Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Fourth Wall Breaks

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Tom Phoenix:
...Also, I seriously hope that list was a joke as well, beacuse HD means jack squat in terms of game quality (I know Lisa probably meant it as a joke, but I have seen that argument used seriously far too many times...).

I'm glad somebody said it. I like Lisa's show, but Wii-bashing is just too predictable now.

On topic, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People deserves a mention. The series is rife with fourth-wall jokes, and the fifth episode "Eight-Bit is Enough", takes it one step further.

Post-video comments: I'm guessing telltale will have a game on there, but I'm hoping NIS (makers of Disgaea, Phantom Brave, etc.) will have a game on there, especially the disgaea series.

After-video comments: I'm not really disappointed that neither were on, because the choices were really good. Never heard of number 5....

Holy shit Lisa, change the thumbnail on the Escapist's video page. You're way hotter then you look in that pic

I can't play Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem due to my crippling Shit-Your-Pants-From-Fear-While-Playing-Eternal-Darkness Syndrome.

Also, was that list of "Top 5 Reasons Why The Wii Sucks A Bag Of Cocks" real? Because I'd have to disagree.

Excellent Top 5, the Metal Gear bits actually make me want to replay Guns of the Patriots. That was an awesome game.

This series is turning out to be pretty good awesome, consider me a fan.

Oh, and I especially paused the video to see that Wii list. It was so spot-on.

Great episode, laughed out loud and agreed with the Wii list.

On an unrelated note, I'm still kind of miffed that the Gamecube had two really interesting games that I never got to play because the Gamecube only had two really interesting games.

Eternal Darkness and Tales of Symphonia.

Top Five Reasons why the Wii Sucks a Big Bag of Dicks

1. That damn blinking light for "New Message."
2. Stupid games like "Babysitting Mama."
3. The name "Wii" is gay.
4. Seriously. The name "Wii" is gay.

This was a hilarious one. And she has an awesome belt buckle today. I mean, come on, who doesn't love Banzai Bill?!

haha, Lisa you're going on my list of people to hug.

"And he does, through vibration, you think the game would have a bigger female following."
Is that an implied vibrator joke I detect there?

The one from Jak 3 is still my favorite.

Best episode yet.

Okay, this just sucks, I didn't even watch it all the way, and that says something, because I always watch ALL of Lisa's videos all the way.

I have one word.


Entirely agree with the 5, the eternal darkness one that (I'm ashamed to admit) got me was a great mockup of the *disc could not be read* screen. I actually went to hit reset on my 'cube before I realised it was messing with my head.

I was about to rage when you mentioned the disc switching moment over the Mantis moment in MGS4, but then you saved it by mentioning the original one. Well played, Foiles.

okay who else paused it to see THE TOP 5 REASONS THE WII SUCKS.
and yes wii is a "gay" name.

I'm still waiting for a Deadpool video game! And if it doesn't break the fourth wall like he always does in the comics I'll cry!

hm...disappointed Batman: Arkham Asylum 's Fear Toxin scenes didn't make the list.

I was really hoping for Mr Resetti from Animal Crossing to be mentionned, but regardless its a pretty good list.

I was hoping for that mole from Animal Crossing would make the list.
Him yelling at you was great.

I was going to say exactly this. I'm so happy whenever he comes out of an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Deadpool in Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions could have been on the list.
"Some people aren't satisfied to they have every collectible in a game"
"You pausing on me? You Pausing on ME? Well, you must be pausing on me, I'm the only one here."

"And it's Swinging Spider off to a bad start, followed by Shaky Thumbs and Sweaty Controller. But what's this? Movin' up fast on the outside - Gonna Fail This Level!"

you forgot arkham asylum, bro.

Why was there no Batman AA? I mean, the GAME MADE YOU THINK YOUR PC/CONSOLE HAD DIED! AND it was even worse for consoles, cos there not suppose to get THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!

I thought my PC had fucked it self when that happens. Then I thought the game had re-started. Until you see Joker in the Batmobile.

Yes, The Batman AA 4th wall breaker is the best, even better than any one of the MGS ones.

MGS could have filled this list.


"Max, you're in a graphic novel"
"Max, you're in a video game"

and that error screen in I Wanna be the Guy

Not everyone played I Wanna Be The Guy, but man that error screen almost killed me. Good thing I run Norwegian Windows and started wondering about an English error message.

Great list. Loved the vibrating controller joke.

God, I remember when the Eternal Darkness insanity event caused the volume of the game to decrease. It even shows green bars being minimized like old style Televisions. I was literally freaking out for a second trying to figure out who in the room was sitting on the remote!


Oh, wait, this isn't real.

Very cool integration. Other good ones included falling through the floor, suddenly moving at slow speed, and random technical glitches.

As much as I liked those entries, I'm going to say, that the best 4th wall breaking EVER was made by Quantic Dream in their first game - Omikron: The Nomad Soul. It all starts, when a cop from a different dimension asks you - yes, YOU - to help him with his investigation by going into his body. And then it only get's better, when you learn, that


Tip: the opening gag should never be more than 30 seconds long.

Whaaaaat? How can Deadpools 4th Wall Crisis hyper from MvC3 not be there?

And then theres theese winquotes;
'Hey you, yeah you. Im down here busting my ass while you sit on yours watching me jump around? How is that fair?'

'You were recording that werent you Player? No? Heheheh... Whaddya mean you werent recording that?!'

more like deadpool in EVERYTHING hes in. be it from games to comic books. i believe in ultimate alliance 2 he says,when hit, " OW! THANK GOODNESS IV'E GOT ANOTHER MAN!"

Oh c'mon Lisa, two MGS nods, the MGS4 wasn't even that funny =\, but no nods to any of the Monkey Islands or even Deadpool in MvC3?

Is it sad that th'first thing that popped in m'head about th'dawson's creek parody was th'fact that i live in th'town where that turd was filmed? *sigh*

Her run is the best thing ever. Where is she even going?? lol

Okay, Lisa Foiles. You finally got me.

In the beginning, your show struck me as a bit too cheesecake for my taste...but I persevered. And for my perseverance I get what? One of the most hilarious things I've seen in a really long time. You're faux-Joey Potter was completely brilliant. Your humor and excellent personality has been blossoming the last few installments, and this one it just exploded into awesomeness.

You, madam, rock.

Props for Sanitys Requiem, I remeber gettting about half way through the game and it flashing up "to be contiuned" and this was just a couple of years ago and I knew there was no sequel. I was really raging at the screen until the character came back onto the screen screaming her head off.

This ep was WIN, go Lisa! Knocking em out the park :D

2 Metal Gear Solid games in the top 5.
I'm giving this a boo-yah!

nice start nice ending nice vibrator joke ( i bet u played that game lots of times didn't u? u naughty girl u)also nice belt :) that all from my love your vids :*

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