Trailers: Tribes Ascend Announcement

Tribes Ascend Announcement

After over five years, Tribes is back with jetpacks, skiing, and vehicles.

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lol the only tribes i played was for the PS2... THAT WAS FUN

I loved arieal assult! Can't wait for this one.

I remember playing Tribes: Vengeance years ago. It was a damn fun game; I can't wait to hear more on this one!



EDIT: Okay, there's two things I've picked up from this very brief very small trailer:

1) Diamond Sword is in the game, which is my favorite faction and therefor immediately gets a +1 in my scorebook.

2) They're playing rock paper scissors, wtf?

Really, I guess all they have to show off with the game is a couple character models, not a lot, I'm certainly glad that a new Tribes game is FINALLY being made, but at this point nothing can be said about the quality of said game.

Here's to hoping that they don't focus on singleplayer at the expense of multiplayer and that they don't abandon the project almost immediately after its release (Oh and that the thing can be moddable without a damn degree in programming, UGH)

DOUBLE EDIT: Okay, after watching the video a billion times I've seen an easter egg or two:

1) At around 24 seconds in you'll be shown a piece of body armor with the words "SHAZBOT" slightly carved into it.

2) At around 30 seconds what appears to be Tribes 2 is reflected upon the armor, not much to say here.

3) The trailer at the website: more prominantly displays the Diamond Sword both on the page and in the trailer.

I must say, it's the little things that win my heart.

okay. I'm sold. Anyone else notice the Sword and Rock Paper scissors?

Cool, cant wait too see what they have in mind for this one.. and the jetpack & Disc laucher doom we will unleash.

I wasn't very impressed till it said "Our flag is secure".

That sort of good natured piss taking tells me they understand what tribes is about. Crazy multiplayer combat. And CTF.

You know what makes for a good trailer?

Actual footage. As opposed to some quotes regarding the previous game.

Just saying.


2) They're playing rock paper scissors, wtf?

It's what makes Tribes Tribes. Heavy armor, VAE. To those who don't know Tribes Speak, that makes him do a dance.

Don't tell me you've never did a VAS (ARGH) high-five with anyone?

I have to say, the line at the end made me laugh.

I hope it's as good as the first, I still play that from time to time.

I no there was no game footage... and there was only one line. But my god, that was epic.

You know what makes for a good trailer?

Actual footage. As opposed to some quotes regarding the previous game.

Just saying.

It's just an announcement. In a couple of months we'll start seeing gameplay. Right now they're just letting everyone know that it's coming fairly soon.

Read on other webbsites it will be coming XBLA too, dude.

If so I'm really hoping forward it will be equal to Tribes 2. I'm on macs nowdays so I would be intrested in buying it to xbox live just to try out. Although Tribes is probably one of the few FPS I would prefer playing with mouse and keyboard due to the skills needed to take out people flying around at long distances.

I am certain it won't be as good as the first. It will be slightly dumbed down play like #2 - but you know what. I will take it.


Starsiege Tribes was the best FPS ever made. Every other FPS is child's play compared to it.

The first tribes is one of my favorite games. I will probably get this because it has the tribes name on it. I just hope the developers do justice to the license.

Finally. I hope it's a good game. It has to represent the series well to all the youngsters who never played it.

i got excited, and then i saw it was an old forgotten trailer for the old tribes jerking off on itself =/.

Iiiinteresting. Never played Tribes, but I've only heard good things about it.

Little predictions: People who loved the first one will hate this one immediately.

Another vocal group will denounce it as being a generic shooter.

Some morons will claim that they stole the jetpack from reach. You know it's gonna happen >.>

I wasn't very impressed till it said "Our flag is secure".

That sort of good natured piss taking tells me they understand what tribes is about. Crazy multiplayer combat. And CTF.

Most importantly, it means they won't focus on single player, if they have it at all. Which is a good sign in a game like this. It's all about multiplayer.

Particularly, I got spoiled by the mods, so the simple fact that there won't be a huge guy with quadruple chainguns that can barely move is already disheartening.

Ahh,brings back memories. I grew up playing the original tribes, it had some of the best mods I played it for damn near 5 years. It had everything halo did and then some.

It's Tribes. It's long overdue. It will be mine.

ive never played tribes before, but i love global agenda, so if its anything like that i'll be getting this.


Let me say: Shazbot! Damn, I hope they don't f up the game.

I'll play it.

This game inspired great joy in me.

I also remember being something of a jerk in that game. Finding a secluded mountain top and using the sniper rifle to harass a team's base, practically invisible and unreachable. At the approach of a repelling force, I simple use the jetpack to vanish - mountain jumping my way home.

>.> I wonder if they will still have the base generators and satchel charges. Shutting down an entire base was... well fun, but bastardly all the same.

Before you get your hopes up too high, remember that this game is being made by HiRez. They've only ever made one serious game before (Global Agenda) which was such a failure they had to cancel the monthly sub and do $7 Steam sales (on a $30 retail price) to try to keep the game afloat.

Having played a bunch of Global Agenda I've concluded that HiRez doesn't actually understand what a multiplayer shooter is supposed to be. Seriously... what the hell kind of shooter won't let you team up with friends (well, technically, you can team with ONE friend) and go kill stuff. Nope... you enter a match filled with RANDOMS. And they expect people to cooperate...

So yeah... I'm not holding my breath.

Well it was a pretty stupid trailer, but if it's like tribes of old I may switch to it. I haven't enjoyed a vehicular FPS since bf1942 and ut2004, and if UT can't shape up soon then this may be my only option.

Hate this kind of teaser trailer. It barely qualifies as a trailer in the first place. I've never heard of this game before and for all I know from watching this video, it's a Halo wannabe that got a lot of praise from gaming websites. It's not even interesting enough for me to want to go find out more about it.

I loved Tribes 1 so much. So much. It was leagues ahead of other online multiplayer fps's at the time (with TFC being the possible exception). The modded maps just had so much in them and allowed for so much freedom. I'm so sick of being stuck to the ground and heading for cover in the realistic shooters. I want to use an unexpected jetpack burst to dodge an enemy sniper and pepper him with grenades from the air. AND I WANT TO SKIP STONES WITH MY DISC LAUNCHER!!!!?!?!

I think it'll suck. I hope it doesn't.

Unreal Tournament has won me over from Tribes and I don't see how they can bring anything beyond nostalgia to the table.

Resting on old laurels anyone?

God... I loved Tribes 2. That was for me what Halo 2 was for others when it came to multiplayer combat. I used to be on a team, playing in ladders for dominance, we used to have practices like a real sports team.. PRACTICES!

Oh how skillful I was... I could swoop in, grab a flag, lance some noob heavy in the back who was guarding it on my way out, turn around in midair, snipe a chaser without losing a beat, and then hit a fool deadcenter with a diskshot before landing on our flag stand without touching the ground more than twice.

Gen room defense... oh man, I PWNED in that. I was a STAR!

But then Tribes 3 came out.. and world of warcraft and it all fell apart. Sigh. I miss those days of teamspeak with my comrades in arms, my buddies whom I never met from all places in the world. We were a band of brothers... bathed in blood, bonded in spirit.

Long Live Tribes 2.
Long live Death's Delivery Boys! [DDB]!

Wait, they wasted an entire trailer, the dramatic sound-track and their old statistics just to show us the 3D rendered models from their cinimatics...

Silly, silly marketers.


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