The Big Picture: PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming!

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To be fair, the PC is dying, in decline, falling from grace, whatever poetic or avoidiant terminology you choose to use.

I saw somebody on here post a long ist of games to supposedly prove the contrary, but looking through most of them (we're going to discount indie titles since they aren't 'professionally' manufactured games and thus don't contribute to the games industry at large) most of them were either relatively obscure (truth be told, I hadn't even heard of more than half of the titles on the list) and quite a few of them weren't actually exclusives (I'm not even talking about the multi-platform part of the list here either).

This shows us that:

a) PC gaming (as the 'dedicated crowd' would define it) is becoming increasingly more niche and isolated.

b) PC gaming has lost it's 'edge' over the console, for all the features avaliable on a PC (that the average player would actually care about, so no, you can't bring modding in here) most of them are either already on the Consoles or are actually better on there.

PC gaming isn't dead so much as it's dying, even if only slowly. Yes, we still have releases coming out on it, yes you still have World of Warcraft and a very dedicated community but at the end of the day, this probably won't count for much in the long run.

Cost, simplicity and accessability are on our side.

I'm halfway through building my first gaming Pc, it's costing me alot of money.....Videos like this are depressing me.



PC gaming will not die simply because the PC is an open system while consoles are a choke hold on creativity and customer friendliness. I will trade in my PC the Day there is a console that allows me to run whatever OS i want, use whatever input method i want and connect to whatever online service i want.

In other words the day your console becomes a pc.

Then isn't console gaming dieing and PC gaming taking over?

If consoles become PC's... what happens to consoles?

PCs will always be needed. I'd love to see developers for big companies, even those for consoles, making software without the use of a PC. Could you make a game like God of War FROM a tablet? I seriously doubt it. It could be possible one day maybe, but I still doubt those things will have the sheer power even in the next 5 years.

PC gaming as a whole is in its decline, but there is still a market for it, even for the hardcore gamers. Many popular FPSes like Counter Strike and TF2 use the PC to its fullest. And as long as there are MMO RPGs, the PC as a means to play high budget games will not die in the near future. Even with counsole gameing as it is, the PC will always have its niche.

There are 3 games coming out this year that I will not go without perchasing. Portal 2, Brink, and Skyrim. All of which are going on my PC. They are games that very well could be played alright on my PS3. But I'm getting them for my PC, because I feel thats the way they were meant to be played.

sounds about right; gaming has become way more console-centric is the last decade and the only true megahits from the PC are for games from Blizzard and Valve. Heck, even PC-style RPGs are probably going to have to drop their extraneous bits and move on to consoles.

After some thought, I think I can start to articulate why the argument seemed so bizarre to me:

Saying PC is dying is like saying a newborn baby is dying. Of course it will die, but stating it as a fact as this point just feels weird. Especially since the argument "this will kill PC as we know it" will ALSO kill console gaming as we know it. Heck, a console with a mouse/keyboard is essentially a Mac, so saying PC is dying because consoles can do the same things as the PC is exactly like saying consoles are dying because the PC can do the same thing as consoles so consoles are turning into PCs.

So... what was the point again?

the fact that barely any common person out there can fix even the most minor computer problems on their own is just sickening.

I recently built my first gaming PC too, and simply from piecing this machine together like lego, i have now been repairing my friend's computers and electronics.
I used to think inside the hardware was some kind of complex maze of fragile, complicated equipment. It really isn't. I have saved so much money from having the confidence to open shit up and fix it myself, rather than just buying a new one every time something breaks.
It doesn't require any special skill or training, all you need is the confidence to do it.

People are moving away from this mentality, they are allowing themselves to become slaves to people like Apple and Microsoft who will charge you insane amounts to fix basic problems.

2011 PC Exclusives.


Shogun II: Total War

Might and Magic Heroes VI
New entry in one of the most beloved turn based strategy series of all time.

Age of Empires Online
The rebirth of one of the biggest RTS franchises of all time.

The mod that started the whole genre is now getting a commercial sequel from Valve Software.

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy
After disappointing affair with modern combat Battlefront returns to what they do best: WWII tactical wargames

King Arthur II

Cities in MotionT
Spiritial successor to Transport Tycoon from Paradox Interactive.

Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded
Remake of a classic tactical TBS.

Jagged Alliance 3

Sword of the Stars II
Sequel to a great 4X game.

End of Nations
MMORTS from Petroglyph. Their last RTS was Universe at War, which scored 8.0 at IGN.

Frozen Synapse
An indie simultaneous turn-based tactical game.

Spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper.

The Sims Medieval

Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades
Continuaton of XIII Century: Death or Glory, which scored 7.2 at IGN./

A Game of Thrones: Genesis
Epic strategy game based on legendary novel series. It's being designed Cyanide, which is the studio that made Blood Bowl videogame adaptation.

Pirates of the Black Cove
Pirates-themed RTS.

Project MyWorld
A virtual recreation of the real world combined with 3D gaming and social media.

Stronghold 3

Anomaly: Warzone Earth
Tactical game that plays like a revers of tower defense genre. It's being made by 11 bit, a new studio formed

Magna Mundi
Commercial follow-up to the best Europa Universalis 3 mod ever made.

Panzer Corps
Spiritual successor to Panzer General.

Indie turn-based tactical game inspired heavily by X-COM.

Blight Of The Immortals
Web based strategy game set in fantasy universe. It's being made by Iron Helmet, a small australian company formed by ex-Irrational Games people who already made Neptune's Pride.

Six Gun Saga
A primarly singleplayer card strategy game from Cryptic Comet, creators of Armageddon Empires and Solium Infernum.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution
Second add-on to this great RTS.

Battle of Kingdoms
MMO game inspired by Defense of the Ancients, made by creators of DotA Chaos.

Trapped Dead
Commandos-like zombie game

HistWar: Les Grognars
A tactical and strategical game of insane depth by Battlefront

Stronghold Kingdoms
Browser adaptation of Firefly Studios' most well know series.

The Settlers Online
Browser adaptation of classic series.

Dungeon Empires
Browser game inspired by Dungeon Keeper.

Dungeon Overlord
Browser game inspired by Dungeon Keeper.

Cultures Online
Browser version of popular city building series.

World Supremacy
Turn based "conquer the world" grand strategy game from Malfador Machinations, makers of Space Empires series.

Spice Road
a trading and city management game by the people who created Light of Altair (7 from IGN and 7.5 from Out of Eight and )

Men of War: Vietnam
Single centric stand alone expansion to Men of War (great tactics-heavy wargame that scored 8.0 at IGN)

Men of War: Assault Squad
Multi player centric stand alone expansion to Men of War (great tactics-heavy wargame that scored 8.0 at IGN)


Diablo 3

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Sequel to one of best roleplaying games on last few years.

Dead State
Indie zombie RPG from ex-Troika and Obsidian designers.

Drakensang: The River of Time
Prequel to Drakensang

North Star
A space trading/combat RPG with turn-based combat by Kerberos (ex Barking Dog guys
and makers of Homeworld: Cataclysm and Sword of the Stars)

Grim Dawn
Action RPG from ex Iron Lore staff (where they worked on Titan Quest)

Japanese indie RPG from EasyGameStation (makers of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale)

Hack and Slash from Maxix (makers of Sim City, Sims and of course Spore)

Avadon: The Black Fortress
New RPG from makers of Geneforge and Avernum series. This time Spiderweb finally has completely redesigned their graphics system.

Age of Decadence
Hardcore indie RPG

Torchlight II
Sequel to a hack and slash RPG that scored 8.6 at IGN.

The Broken Hourglass
An old-school Baldurs Gate 2-like RPG, done by Planewalker Games-indie team consisting of cRPG modders, lead by Jason Compton (the best BG2 modder, he did wonders to NPC and party members dynamic interaction). The game takes place in Tolmira (sword-and-sorcery setting, which PlaneWalker licensed) has isometric perspective, unlimited party, complex party-to-party interactions, lots of good old-school roleplaying and real-time with pause combat system

A turn-based SF wargame with RPG elements developed by ex-Troika guys using the Source engine

Drakensang: Phileasson's Secret
First add-on to rakensang: The River of Time.

Forged by Chaos
Online action-rpg using CryEngine2

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars MMORPG from Bioware.

Guild Wars 2
Original Guild Wars scored 9.0 at IGN


Villagers and Heroes
Action-rpg from Mad Otter games, a small indie company made of Dynamix veterans, headed by Damon Slye(co-founder of Dynamix and lead designer of Aces of the Pacific, Aces Over Europe, Red Baron and A-10 Tank Killer) who previously released Ace of Aces on Instant Action

Cyberpunk MMORPG based on novels by Tad Williams, handled by the development studio Real U, formed around a core of ex-Melbourne House talent (as Eurogamer put it" 8-bit heroes of The Hobbit and The Way of the Exploding Fist, and then cult classic Shadowrun, who in later years struggled valiantly with the tide of licences and conversions heaped on them by Atari, sometimes triumphing against the odds (as in PS2 Transformers)" )

Drakensang Online
Cooperative online RPG.

Online cooperative RPG with powerful adventure building tools, from Cryptic (makers of City of Heroes and Champions)

Beautiful MMORPG with action-game like combat, by ex-Lineage devs.

Stellar Dawn
Sci-Fi MMO from makers of Runescape

Rift: Planes of Telara

Crafting-heavy MMO with perma-death from Paradox (makers of series like Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron)

Untitled Carbine Studios MMORPG
Carbine is a team composed of RPG veterans(including Blizzard ones) like Tim Cain
(one of creators of Fallout and Arcanum) and Jeremy Gaffney (founder of Turbine)


Gray Matter
New adventure game from the empress of the genre: Jane Jansen (creator of Gabriel Knight series)

Black Mirror 3

Vampyre Story 2: A Bat's Tale
Sequel to one of the best adventure games of 2008

New aventure from Deck 13, makers of Ankh series and Jack Keane

Hazard: The Journey Of Life
First person exploration puzzler that's a commercial follow-up to one of best UT3 mods ever made.

The Next Big Thing
New adventure game from Pendulo Studios. The last game from this team (Runaway: A Twist of fate) scored 8.0 at Adventuregamers.

Hand painted post apocalyptic cyberpunk adventure game in glorious 1440×900 resolution

Culpa Innata 2: Chaos Rising
The first one got 7.5 from Gamespot

The Book of Unwritten Tales

The Book of Unwritten Tales: the cattle's chronicle.
Prequel to humoristic adventure game that scored 90% on Adventure-treff, 91% at and 85% from Gamestar, making it one of highest rated adventure games in germany in years)

Dead Mountaineer Hotel
Last-Express like adventure game(meaning non-linear, NPC have AIs, goals, daily routines and walk freely over the gameworld) based on Strugacki Brothers' novel, made by Akella.

Black Sails
Pirate themed adventure game from Deck 13, makers of Ankh series and Jack Keane.

Gemini Rue
SF adventure game that's one of the student prize winners at the 2010 Independent Games Festival

Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth and Claw
New horror adventure game from Shadow Tor Studios, makers of Barrow Hill, which got 8.0 from Adventuregamers

Edna and Harvey: The Breakout
An english version of one of best german adventure games of 2008 (it gathered 84% average of scores from german sites and magazines, including 83% at Adventure-Treff and 87% at Adventurecorner)

Blackwell Deception
Fourth entry in popular adventure series.

Indie hard-sf adventure.

Dracula: Origin 2
The first one got 7.0 from Adventuregamers


New game from makers of Rhiannon (7.5 from Gamespot)

Shades of Violet: Episode 1 - Tale of the Clockwork Princess
Indie steampunk adventure game

First commercial game from maker the incredible freeware adventure game "What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed"

New puzzle game from makers of Void and Pathologic.

New horror adventure game from people who created Scratches, which scored 8.0 at Adventuregamers.

Saturated Dreamers
Indie exploration game from makers or Immortal Defense


Night Sky
NightSky is a nice place to visit. The physics-based gameplay is clever, but the real draws are the beautiful scenery and the ambient electronic soundtrack. It's recognizable at a glance, which isn't something that can be said for every game. - from IGN

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Sequel to 8.5 WWII tactical shooter. What's more, RO2 will singleplayer campaigns for both Russian and German sides.

Indie retro action and sandbox construction game.

Massive online FPS from RED5 Studios (ex Blizzard people) and lead designer of Tribes 1 and 2.

Natural Selection 2
Commercial sequel to one of best mp MODS of all time

Heroes and Generals
Online WW2 FPS from a studio formed by lead designers of Hitman series.

CHIVALRY: Battle for Agatha
First-person medieval online combat game running on Unreal Engine 3.0. It's being developed by a team behind Age of Chivalry mods.

Indie aquatic stealth game running on Unreal Engine 3. The team is filed with people who created the first version of Killing Floor.

Single and multiplayer horror FPS from makers of Zombie Panic! Source mod.

Bounty Arms
Indie platformer running on Unreal Engine 3.0.

The Spire
Indie FPP action-adventure with strong puzzle element built on Unreal Engine 3.0.

Free military FPS from Crytek.

Snapshot is a 2d sidescrolling game in which the player takes on the role of "Pic" The player controls Pic as well as a camera that can take photos of the environment. Photos can capture objects such as boxes, enemies, and other things. The player can then use these photos to move objects around in the world to complete each level. One of finalists for 2009 Independent Games Festival's Excellence in Design Award

Rusty Hearts
Action fighting MMO.

Interesting mix of FPP action and tower defense, running on Unreal Engine 3.0.

Tactical Intervention
New tactical FPS from creator of Counterstrike

Dead meets Lead
Indie zombie action game.

New indie action title from Dejobaan Games, makers of AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!-A Reckless Disregard for Gravity (82% average at Gamerankings)

Unique puzzle platformer that's expanded and improved follow up to a great freeware game.

Indie heist game that's nominated for 2010 IGFSeumas McNally Grand Prize, developed by Pocketwatch games, makers of Wildlife Tycoon(IGF finalist) and Venture Arctic (Gametunnel's sim game of the year)

Delta Force: Angel Falls

Swarm Racer 3000

Naumachia - Space Warfare
A multiplayer space battle sim in which you can start piloting individual fighters with standard FPS controls (mouse/keyboard) and then when your rank advances it's possible to command capital ships and their fighter squadrons with a dedicated RTS-like interface. Developed by people who previously made Specialist mod for first Half-life

As developer himself put it: "I like to think of it as a true PC fighting game. Dynamic and up-to-the-point, but very strategic, controlled by mouse and with strong character development elements."

Blitz 1941
MMO Tank action game with light simulation elements from the makers of Navy Fields (it was similiar MMO action game with sim elements)

Lone Wolf: Flight from the Dark
Action-adventure based on legendary "Choose your own adventure" gamebook series

Unique puzzle platformer, which was awarded Best Overall Game and Best Visual Design at the Unity Awards 2008.

Freeware spiritual successor to Tribes, created by the team that made the Renegade mod for Tribes, Tribes2 and Tribes: Vengeance

Assault Knights
Indie mech game

Gettysburg Armoured Warfare
A large scale RTS/FPS hybrid set in an alternative universe and featuring persistent armies.

They Hunger: Lost Souls
Original Hunger was THE best single-player mod for Half-life. Now the team returns with commercial follow up based on Source engine

Sugar Rush
Online arena combat game from Klei Entertainment (indie dev responsible for Eets)

Black Sky
Open ended StarControl2 like game

Iron Seed 2
Follow up to forgotten classic (it's not well known now, but back in the days it rivaled Star Control 2 in quality)

Seasons after Fall
Beautiful indie puzzle platformer where you use effects seasonal changes to overcome obstacles.

The Swapper
Very promising and unique puzzle platformer based around the idea of a device that can create copies of yourself with whom you can then swap placesIt features interesting light, shadow and relativeness based game mechanics blended with an ambiguous storyline embedded directly into and told throughout the game.

Battlefield Play4Free
Free to play entry in classic FPS franchise.

Bloodline Champions
Indie arena-based game.

Indie platformer from the makers of Harvest: Massive Encounter.

Swimming Under Clouds
An indie 2-D physics-based puzzle platformer

Sky Legends
Online arcade flying game from the studio that made Snoopy: Flying Ace (console game that scored 9.0 at IGN)

Rising Storm
First add-on to Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad, made as colaboration with mod teams.

Indie FPS/RPG hybrid running on Source engine. People who work on it previously made great Half-Life mod called Syndicate Black Ops

Ground Branch
Tactical shooter from Blackfoot( which is composed of RainbowSix, Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon leads)


rFactor 2
The first rFactor became the rulling standart of PC racing sims and the most popular modding platform for fans of the genre, not to mention it's engine was the basis for majority of other good PC racing sims of recent years (like GTR 1-2, Race series, Arca simracing or GT Legends)


IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
Follow-up to one of the greatest flight sims ever made.

DCS: A-10C Warthog

Microsoft Flight
Finally, a new flight sim from Microsoft.

Steel Armor:Blaze of War
Mew tank sim from the makers of Steel Fury (which was one of the best tank games of all time)

Space Shuttle Mission Simulator 2
Sequel to the best sim of it's kind.

World of Tanks
A MMO PvP tank combat game set in World War 2 setting from,akers of Massive Assault (8.4 from IGN) and upcoming Order of War

Battlestar Galactica Online
Space combat MMO

Jet Thunder
Historical air combat sim from Thunder Works

Jumpgate Evolution
A sequel to space sim MMO that got 8.6 from Gamespoit

Black Prophecy
SF space MMO.

Fighter Ops

Indie F-18 Flight Sim.

BlackStar Chronicles
An action MMO described as a mix of the single-player traditions of Wing Commander with the multiplayer feel of Descent. It's being developed by a team of people who previously worked on sadly canceled Privateer Online as well as on Star Wars Galaxies

Infinity: The Quest for Earth
MMO space simulator with huge procedurally generated universe


SpaceChem succeeds as a very interesting puzzle game thanks to innovative mechanics with limited design constraints. You are given the freedom to combine elements and destroy compound bounds as you see fit; the end product is the only set goal, and the efficiency in which you deliver your requirement is up to you. (...)SpaceChem is a fantastic puzzle game great for any fan of the genre. - 8.5 from Out of Eight website

Fourth Introversion game (after Uplink, Darwinia and Defcon)

Arcada Mia's
New puzzle game from the maker of Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble.

By Caffeinated Games, a company founded by the former Lead Tools Engineer of Zipper Interactive (SOCOM fame) Greg Chudecke who prior to Zipper worked on Backyard Skateboarding (Atari) and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Black Label Games)

Revenge of the Titans!
Tower defense game from Puppy Games, makers of Droid Assault, Titan Attack and Ultratron.

Fool and his money
Sequel to legendary Fool's Errand.

Pontifex III
Sequel to one of best indie puzzle games ever made


Mass Effect 3


SF FPS from People Can Fly, makers of Painkiller.

Crysis 2

New shooter from id Software

Dragon Age II
Sequel to a great RPG from Bioware that scored 9.2 at IGN.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Test Driver Unlimited 2
Sequel to a racing game that scored 8.0 at IGN.

Duke Nukem Forever
It looks like it will really happen by Gearbox's (developers of Borderlands) hands.

FPS from Splash Damage, makers of Quake Wars (8.5 from IGN)

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Deus Ex 3

Portal 2

American McGee's Alice II
The first one got 9.4 from IGN

Max Payne 3
Max Payne got 9.3 from IGN, while it's sequel scored 9.4

Dead Space 2
The first one got from IGN

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine PC
Action game from Relic.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Fantasy RPG from Big Huge Games (makers of Rise of Nations) and lead designer of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Trine 2
Sequel to 8.2 platformer.

Rock of Ages
A head-to-head, real-time tower defense game in which two players alternate between defending and attacking. When attacking you control a big-huge boulder that's rolling towards your opponent's gates. If you're the one on the defense your attempt to slow and divert your boulder by placing towers, fans and units in boulder's path. It's being made by ACE Team, makers of Zeno Clash (which got 8.4 from IGN).

Tomb Raider
Reboot of a classic franchise.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Console version scored 8.0 at IGN.

Columbus 4
Episodic adventure series from Animation Arts, makers of Lost Horizon and Secret Files series.

Jurassic Park: the Game
Episodic action-adventure from Telltale Games (makers of Sam and Max Episodes, Back to the Future and Tales of Monkey Island).

Defenders of Ardania
Tower defense set in Majesty series world.

Hamilton's Great Adventure
A co-op puzzle game from makers of Lead and Gold (7.0 at IGN).

Spiritual successor to Populour created by Eric Chahi, the designer who made Another World (known as Out of this World in USA).

Red Faction: Armageddon
The previous entry in this franchise (Red Faction: Guerrilla) scored 8.0 at IGN.

Dungeon Siege III
THird entry in the popular hack and slash franchise. This time it's being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, known for creating RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic 2 or Neverwinter Nights 2.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Orion: Prelude
Commercial follow up to a popular mod.

Top Spin 4
New entry in the best tennis series of all time.

Section 8: Prejudice

Inie action RPG from ex-EALA team members.

Captain Morgane
Semi sequel to adventure game So Blonde, which scored 8.0 from Adventuregamers.

The Haunted: Hell's Reach
Multiplayer horror action game that's a commercial follow-up to a mod that won Make Something Unreal competition.

Kings and Castles
Fantasy RTS from Gas Powered Games, makers of Supreme Commander series (on IGN first one scored 8.9, while the sequel 8.4 got).

The First Templar
Co-op centric action-adventure from Haemimont Games, makers of games like Tropico 3 (8.4 from IGN) or Celtic Kings: Rage of War (8.2 on the same site) and The Punic Wars: A Clash of Two Empires (8.0 from IGN).

Indie platformer which gameplay based on manipulating fluids.

Dungeon Hero
From Firefly studios (makers of great Stronghold series and medicore Stronghold: Legends and CivCity, we'll see how they do here)

Spy-themed action MMO from SOE

The Secret World
A MMO from makers of Age of Conan and Longest Journey franchise

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2
Sequel to action-adventure game that scored 9.3 on IGN

Spec Ops: The Line

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Driver: San Francisco

The classic series returns.

Solaris Assault Tech
Multiplayer game set in BattleTech universe from people who for the last 12 years modded previous MechWarrior games as MekTek group.

Need For Speed: Shift 2
Sequel to a racer that scored 9.0 from IGN.

The Cursed Crusade
Action game from ATLUS

Gatling Gears

Alien Breed 3: Descent

A Vampyre Story: Year One
Episodic prequel to humoristic adventure game series.

Death to Spies 3
Stealth action game heavily inspired by Hitman and set in Cold War era.The first one scored 8.0 at IGN.

Tropico 4
Another entry in this great city building series. Tropico 3 scored 8.4 from IGN

F.E.A.R. 3
First one scored 9.2 at IGN, while the second got 8.2 on the same site.

Fable 3

DC Universe Online
Superhero MMO from Sony Online Entertainment (Everquest 1-2, Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies)

Battlefield 1943
Downloadable-only MP game in vein of original Battlefield 1942.

Burn Zombie Burn
Indie action game. PlayStation 3 version scored 8.3 at IGN

Sky Gods
A tactical shooter from BlackfootStudios(made by Red Storm veterans), bassicaly this is a smaller game that will provide funding for Ground Branch as well as be a testing ground for the tech and gameplay ideas,

A New Beginning

Postal 3

Project Owlboy
Retro platformer

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Skulls of the Shogun
Turn based strategy game from ex-EALA developers.

Off-Road Drive
Off road racing simulator.

Baitiful indie retro platformer.

Toki Arcade
High res remake of the classic arcade game

Source - "Reasons to be a PC Gamer"

As for the Hardware debate. In no way shape and form can your phone, your laptop or your console provide the same high fidelity experience that a modern desktop can.

Desktops have better visuals, audio and overall performance. Heck the basic gaming desktop of today is 2 generations ahead of the console.

If graphics, sound and data storage did not matter, we would all still be playing Space Invaders.

2 Generations ahead? Really? Have you ever played a console?
Fine whatever if that list of games you posted makes you feel confident about your purchase than fine, I'll just say I don't feel so insecure I have to post a huge list of games

Everytime I think about buying a ps3 i realize there are like 1-2 console exclusive games(in the entire collection) which i want to play. While i have so many pc games coming up i can't wait for. I know i shouldn't rage but its hard when someone are being this stupid.

Console gaming is dying. We're going towards a future where a single device, let's call it a PC, will be the lone platform that all publishers go to. Why? Because it conforms to every standard! Any controller can be plugged into it, and it's processing power and hard drive space is far superior to anachronisms like the 360 and PS3. For the competitive shooter fan it has a device called a 'mouse' that gives far better precision than any motion control pretender. You can even use it for menial tasks, such as writing or video editing.

We're heading towards a one-console future!

In essence, the whole thing is silly and best left alone. Struggle ye who struggle must, the future is unknown and will always remain so.

I'm not sure why I'd divide my PC's tasks across several specialist machines, unless I was crapping money or became a wandering nomad or businessman that required everything be portable.

*Pokes Europe and Asia
Yep, still PC dominant.

Thing is, the PC, in it's current form, isn't going to go away until another open platform comes along, that is as open and versatile as the PC, but offer an extra feature, like better mobility, or infinitely increased performance, without sacrificing what makes a PC a PC, the ability to do anything on it without having to jump trough hoops or have a door slammed in your nose by the company that owns the platform. Considering how money grubbing certain corporations are, that's not going to happen for a while. But when it does, yes, the PC as we know it, the Personal Computer, will change, and I for one really look forward to it.

Heck, I've been waiting for a laptop to show up that's powerful enough to handle rendering(I do similar stuff with video that Bob does), without melting, so I can work outside more, not in extra comfy chair that's becoming like an extra appendage.

But when the PC as we know it now is gone for good, you can be very sure that every other gaming platform will already have become obsolete. Why buy a 200$ device that only plays games when I can play them on my phone, from a cloud gaming service?

Change is inevitable, for everyone.

And true, PC games will never go away, neither will console games, they'll just be games, independent of platform, of idiotic design restrictions to facilitate a strict hardware requirement and an unimaginative use of an otherwise great control device.

Also, Bob, hi, I'm the year 2008, here to tell you that point and click adventure games have made a decent comeback on the PC three years ago. Mostly due to the excellent effort of a company called Telltale Games, but now it's gotten to the point where Jane Jense can release an excellent adventure game, along side indie titles like the fantastic Gemini Rue, all thanks to the magic of digital distribution.

I'm sorry but did you just compare a Wiimote to a mouse?
Them's fighting words.

Otherwise I can live with what you just said.

Iron Mal:
(we're going to discount indie titles since they aren't 'professionally' manufactured games and thus don't contribute to the games industry at large)

Incorrect, thus rendering your entire argument invalid. (Two high profile examples: Portal 1 is based on an indie game, Nebular Drop, and elements of Portal 2 has been taken from an indie game Tag: The Power of Paint. Never mind something like The Fancy Pants Adventures or Minecraft).



I herewith award you for "best post of the year". Bob has been very wrong for a while now.

Most of it is copy/pasta but people pay far less attention to a link than they do a huge wall of PC exclusive titles that seemingly has no end as they try and scroll past it.

Basic psychological warfare. If PC gaming is dead, why is the list of exclusives for it so gorram annoyingly long?

i did notice the source link, i just think it was a good argument in and of itself to post it. also the bit at the bottom was alos very good and correct.


Redefine words to mean what you think.


I'd love to think that you just created this for page views, out of spite, because most of the reviewers have their own little hate pad against computers.

I know this isn't true though. You've just redefined all the words. Whee. That's nice. And added a disclaimer that if anyone flames, you're right as well.

I'm not going to get angry, because the writing on the wall's been there for some time. You work on PCs, you play on consoles, so because you hate work, you have to differentiate them.

Comfort over Versatility. Sad. Maybe it's all just for page views though? Part of me wishes it was just a troll attempt.

Here's the Little Picture:

Consoles are becoming PCs.

and that's fantastic, because im tired of having to conform my computer to the needs of a game. GAMES SHOULD CONFORM TO THE NEEDS OF MY GAME-PLAYING DEVICE! just sayin'.

that's why consoles and tablets are so successful, people make the games that they know HAVE to conform to the limitations of the hardware, when it comes to PC gaming, you get situations like Crysis where so many people can't run it properly that it becomes a joke in the gaming industry

Maybe MovieBob's right - I certainly play more on a consoles and handheld devices more than I did a decade ago.

My problem/regret about this situation, though, is that it makes the consumer more passive by restricting the ability to modify games and tweak code/settings. It's the same grievance I have with Apple products when it comes to hardware. Playing PC games will eventually force you to learn something about how computers work - a bug, hardware compatibility issue, or some such almost guarantees this over the long run. It can be frustrating - but it's also educational.

On the plus side, though: if all the AAA game makers migrate to the consoles, there will be a nice big vacuum for independent developers to create worthwhile games that make up for their lack of production value with solid game mechanics and story-telling. That's what I like to tell myself, anyway.

2011 PC Exclusives.

Besides that, Bob, what a troll.

Can't really replace that 'hunched over a keyboard staring at a brightly lit screen in a very dark room for hours at a time' feeling for me with a smartphone or tablet.

And I do look forward to the flame wars between cybernetic eyeball implants vs pc tablets :P

I'm just going to take a minute to say, Bob you are someone whose opinion I respect; however I wish to respectfully disagree with your opinion on the matter. PC gaming being dead is more of a misnomer than anything else. While you may not find much of a reason to use your PC I for the life of me can't find any reason to turn on my consoles, and I have all three plus a DS. The main part of your argument that doesn't hold water for me is that Digital Distribution has taken off and is making almost ludicrous amounts of money, I don't see that going away.

The biggest point is, as Brad Wardell meantioned in an interview with Gamasutra IIRC, PC gaming if far from dead, it is simply evolving. Long gone are the mega-blockbuster titles that sell two to three million copies in the first month, instead PC games would bring in two to three million copies over the course of a year or two. Game companies are just now starting to understand that.

Even if PC gaming is dead and I have to traverse to consoles, what am I going to play? To quote a conversation I had yesterday, "Gaming is dying, what ever happened to all the good [console] games?" I haven't found any game on the consoles, sans Bayonetta and Vanquish, that I can say made my 800 dollar purchase of consoles worth it. My favorite, nostalgia filled, comfort genre, the JRPG is dead and has been, is there really anything worth it to gaming as a whole anymore when we cease to get Breathe of Fire games? IMO not really.

TL;DR - PC gaming isn't dead it's just evolving, and even if it is dead, gaming as a whole doesn't have much to offer me anymore :'(


Desktop PC's are certainly going away...but laptops aren't. Can't really see myself using a tablet for game design software >.>

Show me a laptop or mobile device with the power of a GTX 580?

Can gaming be done on portable devices? Certainly!
Can it be done with greater fidelity on a desktop for less cost? Absolutely!

I'm saying the DIRECTION were going towards. Not where we are now. Eventually laptops will be just as powerful as desktops.

It's nice to know ones vision of the future is so unavoidable, not one granted through effort or skill but by the grace of human nature.

Mmmmmmeh. Some truth, some hyperbole.

It's true that some genres are migrating almost entirely to the console. It's also true that a mouse-and-keyboard layout tends to be superior for first-person shooters, but they've adapted the controls to the console well enough that the players of those games don't feel they're getting a lesser experience (unless they have to play against people who are playing on mouse-and-keyboard...) And yes, we'll probably come to a point where many people don't even think of the mouse-and-keyboard when playing an FPS.

That said, those "pointing devices" aren't showing any sign of replacing a mouse in terms of utility. Seriously- can you imagine trying to select a single unit in an real-time strategy game like Shogun or Starcraft with a Wiimote? Nightmare.

It's also somewhat peculiar to fail to note the role of piracy in all of this. The "pick up and play" nature of consoles- which I'm certainly not knocking- also means that a lot of the console's market wouldn't know how to pirate a new game if they wanted to and is beholden to someone else to hack their system or provide some obscure hardware doodad if they do want to, steps that are comparatively easy for the console maker or console-software-maker to block on a case-by-case basis. PC gamers have a relatively easy path to piracy and most have the small amount of knowledge that would enable them to do so, so the legitimate market for PC games is much more dependent on PC gamers behaving with a certain amount of decency, maturity, and a long-term view of the health of the industry. Annnnd.... Not to put too fine a point on it, we've sort of seen how that's going.

Small point: casting tablets and laptops as somehow separate from PCs begs the question of whether a PC is defined by its stationary nature. Yes, my Alienware laptop is something I can carry with me, but it plays exactly the same software as Monolith, my big honking black aluminum beast of a desktop.

And while XBLA's expansion and Steam coming to PS3 are notable and in some ways commendable, the PC remains the easiest entry point for new game creators by far. No licensing, no content restrictions, no clunky platforms to obtain, no size restrictions.

I guess what I'm saying is in some ways what MovieBob is also saying under the flame-baiting headline: PC gaming isn't dead by a long shot, but it may well be changing into something very different from what its most vehement defenders easily recognize. More social gaming, more independent devs, less AAA-releases, but I don't see MMOs or RTSs going away any time soon, and TellTale does plenty of business outside of the Wii, thank ye kindly.

The real question is what's going to happen when the next real generation of consoles come out. The PC has been a much more powerful creature than the current gen of consoles for some time. Seriously. Is the next generation going to be able to create an experience that console gamers will want to move on to at a price they'll be willing to pay? Or are we holding our breath, trying to forestall another huge market crash?

But theres one thing PC gaming will always have over consoles. Delicious mods

Cybernetic eyeball?!? The Mass Effect Holographic arm thingy interface is where it's at.

What's odd is the consoles are fighting becoming more. There's no good reason they couldn't already be a PC for many people, only they are working to prevent it.

The thing is many of the services Bob mentioned killing PC gaming: Tablets, phones, streaming games(which run on PC's) etc, are killing console gaming too.
Why'd you think Iwata was the guy all doom and gloom on tablets and phones ans Sony n MS said nothing? Cos Nintendo has it's fingers in two pies: consoles and handhelds. MS and Sony have their fingers in consoles, handhelds, PC, tablets and phones. They're sorted either way.
And as I mentioned, streaming services use PC's anyway, meaning if they become the norm then PC will be fine. Either play the game as part of your monthly streaming package, or buy a copy for yourself to run locally. Also as movie bob said, he needs his PC to put together his videos, you need PC to make your game too.
Still the numbers show that PC gaming is increasing. Only reason it's "dying" is because PC gamers were the first to go "f*ck this sh*t" to the extortionate $50-$60 prices for generally sub-par games and just stopped buying them. the big publishers see the figures for their latest AAA game not selling well on PC and declare it dead. The indie guys selling $10-$30 games look at their figures and make a O.O expression.
All that's dying is the "every game is worth $60 because...we said so" model.

Excluding the tablet used for drawing digitally, you forgot to mention some of the other software's that PC can only be used on i.e. Macromedia Flash, 3D Studio Max, Maya, CSS and etc (Not too sure about Photoshop or Illustrator). Ok granted not everyone will have those type of softwares
Until we heard such of those software being on alternative devices (how the hell would you use 3D Max on a Iphone or possisble on a Ipad) I think it got plenty time still using those on the PC.

Most important part of that rant:
"Hell, speaking only for myself, if I could install Office and Explorer on my 360 the only thing I'd need my PC for is the rendering software for this show..."
And there you have it. People usually tend to think what goes on in their little space or world translates to the rest of the world.

Also, PC gaming has apparently been "dead" for the last 10 years. Looking forward to at least another 10 of it being dead.

Here's the Little Picture:

Consoles are becoming PCs.

and this.

Yes, PC gaming as we used to know it is dying somewhat...and these Captchas are going to kill it completely if they keep giving us things we cannot type. (Anyone know how we are supposed to type in something in subscripts? I got D with 1.0 as a subscript here.) just goes to show how much the technology has advanced. That eyeball thing is not too far off, actually. We actually have the technology so that, if we wanted to, we could actually have a chip implanted in our brains so we could communicate with each other or with our computers. Kinda "Ghost in the Shell" in a way.

Actually, we can see how much tech has advanced just by looking at one series in particular. Take a look at the Pokémon series. At first, you only had 151 Pokémon on a bit of media about 2 inch square and a quarter inch thick. Now we have more than 640 differnet Pokémon with a bunch of different abilities and nearly a thousand different moves AND fully animated this time...all that can be stored on a piece of media the size of a postage stamp!

It's...actually kind of scary if you think about it. Who knows where else this tech will take us? God help us if someone develops a Roboticizer from the Sonic SatAM series...

I think there's only one really important question out of all of this that needs to be addressed immediately.

Why the hell is Bob still using Internet Explorer? I'm not a champion for Mozilla or Google, but c'mon, man! It's like refusing to upgrade from a broken down lemon to a fully functional vehicle.


Yes, Valve

I just don't see how it is practical to split the functionalities of a PC that can do any number of tasks to several different devices that specialize in just one or two. Currently the only reasoning seems to be mobility. Which is why we call people from our cellphones instead of an app on our computer.

But lately the whole iphone movement is moving additional features of the computer into the phone so in reality it is more of a portable PC than a phone.

Unfortunately you need a somewhat decently sized interface to run visual design programs - so untill i can run a fully customizeable package of Maya, Photoshop, AfterEffects etc. on my phone through a TV screen I'll be using a PC to work on, and since i'm spending most of my day at the PC anyway it seems futile for me to be playing my games on a seperate machine, or reading my email off my phone.

My favourite part was with the Dreamcast, oh how it is missed.

that's not a cold open

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