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Ok, why has this not been posted yet?

The Youth Counselor:

Make developers aware: The Red Cross on white background is a copyrighted symbol owned by International Red Cross, and it happens more often than not that attribution for this effect is not paid in proper.

Copyright lawyers take note: The red cross on a white background was by the Knights Templar, who can't sue because they were killed off, disbanded, and live on in secret as organizations such as the Illumanati, Free Masons, and International Red Cross.

They never made it a copyright did they?

I think if the games market widened out (what with phone apps and the wii and all) eventually some medical students will make a doctor sim that does well and that might then go on to affect how other games treat medicine.

Whenever I think of in-game healing, I always go back to Streets of Rage. In a back alley with some thugs assaulting you? No problem - simply punch the nearest trash cans until you find a freshly roasted chicken inside one, then devour it in one bite. You're now ready to fight again :)

All the pills in the games are just placebos and your character only THINKS they have more health.

Yes,by Dead Rising logic,lobster cures bite wounds and removes zombie flu.Hope Katie isn't allergic to shellfish

It's kind of noteworthy that Dungeons & Dragons, which introduced the concept of an abstract health meter/hit points, did have a table for the side effects of mixing magic potions since at least the late 1970s. And also noteworthy for how many DMs ignored it, if they even remembered it existed.

Healing is just another of those concepts like hunger, exhaustion, carrying capacity (in terms of weight, not number of objects) that is glossed over and abstracted by most games in the name of expediency. And usually for the better. Do you really want to go to the washroom in a game, The Sims notwithstanding?

I was thinking of DnD too. I ignore alot of the stuff like that, but slowly we have used some bits. Not that, but one player in my campaign currently has permenant brain damage after literally kicking himself in the head, thus losing 2 int permenantly. My brother, when he DMed, also poked fun at consuming unkown substances. Two found a strange bottled liquid, and assumed it was a safe to drink potion. They got sick on perfume...

You didn't mention System Shock, where every drug has negative side-effects or withdrawal symptoms.

It is an interesting article. I have to say that I never really thought about how in a game the instant cure for most health problems is a bottle of medication, or a drugs.

I know usually I joke about games where you can instanly heal by waiting, or apply a few bandages to cure disembowelment, but the idea of medkits and especially all the drugs in the later Fallout games are a bit crazier to think about.

Also, I never really thought about why I want to eat food ingame until now. I mean, why would I want to virtually eat food when I can do it in real life. I will not get the same experience seeing my character eat, or hearing him eat usually, but it is something you go out of your way to do. I remember when I played Bioshock, I went around eating, drinking, and smoking everything I could find. I guess it just comes with knowing that you can do something, and that you are making a mark on the world - even if all you are really doing is cleaning up the food supply. I know part of the reason I was so interested in consuming is just to clean up. In Fallout: New Vegas, I would try to take up everything in a room just so I could clean it up and sell it all into useful caps.

I think it would be an interesting idea to have a game that makes a person have to go to a doctor to seek treatment, or a game that doesn't have a magical cure for everything, though that would make life difficult. Also, medkits are very useful to gameplay on the move. Perhaps a simulation type deal where there has to be a medic or something, or a hardcore mode where basic meds are not an instant cure - like fallout's hardcore but harder. It might be something for an adventurous lot. On a final note, I never really thought about it much, but Link is basically consuming the hearts of his fallen enemies for health.

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