297: Green Barrels Don't Explode

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No, I expect red barrels to explode, not exploding barrels to be red.

The stupidity of the whole thing is to have some barrels that explode and others that do not. Why have some versions of the same item that you can interact with, and some that you cannot? Crates are typically used for storage of items. This convention makes sense. But, some you can break, and others you cannot? Why again?

It would be nice if the developers could come up with something more diverse, but if they can't, who really cares. I don't judge the games I play based on the number of exploding barrels or item crates in it. There have been plenty of games that don't even have this element in them that were quite excellent from a play perspective.

How about not blocking our way in a game at all? How about intelligent level design without the need to have invisible walls, or non destructible versions of game items to do it. The color of barrels and what explodes is so completely inconsequential it's kinda laughable.

Why was this a worthwhile topic?

If it isn't red, I'm not shooting at it. If it's red, I'm going to damned want some fireworks from that short burst of virtual bullets hitting that virtual barrel, damn it!

That is just how it is.

Green barrels used to explode...Doom and Crash Bandicoot had that.

I loved the Zak and Wiki game, my mother tried it and she was stuck on several places namely because you have to flip the crank to fit it into the hole.

True, however both weren't visually busy, as most games are these days. The colouring is pretty much iconic and mentally ingrained now.

Aaaaaah crates. I want crates back! I want to find new weapons, ammo and medkits in the crates. I'm tired of regenerating health, two weapons and discarding everything with every new mission.


What's wrong with crates anyway? I mean, granted, not too many people still use wooden crates, but it might be reasonable to have cardboard boxes with logos on them or space-age metal crates or even shrink-wrapped pallets. Guns might be in gun cabinets or safes.

As for barrels... In real life we write things like "FLAMMABLE!" in giant letters with flame logos on stuff that might blow up. Most of these FPS take place in the near-to-distant future, so why not just copy reality for this?

I frequently miss in games when crates are supposed to carry ammo/health. Its many-a-time that as a by-product of getting a good, explodey gun, and killing bad guys, I destroy a crate halfway through a game, go "Oh i didn't realise I could do that," and then find it contains ammo.. "Oh no wonder my obsessive ammo conservation was necesary.."

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