Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Fourth Wall Breaks

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Top 5 Fourth Wall Breaks

More and more characters are realizing they're trapped in a videogame. (We knew this day would come.) Here are the Top 5 best instances of videogames breaking the fourth wall!

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I wonder if she's ever played any of the Discworld games? Discworld 2 could have featured in many of these videos

LOL at the Dawson's creek like parts in this video.

two MGS 4th wall breaking moments in this video. You could have made all top 5 picks MGS moments. That's how good this game is when it comes to breaking down the 4th wall

Excellent vid. In my mind, the Metal Gear Solid series will always be the king of fourth wall smashing.

I mean, besides the examples named: Campbell telling you to quit playing; looking up codec frequencies on the back of the game case; Snake insisting that he's in the real world, not some fantasy game; fission mailed; Psycho Mantis revisited in MGS4; being able to kill The End just by turning off your console for a couple of days; MGS3 food spoiling over time, even when you don't play the game.

Good times.

I approve of that Top 5 Wii list. Bag of dicks indeed.

Also, no Monkey Island? Bard's Tale? That quick little bit in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodline?

This might be stretching it a bit, but you can almost throw in BlazBlue as well...

Nice list this week! Well both of them, that wii list was awesome.

One of the best fourth wall breaks in recent years for me was that part in Arkham Asylum, with the kind of 'alternate intro', and subsequent death.
"Use the middle stick to dodge the bullet."

The top five about the Wii had made me laugh
yeah I paused the video just to read how much balls the Wii does suck.
I also laughed when I saw how Sony can poke at itself

ARG! Too much CW! Fast-forward!
Whew that was close. Nice video otherwise.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 one had me there. It makes me want to go back and finish it. That way I can actually see that cutscene.

Holy shit. The first time my screen went dark and said "video" in Eternal Darkness I honestly thought something was wrong. I was really concerned about what had happened to my TV. It was well played.

Oh Gawd, I've gotta totally agree with the Wii list. It really does suck a bag of dicks. Great episode, possibly my favorite up until now. :D

She says, "in the first Metal Gear game"... She is aware that there were two other canon Metal Gear games before Metal Gear solid, right?
Good list, though.

MGS could have filled this list.


"Max, you're in a graphic novel"
"Max, you're in a video game"

and that error screen in I Wanna be the Guy

"When you're sad you always come back to the place where your cat was killed by a low-flying biplane."

Oh, that was good.

Ooooh, I hated that Metal Gear Solid 4 moment. HATED IT. Rolled my eyes at it.

I already bought a PS3, guys, you don't have to advertise to me anymore.

For some reason Lisa reminded me of Phoebe from Friends in that tag at the end

One of the best episodes yet

A pity she didn't mention Arkham Asylum's Scarecrow scenes or Deadpool in MvC 3 instead of two Metal Gears, but I LOVED the opening...

Cat killed by a bi-plane... how ridiculous...

ok that opening was enough to make my day.
I approve, I approve.

oh and badass belt buckle.

Great Top 5! The earliest fourth wall break I can think of is Star Tropics for the NES. You needed a 3 digit code that was found in the instruction manual. I think you had to do something weird like pour water on the page to make the #s visible too.

borderlands dr ned fake ending. LOVED IT

Whaaaaat? How can Deadpools 4th Wall Crisis hyper from MvC3 not be there?

And then theres theese winquotes;
'Hey you, yeah you. Im down here busting my ass while you sit on yours watching me jump around? How is that fair?'

'You were recording that werent you Player? No? Heheheh... Whaddya mean you werent recording that?!'

Top 5 in drama form would scare the ever loving sh*t out of me.

Too bad I haven't played any of these games. There should have at least been mention of Max Payne's V trip. "You're in a computer game!"

I personally love the end of the first No More Heroes. After beating the boss of the game you have the option to choose between two endings, on of which includes an additional fight against another character. The fight which concludes with a barrage of WTF reveals by that character with Travis complaining that you can't just drop info like that right at the end of the game. Of course in the previous boss fight their is also a conversation that he puts on fast forward because he feels it would be to disturbing.

"When you're sad you always come back to the place where your cat was killed by a low-flying biplane."

Oh, that was good.

Lol, favorite line so far:)

Hey... I like the Wii...

And yes, Eternal Darkness' deserves the first place here. My favorites were when you walk into a room of xombies and it claims your controller is unplugged, and when it faked deleting my save files. My brother flipped out and reset the console. "Dude, it was an insanity thing, chill out."

So... that's why I never got past that room in X-men ... (Pounds head on desk again.)

TO bad the Meryl's Codec frequency is on the back of the case(Because in game the disc He gives you looks to have a label on the back) thing didn't make the list from Metal Gear that one is still amazing to me and how they reproduced it on the Metal Gear Essential pack.

Holy cow... X-Men's soft reset!
Never thought I'd see that mentioned in any list, or at all.
As if it never happened.

Back then, no internet to tell you what to do.
I went to that screen 5 times and turned off the console every time thinking it was a bug.
I was so pissed off!

No internet means the only ways to get the information were magazines and friends.
I don't remember where I got the info to do it, but even then I didn't trust my source.
5 times may not seem a lot... again... remember.
The game is freakin hard and as no save point.
So pressing the Reset button was a risk of losing everything... again!

Out of option, I did the reset thing that I was suggested to do.
And voilĂ ... for the first time I could finish that mean mean mean game!
Which was a great game by the way.


Actually, she didn't even list my favorite thing in Eternal Darkness. At one point I entered a room and the game said "Want to see what's next? Continue with Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Redemption! This Spring!" And damn, did I fall for it. Also, it was QUITE accurate when it came to TV colors. The volume controls looked almost exactly like the ones on my TV, and I kept thinking I was sitting on the remote.

As for the XMen thing, I never even made it that far :(

Silent Biohazard Solid:
She says, "in the first Metal Gear game"... She is aware that there were two other canon Metal Gear games before Metal Gear solid, right?
Good list, though.

I think she meant the first of the Solid sub series

I too was wondering why the final scenes of No More Heroes didn't make it in. Perhaps those would have been spoilers?

Laughing pretty much start to finish. And love for Eternal Darkness? Hell to the yes, my friends.

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