Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 In-Game Songs

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As a Geordie, I approve of the Newcastle Brown Ale. It makes up for the lack of The Great Mighty Poo in an otherwise excellent list.

Thank you for addressing my duck tales concerns. Also, the list was acceptable. I find the comedy club skits to be her funniest.

Fuck yeah, Guinness!

I'm not going to read 6 pages of comments to see if it's been mentioned, but here are a couple honorable mentions

Plants Vs Zombies has an ending theme on the level of Still Alive imo. It was completely unexpected, and when I first beat the game my mouth turned into a sunflower with a huge smile and big sparkly eyes, because the song was absolutely awesome.

There's also a flash game called "You Have To Burn the Rope", which is only about a 30 second long game in which the only way to win is burn the rope, but it has a minute long song at the end telling you about how awesome you are. It's terrific and showcases that ANY game can be made awesome by putting a hilarious song at the end. Didn't like Vampire Rain? I bet you if it ended with a silly song it would be a cult classic.

Excellent list. I was hoping to see PaRappa on this list, and you did not disappoint. I was also a mite surprised to see a song from "The Bard's Tale". Well done. Also, awesome shirt -- fitting for a best-songs list.

Queen shirt rules.
Chicago huh? Stalker mode ON!!

Gotta love g-string jokes.

Can I get you another beer ? :p

Master Kuja:
Newcastle Brown, what a marvellous choice.

Indeed....Newcastle brown splendid stuff

Also, don't play with my heart and pretend like you're in Chicago, implying that there is some chance that I might bump into you somewhere and offer to buy you a guinness, you swarthy wench.

We are not counting the musical rendition of still alive played on those raidios in-game. & thanks for getting it stuck in my head. ♥

lol no I didn't grab a beer...
well technically the sake sorta counts but whatever

Did you know: The Beer, Beer, Beer song is actually an old Royal Navy song and its first recording was made back in 1950?

I'm so glad that other people know this, I thought I was the only one...

No Great Mighty Poo song from Conker's Bad Fur Day? I call shenanigans.

this was the first song I thought of! damn it. I love that epic song... brrrrring me more sweet corn!

Flawed list because Great Mighty Poo song wasn't included. Still fun.

Also, New Castle is about the furthest you can get from a 'hoppy' beer. I do applaud you for getting a good beer instead of bud light, coors light, or keystone though. I don't even know how those are called beers.

Number five should be number one. Kust sayin'.



Though I will question your choices as to the best 5.

A true master of the gaming arts would have clearly have included Skullmonkey's bonus rooms,
and though Parappa song's are indeed ridiculous and humourous, I would believe but this is the number 1:

EDIT: Also:

Well; While I agree about the Guinness, I must put my douche hat on for the rest. Should "Still alive" be on any list about good songs in videogames? Always. Should it be placed at the botom of said list? Only if you plan to turn it upside down before showing it to the public. The fanbase of the song alone should be enough to give it the gold medal for Christ's sake. But the artist is by no means entitled to my opinion as she is the hostess of a show, and I alas am not. Bravo with yet another entertaining episode.

Queen! Rock!

I've always liked the Beer song too, but I didn't know it was in Bard's Tale. I heard it first from the Minstrels Of Mayhem *AHEM!* Too bad I don't care for beer though. Just never acquired the taste for it. Give me my hard liquor please. Vodka FTW!

I actually have "A Pirate I Was Meant to Be" on my phone's playlist. Love that song, although "There's A Monkey In My Pocket And He's Stealing All My Change" is my favorite ditty from that game.

I'm just gonna assume Mordin's song was #6. I could see it bein' edged out by "Still Alive."

Good list, thought Mordin's song in ME2 would've made it. Best moment in game :P

I lol'd at number 4.

It's good for you, It's good for me.
I've always been a bit partial to this one.

This was an unfortunate omission. I was cruising through the comments looking for this one before I put it up. This had me rolling on the floor the first time they busted it out.

brief rant-- how the Hell does randomly captcha-ing registered members with over 1,000 posts (or even over 20 posts for that matter) cut down on spam and advertising?

Lisa Foiles:
Top 5 In-Game Songs

Sure, we all love "Still Alive" from Portal, but there's more hilarity where that came from! Comic Jumper, Bard's Tale, Monkey Island - here are some of the funniest songs heard in our favorite games!

Watch Video

This list was a triumph ... a huge success

Glad to see PaRappa the Rapper make it to the list.

Also, is it wrong that I like Mirror's Edge's Still Alive more than Portal's? Cause it's true.

Aww, funny songs? I'd have preferred top 5 video game songs in general, then I could have complained if there wasn't anything from one of the Ar Tonelico games :P (Very niche JRPG's I suppose, but the music is spectacular. Though given music is essentially the theme of the games that's to be expected)

Hehe! Nukkie Brown. That is all :D

Well, the best ingame song you didn't include. In Gabriel Knight 2 The Beast Within a opera was written and performed just for that game,... but you're probably too young to know about it.

Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind.

This is becoming the funniest video series on this site. Glad I stuck with it.

Here we go now! Kick, punch, block!

-Ki-ki-kick puh-puh-punch bl-bl-bl-block.

Also, This:

Because all I want to do is eat your ... brains XD

Start at 4:00

Full Throttle needed a theme song by Manowar, but the in-game music could not be beaten.

Will suck at SSFIV for Guinness.

I was ninja'd, but it deserves repeating.

The lack of Great Mighty Poo made me sad.

I wonder if that part in The Secret of Monkey Island where they yell out the ingredients in grog counts as a song... But great list anyway. Even if I'd only heard of 2 of the games.

Lisa is so drunk she doesn't realize her belt isn't looped through her pants. But that's okay, because those hip-huggers are skin tight. Unfortunately, that also means that her pants are cutting off the circulation to her alcohol-addled brain.

Well, something sung to the tune of "Downtown" was not what I expected to hear today, but it really worked well. Lisa: Give it up, you'll never be Mrs. Miller!:)

*Sits around expecting to get rocks thrown at him by the one Petula Clark fan in the forum.*

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