Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Fourth Wall Breaks

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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door has some of the best fourth-wall breaking scenes ever.

"Hey, you! On the other side of the screen! I know that you know who I am, but no telling Mario!"

"...Um, who are you talking to?"

Only one other person in this whole thread mentioned Earthbound?

For shame...

I feel ashamed i went and Downloaded I Dont Want to Wait by Paula Cole after watching this.....

Lol @ the way she runs

#1 definitely deserved it.

ME2 had some references to other games but it didn't actually break the fourth wall. Still, pretty sweet.

The psych mantis thing was the best i tottally freaked me out the first time. "HOW DID YOU KNOW?! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"
Eternal Darkness was pretty scary too.

I was totally panicking to the batman scare crow "glitch", so awesome.

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