Trailers: Jurassic Park: The Game Teaser

Jurassic Park: The Game Teaser

The focus shifts to new characters, new dinosaurs, and the fate of a shaving-cream can.

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Nostalgia made me grin very very widely,e specially at that good ol' T-Rex roar. However, one thing in this little trailer made my faith wobble; the chick's voice actress. Not only is "What kinda zoo is this?!" an incredibly cheesy line, it was also delivered...rather strangely.

Yeah! Damn, I gotta play this one.

What the....

Why not just remake the SEGA version which was beast!

Now you play a Mexican lady along side the plot of the movie?

Le Sigh...this will not end well!

I just remembered how much I love that movie. Must go watch it now.

The game...? I will see how the reviews are.

The thing about Telltale games is that they never show any gameplay in the trailers. We never know how it'll turn out, or even what it'll be like, until we actually shell out for it. I just hope it's better than back to the future.

I'll be... maybe renting the game. Or asking someone to buy it for me. I cant in good conscious spend a lot of money on a game like this. The graphics are terrible, and from waht I've seen, it looks like a point and click or choose your own adventure type graphic novel.

With the exception of the barbosol can the graphics look a hell of a lot better than the gameplay video we saw.

C'mon Telltale! Some gameplay footage!

I wanna play as a Velocirapter!

This is the same trailer we've had for ages, how is this news?

Overall- rubbish graphics, seemingly bad acting, gameplay lifted from the rather poor Heavy Rain... My only curiosity comes from love for JP and the potential the franchise has for a game. Make a JP game that's kind of a tropical Bioshock with less action and more survival horror, with a massive free-roam island. This looks like a DL-able knockoff.

And are we getting a PS3 version or what?

Jurassic park games are ALWAYS awful,I don't care how shallow i sound the either but the graphics look shite.

Shame,the Jurassic park games have so much potential but it's always squandered.Maybe this one will be dfferent......

voice acting FTW lol

Exclusive to the P.C.? No shut up MAC.

I really really hope they made this game with full 7.1 surround sound and massive bass for my subs!!


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