Unskippable: Fable 3

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This is an angry letter from a chicken.

That was the most ridiculous cutscene ever. And that saying something compared to your previous unskippables.

To be honest i think that was the best part about the entire game. the intro

First time I saw this, I was devastated.

Very clever, Lionhead... Veerrrry clever.

I was also incredibly happy to see it alive and re-escaping later on.

I was kinda hoping it was the player character, with a spell cast on them. Or at least an important side character. That would have been cool.

DO a lets play of this game!


Chicken. ;o;

Props to the cutscene for a well-pulled Kick The Dog moment. Or is it Shoot the Chicken moment? Oh well.

This one just makes me ask why.....
Why does the teapot have a giant hole in the bottom?
Why does the prince sleep in slippers? (Or boots, or socks, or whatever the hell those are.)
Why does the prince's pajama top have buttons on the front and the back?

This is what I get for paying too much attention....or expecting too much logic in design. Or maybe I'm just crazy....

Did anyone, who got past the ultimate decision maker of clothing, notice that same black chicken wandering out of the kitchen as you head in with Elise/Elliot?

That said, this made waiting on hold on the phone much more awesome! Stupid choices! There's already stuff I kinda need to change..

The chef didn't even carried the chicken back to eat it. Clearly a hate crime.

Actually, yes he did.. It's in his other hand! Hence why the blackened chicken escapes again during gameplay.

You mean Fable 3 isn't the greatest Chicken game in the history of everything? Boooo!

Heh, L and R....

Awwwwh... Chickens have always been some of my favourite farmyard animals -- contrary to popular belief, they're quite intelligent and badass birds.

I don't think there's a hope for you then, but I'm compelled to try.

1. Take bad game's cutscene and do sarcastic scripted voice over on it
2. Put it on the internet
3. ???
4. Art.

A good thing hope is as subjective as individual definitions of "humour" (and "sarcastic", apparently) :-)

I did take a liking to point 3 on your list, "???". It does more to illuminate Unskippable than my original query ;-)

The first time I saw this cutscene I was absolutely devastated by the death of the chicken but on my second playthough I noticed that (as MattAn24 mentions above) it survives! Which can only mean one thing.


And, we can all hope, the protagonist of Fable 4 because seriously that chicken was one of the most likeable characters in the game.

-I was hoping we were gonna get to play as the chicken!
-Not really sure how that would work, but...

But it would have been AWESOME!

i raise chickens and that made me intriged and then sad

so...what exactly are the consequences of either choice of outfits??

Also, who the hell shoots a chicken?

For that matter, who the hell arms a chef? Is this a common event?

... i would deffinately buy this game if you played as the chicken, or even if the chicken was your side kick...

Chicken no! I remember swearing on my grandfather's grave to kill that chief slowly and painfully if I ever saw him in game. I don't care about yet another skin for the dog Lionhead, make the dog be replaced by a chicken and I can bet that you can make a fast million.

What you don't know is that the chicken survives.....you see him out in the garden walking away when you head out to meet your 'friend'

Obviously, the chicken actually lived. You only see a feather fly away, so surely he's a secret character that'll pop up with a trench coat and hat on now and then with lights silhouetting his form so that you won't actually be able to tell who he is.

*continues lying to self*

the end... you made me realise.
on my 'Elegant' game, i tried to be good but ended up True Evil.
on my 'Practical' game, i ended up good. by being a prick!

Too bad about the chicken. (Reads comments) WHAT?! Still alive?! Sweet.

Much better than what can/does happen to the characters you care about in Mass Effect 2....

Absolutely HILARIOUS :)))

I have a tattoo on my right bicep. It is a shield upon which is emblazoned a brilliant white chicken. Beneath, a banner reads "True rebels never die".

My God, that poor chicken! He (or she) survived ALL that, just to get shot?! What a total fucking downer! I'm with Paul and Graham, I cared more about that chicken then any other character in any cutscene these guys have ever done!

Also, holy crap John Cleese! It's like King Jean-Luke Picard in Oblivion!

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