Tales from the Table: Pilot Episode

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Best new show to come to the escapist in a while, I see a lot of potential!

You need to sort out the audio though.

Seems worth a watch for a few episodes. Definitely makes me miss I Hit It With My Axe, though.

No joke, i liked this and im actually pretty sure it will be great but...:( there is just no excuse for cutting "i hit it with my axe" then making a show about the same thing with a twist. :/ i shall support! but lol i dislike the way the escapit has gone about.

Love it, finally a good D&D series which doesn't involve hookers....

dude really? that series was really funny despite the people's occupation. thats harsh.

This is EXACTLY how our D&D games go.

This is pretty good, considering I never played D&D. The only show on the the Escapist I really don't like would be Creature Caster Masters.

Me likey! This is already better than that other DnD crap that was on The Escapist for a while. Is it still here? I can't even be bothered to check.

This Looks Like It Will Be A Great Show!

I Don't Know Why People Think They Are British They Are Quite Obviously From New Zealand!!!11 Lord Of The Rings Was Filmed THere!

Before clicking on it, I did think it had potential, but it didn't really feel original. Though it did make me go back and watch Gamers and Gamers II.

Makes me think about The Gamers (as many have already said) but it's actually less funny because the characters are so over the top dorks... I mean, those are the kind people even D&D players don't want to play with...

I love it BUT the sound is to low.


I like the girl... Makes me wish I was better looking.

Was pretty funny reminded me a lot of when i play dnd with my friends... Its so hard sometimes for everyone to focus :p

A very similar thing happened the first time I ran a session. They all wanted to be the fighter except the one guy to they made be the wizard. I think we had one rogue but all he did was steal everyone's money... I have yet to decide whether it was good roleplaying or not.

Now that was way more fun than this other DnD serie whose name I forgot (the one with the porn actresses) and that I can't even seem to find in the video archives list anymore (did that serie finish ?), looking forward to the next apisode :-)

Well, this show, so far, is a success in my books. It's left me wanting more, and that's the most important part. And it's left me wanting more because it's interesting, it's funny, it's relatively well-acted & well cast, and none of it feels forced.

Overall, this pilot is probably better than all of the episodes of the 'Show About Games Show' put together.

It did seem a tad unoriginal, and the players were somewhat overdone. I've never seen people doing the "I'll be an octopus!" thing unless they were deliberately trying to piss the other players off. And naither players nor the in-game characters got enough development, the banter gave me the impression that everyone was useless at tabletop RPGs and that the GM was a shitty one.

However, the line delivery at 3:53 was perfect. ^_^

Another thing: I just couldn't help but be reminded of this little gem.

"Where are the Cheetos?!"
"They're right next to you!"
"And where's the Mountain Dew?!"
"In the fridge, duh!"

I'm sorry but i do not approve. As a RPG fan, this reinforces every single negative stereotype about roleplayers. Sorry but LOL-Matt "Does not Want."

Interesting, but please improve the sound levels? I had to crank it up so much the dancing imp advert at the end just about deafened me!

So What It Isn't True To DND In thE Real world??? It's A Show not a Documentary!

By THat Logic All Doctors Have Drug Habits and Pimp Canes! And The Who Plays Every Time Detectives Put on there Shades!!

Now that was way more fun than this other DnD serie whose name I forgot (the one with the porn actresses) and that I can't even seem to find in the video archives list anymore (did that serie finish ?), looking forward to the next apisode :-)

"I hit it with my axe"

Agree about the sound, but as pilots go I liked it.
I mean - how different was the Seinfeld series compared to it's pilot? If I go by that I'll be watching episode one of Tales for sure.

These are people I would have screened out of the candidate pool, LONG before they ever made it into my game. A good team can handle ONE of these knuckleheads. A room full of them is just self feeding stupidity.


Porn stars and strippers were better. Although, this one is funny too.

This aint bad, but put a gun to my head a make me pick only one-Id take "I Hit It With My Axe" every time.

the gamers is better. this just isn't an accurate depiction of what goes on during dnd haha.

Funniest new show on here in quite some time. It reminds me of the older shows that used to be on here like Unforgotten Realms and Doomsday Arcade.

Pretty good. Though the sound was a bit too quiet at some points of the video.
And it really reminded me of the wilder, out of control games I've had... But god dammit, even if they were batshit insane, they were fun as hell. Well, unless i was the DM. Then they sucked.

Looking forward to the next episode.


I notice a lot of people are commenting on the sound quality. It's odd I had no issues. Other then that, from one aspiring filmmaker to one that is obviously giving it a shot. Break legs guys, I can't wait to see what comes next.

The sound quality is bad. It's way too low. Play that video, then play another one, let's say Zero Punctuation, and notice how the sound is suddenly almost twice as loud.

I have played tons of videos on this site, for me on my computer the sound quality is fine. Not to say no one else is having issue, just not me.

Honestly wasn't that impressed. I'm just getting kinda tired of cookie cutter style table top videos. To me, nothing is as fun and exciting as the real thing. Although it wasn't bad, I just feel like theres not a lot to distinguish it from anything else I've seen in this style.

The elf with the huge nose does it.

I liked it. Definitely a funny episode that shows a lot of potential for the series. I think by focusing on the game and characters rather than trying to sell itself by the actors' status as strippers (like another not-so-good Escapist show), it succeeds. I'll be watching this one.


Now that was way more fun than this other DnD serie whose name I forgot (the one with the porn actresses) and that I can't even seem to find in the video archives list anymore (did that serie finish ?), looking forward to the next apisode :-)

"I hit it with my axe"

Ah yes that's the name, thank you :)

Finally!! What took so much time? Biweekly sucks, but that's the way it is when you're indie. Nice episode, but I'll wait for more episodes until I say more.

I do my best not to judge a show by it's first episode, but seeing this I can't help but be seriously bitter over loosing I Hit it with My Axe. That was a hilarious show, good concept and the players were all exceptional.

That being said hopefully this show is good. It's definitely got a Knights of the Dinner Table vibe to it and hopefully that plays out well in the rest of the series. I reserve full judgment till later episodes (though I will say bi-weekly sucks to wait for).

I think the acting is the sell here. Best on the Escapist and that's no insult to the other video makers, you've already sold me on caring about all of them and now i'll feel in on all the jokes :D

Aussies all the way..
"And stop stealing gold. I'm trying to save up for a car"

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