Critical Miss: 3-Distress

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Ooh, Sting lyrics.

Also, funny as hell. Although it does make me wonder when Erin and I had that tryst... :p

I thouroughly agree with the launch line-up. There's nothing yet available that grabs my intrest.

I actually find myself somewhat attracted to this new Erin. I don't want to sound weird (although I realize there is no other way to sound) but I really, REALLY like the way she looks now.

Don't worry a lot of readers already liked her from the start.
Had to laugh at the orgasm joke but longer then 3,5 hours >.<

Let us not forget that your eyeballs are going to melt from playing it. I tried a demo station of one today and it just made me want to claw my eyes out

It's funny because the humor is from news stories and not legitimate information and criticism. Who needs actual info when you have things you've heard......
Well drawn, though.

Just what are these things made of that requires the parts to be from the Congo?

so i take that as a recommendation to buy the thing i presume?

"I'd like to turn the WiFi off please."
"I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Dave."

Oh my god I just got a great idea for a game.

Lol for sure, ive heard the same things from people that have got a hands on with the 3DS. Can Nintendo get any more evil? Lol

I'm sure Nintendo could get more evil. I think that they only have one Hitler at the moment.

Huh. Does Erin have a mouse on her leg?

Hooray for subtle, odd, and totally irrelevant details. XD

Having read the entire web comic last night, the mouse, rat, thing, is a pet whose name escapes me and can be seen with Erin in every strip.

Grabbin Keelz:
Just what are these things made of that requires the parts to be from the Congo?

Lithium for the batteries, primarily. Sadly, just about every consumer electronic device contains metals and minerals of dubious morality these days.

Print's money..... boy are the Warlords gona be mad when they find out its Monopoly money. Nintendo will go directly to the firing wall, do not pass go, do not collect 200 million dollars.

i dont plan on getting anything 3d, saw a few movies in it and it just hurt my eyes

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