Trailers: The Secret World Trailer

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Kind of disappointing compared to the original non-gameplay teasers.

The story and setting sounded like a lot of fun, but the combat and gameplay in the new trailer look incredibly generic.

Was also a weird trailer in that it almost seemed like it was put together entirely by the developers, but based on the marketing guy's list of selling points. "Your skill progresses and you go on exciting adventures"? Wow! That doesnt sound at all like every other generic MMO!...

Im hoping its just a generic trailer as opposed to a generic game. Time will tell I guess.

I felt the same way. I remember seeing the first vids and concept art and I was ready to get all over that. My favorite was the one with the girl drinking juice, turning around, and coming face-to-face with a twenty-eyed monstrosity.

The game, however... it seems kind of humdrum. I mean, yeah there's some monsters, but nothing we haven't seen before. Plus the game doesn't seem to have the MMO archetypes in place, at least from what I could see in the video, so I fear that it might just turn into one big DPS fight.

I guess I was expecting something of a half-Lovecraft/half-conspiracy theory game, and the reality is different. /shrug.

We'll have to see.

EDIT: I should mention about the horror aspect. While the game does have the making of something that could be atmospheric, or perhaps even scary, it's just going to fall short by design. Why?

Two reasons: you're in a team and the levels are repeatable.

Remember how terrifying Left 4 Dead was when you first started playing? But as you learned how the zombies acted and how the levels were set up it lost most of its horror stylings. The same goes for MMO, and to an even higher degree. Not knowing the fights will get you kicked like nothing flat, so you have to look up all the spoilers or you won't be competitive.

I'll agree with an earlier post, this would have been better as a single player game.

Hrm, a lot of big claims, but ones that leave ambiguity as to how things will work if they're really going to be bucking those trends, the creture designs look allright though, and a modern day psychics and gunmen thing would make for a change from high fantasy...

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