chicken as sidekick would not only be sweet but sour as well.

PJ's with a buttflap... you mean I can poop and stay warm at the same time

The analogy with the chicken kinda loses its importance once you find out the main characters if a freaking prince.

Peter Molyneux's "Forest Gump" = Excellent description!

Also, I think you should be able to choose to have a pet chicken instead of another forced and annoying dog. At least in Fable II it wasn't also your "sleeping companion..."

Great vid, but it reminds me of how pathetic it is that your first big choice in the world is changing out of the most absurd pajamas so you can impress your other companion and decide the fate of Albion.

I think choosing whether or not you get to second base with your lady friend or the dog should be the very first decision you can make.

So... Can you shoot the cook in the game? :| Our comrade Mr.Mc-Cluck must be avenged.

Peter Molyneux's Forest Gump? When'd the pre-order?

I've never watched Unskippable before, but try as I might, I could not quite understand the idea, concept, purpose, etc. Is it supposed to be humorous?

(I'm not being sarcastic, but truly curious.)

I don't think there's a hope for you then, but I'm compelled to try.

1. Take bad game's cutscene and do sarcastic scripted voice over on it
2. Put it on the internet
3. ???
4. Art.


Chicken!?! Nooooooo!

My words exactly upon watching this when I played the game. I devoted the rest of the game to that brave, brave chicken.

Every time I see your avatar, I'm reminded of the Medic in Team Fortress 2.

This may seem off topic... but when the frack is Fable 3 going ot see a PC release, anyone?

I like how from the beginning of the Fable franchise Peter Molyneux has wanted us to feel for the characters more and he managed to succeed with the chicken cutscene and every character after the chicken I wanted to see die in a fire.
Seriously I rooted for the chicken and when he died I cried a little, but every character after that I had no emotional connection to. I guess what I'm really poorly trying to get across is Lionhead should make a game where you play as a chicken.

Why would they kill the chicken after devoting so much time to it? It was just enough time to love!

Yeah, I totally thought that chicken would be a main character in the game when I first watched that trailer. Then it died. I was totally rooting for that chicken.

I shall dedicate my first post to asking the following.

What the hell was wrong with that cook? Surely he had better things to do with his time than to relentlessly pursue a chicken with a gun. Did a chicken kill his family or something?

In a kingdom ruled by fear, failing at your job ie letting a chicken escape could mean lashings or death.

Because I feel a need to continue comments on a chicken... here it is.

"No! Clucky! His was the finest mind in all of Albion!"



Chicken!?! Nooooooo!

My words exactly upon watching this when I played the game. I devoted the rest of the game to that brave, brave chicken.

Every time I see your avatar, I'm reminded of the Medic in Team Fortress 2.

Oddly enough, back when I had a beard, people would say I looked like Gordan Freeman.

this video just made me laugh so hard, this one reminds me alot of your old vids, i strongly suggest that you watch your older videos though, cause your recent ones arent the same as in not as good

I'm afraid I kinda have to agree here... I'm not sure if you're perhaps busier with other projects (spending less time on each Unskippable?) but it seems as if the quality of these has been slowly degrading. I'm not sure of the process that's gone through to make these, but if I had to guess I would think that you used to come up with a lot more material per episode and had the luxury of more brutal editing to keep it tighter and more dense comdey-wise. It has been so gradual though that it's hard to pinpoint a starting point but it's been quite a while now since I've laughed more than once in an Unskippable.

People are going to hate me, but maybe a biweekly setup might be better? You know, the whole quality over quantity sort of thing? Of course I could be the odd man out I suppose but I'm willing to bet that most people agree there has been at least SOME noticeable drop in quality over the run of the series.

Regardless, I'm still a big fan of the series (and coworkers can attest that I do quote some things fairly often) so keep it up! Just don't stretch yourselves too thin alright guys?

Would Action Chicken DLC count as fowl play?
Also, if you really want to play a large RPG as a chicken, you can try the Chicken Quests in Lord of the Rings Online. Takes you all over the free (and not so free) regions of Middle Earth as a level 1 chicken. A mosquito could kill you with a glance. On the plus side, you meet bored foxes, cows stuck on rooftops, and even red squirrels bent on world domination (after dealing with those stuck-up grey squirrels, of course).

Proverbial Jon:

I never noticed the L & R on the flag b4 lol Best. Fowl. Ever. Indeed!

I'm not sure if Graham and Paul already knew it, but the LR most likely stands for "Logan Rex"

Rex is Latin for king, so basically it would mean "Logan the King"

In England you'll see the initials ER (and previously GR) on our Royal Mail post boxes and other places. It stands for "Elizabeth Regina" Which is latin for "Elizabeth the Queen."

Enjoy your useless trivia, fact fans!

I'd actually always wondered what those letters meant. Thank you!

OT: That was my reaction too when they shot the chicken. :(

this intro needs more Russel

isnt that chicken seen escaping the kitchen durring the game it didnt die (:

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