Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 In-Game Songs

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Not everyone can be Felicia Day, I guess.

I want Lisa to blow me kisses holding beer more often. She's even drinking Newcastle, my favorite. Hugs!

"I am, the great mighty poo and I will throw my shit at you!"

That should have been up there =P

Ender Wiggin:
No love for Mordin's 'A Scientist Salarian' in Mass Effect 2? For shame...

I was rather put out by that omission as well, but there are some really good choices in the Top 5, so I'm not going to go all Krogan on her :P

Great video, Lisa. Was pleasantly surprised to see the beer nearly finished by the end too. Nice continuity touch. Or... maybe you really are fond of the sauce...!

Oh, and being King of the Pedantics- Guinness is wretched outside Ireland. Either everyone else has the ingredients list upside down or are high when they're brewing the stuff, I can't stand it except at home.

What i like about her jokes, is that they're international, not just local if you get my meaning.

Guinness, hats, music, clearly another great episode.

But no owning up to forgetting Stephen Fry in your celebrity voices episode? Tsk.

Good calls on Still Alive and Newcastle. Also agree with Great Mighty Poo should've been there

Lisa, marry me. But only because of that totally awesome Queen shirt.

Ok, I'm probably not the first guy to say this, but being Irish and hearing you say you would turn the wine Jesus made into Guinness I have to say....

...I love you. :)

Oh, and the top 5 was awesome too.

Lisa really looks hot in this video. Something about the low hung jeans and the Queen shirt. I don't know. She got me there.

I'll be honest Lisa... I was a little disappointed that Stubbs the Zombie didn't make it this time... Comic Jumper got in with its full soundtrack... (I still need to try that one...)

Gotta say, you are beautiful, and have amazing taste in beer, but you missed two big songs. "The Great Mighty Poo", as has been said earlier, and this wonderful song, which I can't do anything but put the link because I'm awful at embedding, lol

Come on..."I am Impact!" for Mystical Ninja for the N64 was amazing! I can't remember how many times I would save just before this song to hear it over and over again. :)

What about the one from Plants vs Zombies..?

Man Lisa's singing was damn good :D

Awwww I was hoping for one of the Nazi Zombie songs. But I guess this was more for funny songs.

7 pages of reply, and no mention of "The Ballad of Chapped Lips Calhoun" by the late Sideways Hank O'Malley and the Alabama Bottle Boys. Funniest VG song I've ever heard. The song was so good it was the only reason to steal the otherwise usless truck in GTA.

I found it amusing that while talking about how much she loves beer, she was holding a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale

Lisa's actually got a nice voice. Huh. Who'da thunk it?

why was still alive so far down the list?

also, that intro was very difficult to watch

Plants vs. Zombies end song...

It was the best treat to winning the game!

Best in game songs and beer? Awesome, but I do like vino though.

Master Kuja:
Newcastle Brown, what a marvellous choice.

Aye from my home town however it's not Beer its ale, still Lisa has good taste.

Newcastle brown ale isn't beer! it's ALE! And Guiness is stout - a kind of ALE! NOT BEER!

Beer fail, Lisa. Double Beer fail.
And the beer song was around before Bard's tale. (Triple Beer fail!)

Good job Lisa, the opening song was very well done with some good singing as well, let's see more of that please. The puns in this episode were great, I laughed quite a bit.



/queen fanboyism over

I wanna play PaRapper the Rapper now....never played it before but i want to now

CAPTCHA: cRepo 2K Bytes (seriously, wtf?)

A scientist Salarian, The Great Mighty Poo, Skullmonkeys' Bonus room song... There's too much for just a top 5.

lisa is a surprisingly god singer.. but a poor choice of beer, i live in newcastle and newcastle brown is not good lol

An attractive blonde, who plays old video games.

And she drinks beer.

I- just-

Could I please clone you?

Lisa drinks Newcastle Brown! Rock on!

James Howell:
Lisa drinks Newcastle Brown! Rock on!

Great top 5, can i ask was that newcastle brown your hand ?

EDIT: Il take that as a yes as iam not the only person that thinks they saw it awsome choice of beer/stout what ever it actually is.

Wait... so going off this thread... Americans have ready access too real quality beer. I.e. Newcastle "Dog" Brown Ale (which isn't a beer I know, but an Ale), but still insist on hailing Budweiser, Miller and Coors as their beer of choice (even though its technically lager not beer)?

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? Got your local purveyor of alcoholic beverages and get yourself a crate of anything from the Wychwood Brewery... NOW! GO! DO IT!

P.S. Too Brits, does anyone know anywhere that still sells Lancashire Brown ale?

I agree with Rellik San. Y'all have access to our ales and stouts (and presumably bitters too?) and you still drink light beers like Bud? Oh man...
Though I admit, I've never heard of Lancashire Brown Ale.

On the topic, good choices but I too love the mighty poo song from Conker's game. Good times.

I agree with the above you give love to: Mordin Solus- Scientist Salarian!

Though...does Lisa have a 360? It seems like she doesn' then the oversight would make sense.

Mass Effect 2 is on PS3 now.

I agree with Rellik San. Y'all have access to our ales and stouts (and presumably bitters too?) and you still drink light beers like Bud? Oh man...
Though I admit, I've never heard of Lancashire Brown Ale.

On the topic, good choices but I too love the mighty poo song from Conker's game. Good times.

Probably because it never got big outside of Lancashire but even within it's still a bitch too find. :)

Anyway on topic, hmmmm some choices yes... others, I'd say there are better out there; I mean Y U NO CRUSH 40????!!! Who doesn't like cheesy hair metal? or Sakura's Song from Puzzle Fighter... which led too me being banned from ever playing that character... apparently nothing too do with my 500 consecutive undefeated winning streak with her.

as an aside I think Lord Inglip had a crush on Lisa for it commands; "also ntopless"

Ironically, throughout that entire video I was, in fact, drinking a beer.
Second, I love Guinness. And third, I learnt another beer song.
All-in-all, a very well spent few minutes of my life.

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