Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Fourth Wall Breaks

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I've been playing the ADGI remake of Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire lately and one of the things it says when you die in battle goes along the lines of "It was a glorious battle fortunately all you have to do is hit RESTART... Wait, RESTART? what?"

Totally agree with this list, but I would like to have 2 honorable mentions to Max Payne when he realizes he's in a game after those drugs, and ofcourse when you keep clicking units in Warcraft 3 they will tell you to stop clicking, or poking, them in very funny ways.

I too was wondering why the final scenes of No More Heroes didn't make it in. Perhaps those would have been spoilers?

The begining of no more heros 2 as they start to recap, then they say better stop cause the player is going to get bored, and talks about he may need to know if they didn't play #1, and etc

*P.S. for the people talking about deadpool. I love deadpool and all, but thats how he is all the time, and he only does it in the game, because he did it in the books, it's who he is. So I think it was better he wasn't on the gaming list.

I'm really happy for the inclusion of Eternal Darkness, but that aside, COME ON NOW LISA! HAVE YOU SERIOUSLY NEVER PLAYED CONKERS BFD?! The ending of that game had an elaborate way of breaking the 4th wall, even to the point where it made you sad for the main character.

Okay, I'm sorry, but I had to mute the video when you did that soap opera parody in the beginning, too much cheeziness...

sonic CD had the best 4th wall break where if you dont move for 3 minutes, sonic says I out of here jumps off the screen and the game says "Death to sonic boredom"

I MUST have that belt

The lack of high def is definitely worthy enough to make it dickish.

Amusing list!

On a very special episode of Lisa Foiles' Top 5...

Writing articles in list format. A dangerous disease, transmitted through the internet. Will Lisa get the help she needs from her friends - or will she succumb forever?

List articles are no laughing matter.

Also someone will DIE. TOTALLY

Eternal Darkness messed with my mind so much when I was younger

I used to love Dawson's Creek so hard.

Freaking funny episode!

You run like Heather Mason. It's hilarious.

Oh, wow, hey, look at that! Someone else has played Matt Hazard! The gameplay was awful, but the humor was outstanding. Even the trophies had a sense of humor.

And killer belt buckle, Lisa!

Awesome top five, but even more awesome belt buckle. I want one

If you turned this top five into a teen-istcom i would of died.

And mantis still keeps fucking with me even today.

OT: vibrating controllers mmmm....

Simpsons: Hit and Run had some good ones, especially during the tutorial.

The newspaper at the first loading screen had a headline reading "Study: 90% of video games begin with easy tutorial level".

BART: Alright, Player 1, uh Homer. I mean Homer. Use the left analog stick or directional button to move around. This is called "walking".

BART: You can go inside certain buildings by pressing the Triangle button. <groan> Why did I agree to do this stupid tutorial, it is so boring.

KENT BROCKMAN (on TV): "...competitors will 'do time' on various jumps..."

HOMER: Ooo, brain like shiny things.
BART: Yeah, great. Those shiny things are called "coins".

BART: No one knows why these [Wasp cameras] have turned up all over Springfield. They always seem to turn up whenever something exciting happens. I don't know what they are, but violence is always an appropriate response in the face of the unknown.

BART: Press the Triangle button to get into the car. And don't take all day: this is the tutorial!

BART: Okay, Home-boy, here's how you drive this crapbox: Press the X button to accelerate, and use the left analog stick or directional button to steer. The Circle button is your brake and reverse, and the Square button is your handbrake. You know, just like every driving game ever?

I loved the sitcom version of this episode.

You should so totally call it 'Lists'

well, that opening was as uncomfortable as being an awkwardly tall teenager in the wake of dawson's creek. nice touch playing paula cole, er, i mean whatever the name of that artist who plays that song is

and sweet god eternal darkness was a mindscrew

pretty accurate list

Cat taken out by a low flying biplane, so good.

I was really hoping for Mr Resetti from Animal Crossing to be mentionned, but regardless its a pretty good list.

You run like Heather Mason. It's hilarious.

She does! I didn't notice it until you mentioned it.

OT: Eternal Darkness was ridiculous in that. I didn't appreciate the volume constantly changing, nor did I like that option of erasing my saves or don't save and continue. I nearly hard a heart attack when that came up.

I realized it's not that big of a deal, but I was still hoping for some Paper Mario TTYD on this list. There were a couple funny fourth wall breaking moments in there.

Good list nonetheless.

I am sorry, Lisa, but even as a joke, the idea of your show being like Dawson's Creek makes me want to puke. I loathed that show...Also, I seriously hope that list was a joke as well, beacuse HD means jack squat in terms of game quality (I know Lisa probably meant it as a joke, but I have seen that argument used seriously far too many times...).

Anyway, on topic, you know what's the funniest part about the X-Men soft reset? The Nomad (the handheld that played Mega Drive/Genesis games) had no way of doing a soft reset. Which means if you played the X-Men on the Nomad, there was literally no way for you to play the game after that point. I guess it wasn't a very future-proof title. :P

I'm really beginning to enjoy these videos.

Plus that is such a awsome belt buckle she's wearing.

What about Omikron: The Nomad Soul? In that game, YOU are the hero (or, more specifically, your soul). The basic justification for playing it is that it's a disc-based transdimensional portal wherein your soul is temporarily sucked into the titular world & you have the ability to hijack people. In fact, the opening cutscene is your first host telling you the situation and connecting your soul to his body so you can enter that world.

I'm sad that nobody else mentioned her vibrator joke :(.

I thought the escapist loved a good joke about women and self gratification. Cause know...girls.

Ah well. I will enjoy the moment myself then.

Of the games I have played, Max Payne is the freshest in my mind.


two MGS 4th wall breaking moments in this video. You could have made all top 5 picks MGS moments. That's how good this game is when it comes to breaking down the 4th wall

Raiden, youve been playing for too long, turn off the ps2 and go do somthing else. also, FISSION MAILED!

She runs liek my ex haha

Good episode, im suprised you didn tjust use Metal Gear all the way throught.. or included deadpool.

*ahem* Conkers Bad Fur Day?

*Sees TWO MGS entries*

I-...I-I'm so happy right now!

Batman:AA had a good 4th wall moment with one of the Scarecrow encounters.

I love the intro - and the bullet bill belt.

I was hoping for that mole from Animal Crossing would make the list.
Him yelling at you was great.

Yay for Eternal Darkness!
Even during the 2nd time I played through Eternal Darkness the game still got me with several mind games.
But the first time my memory card was "deleted" I almost got a heart attack. And during my second run the screen got all black like during power outage, I was shocked^^
Awww! I love Eternal Darkness. I could even listen all day long to the "music" when being out of mental health (the second part of "A Purpose": )

Eternal Darkness being No. 1 makes up for Monkey Island being just a side note.

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