Critical Miss: Evil, Evidently

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Ghengis John:
I try to tell people "This series is just world war II, in space." Then they rage at me about how it's not and it's an all original story line that's so inventive and if I just played it and appreciated it and loved it and wanted to marry it like they did maybe I'd finally see that I was wrong all along and...


What? Do they not teach history in school anymore? Why can't these kids see this? Every time I run into these guys I have to pull out wikipedia and educate them myself. Now it's fine to love you some world war two in space. Just you know, be willing to admit it's world war two in space.

Most of these guys exist only on the internet, but one of my closest friends is slow like this.

He thought that Half-Life 2's City 17 was located in America because Black Mesa was so close. Ask how the main character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution grew wings, thinks Onion parodies such as this are real, and after his dozenth or so time watching The Return of the King remarked "doesn't Elrond look kinda like Agent Smith?"

But even with all that against him, he realizes the Helghast are Nazis from Space.

Wow, that was amazing. If WW2 was a game they would be sued for copyright infringement.

Love the web comics, but Stalin is way to tall.

The funny thing is the Hellghast are still the protagonists of this story in my eyes. They are the hurt party in this story. Seeing as they didn't have the balls to make Space Death Camps for "Undesirables" the reason why the Nazi's were so bad is pretty much negated.

The Nazi's were different from any other invading army because they had the whole race thing going on in the background. That's why they are refiled rather then simply another expansionist force like so many others during the history of humanity. The Hellghasts don't have that. They don't have a racial segregation laws or any other doctrine besides "Hellghasts Expansionism".

The Hellghasts are about as evil as Napoleonic France. The war itself was/is reprehensible but the motive was just we need more land, no secondary objectives. Guerilla is just desperately trying to make them out to be the villains because no one would ever buy a game where your secretly the bad guy (yes they would).

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