Trailers: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Marlowe Intro

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I want to see a villain with a South West of England accent for a change, would surely be the most logical choice since the original pilgrims were Plymouthians and would have had those accents.

Why aren't us Devonshire and Cornish folk represented in any games?! The even weirder thing is I can name at least four games off the top of my head where the whole map is the South West. All the Fable games are literally taken straight out of the area.

More welsh villians!

I could see Uncharted 3 being delayed though (and I almost hope it is) although the GDC stuff said it looked a little rushed and whilst they've got months to touch it up, I imagine that if they were scheduled to show these tidbits they expected those sections to be a little bit nicer by this time

Jason Statham?

Man... Drake is fucked

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