Name Game: Pants vs. Zombies

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That last panel with the face totally made it!

He's got that look that says, "I'm going to punch you now."

Btw, Gorrilaz Demon Days poster ftw.

Meh, I would do it for a female I liked. Btw he will probably say yes to the cute face.

Nice, Jack's "no" expression at the end was great.
And despite my love of money, you could not pay me enough to dress like that for a convention.

Also i see what you did there.
And i like it.

He is not amused.

Love Name Game. Totally love the Apple-core logo, nice touch :oP

I laughed extra hard at the fact that Lando seems to be hiding a very large bulge. aah the benefits of being black (no racism implied! don't ban me!)

Reminds me of The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend.


L O L, actually make that a rofl I cracked up at the second to last and last panel xD

His look in the end is like "Ah hell naw, you be trippin'"

Also, I like the Gorillaz poster in the background, my favourite album "Demon Days".

Haha, I also noticed the Gorillaz poster and gave it props in my head.

Deathstar and Gorillaz poster. Nice touches.

N7 Hoodie<3

Greatest hoodie I've ever bought.

OT: One Year Later, it happens because Jack is still trying to get her.

Nice N7 hoodie Jack.

the facial expressions are so worth it.

Jack's face as a flower was awesome ,made me smile. And the final expression was also quite good.
So yeah, quite lovely.

Jack has the hoodie I want. o_O
Also Gorillaz FTW

OT: Oh yeah...didn't really notice that since I've been playing PvZ for the last few days addictivly :P

If there was a "like" button for this, I would press it :)

Love the Gorilaz poster on the wall.

Yep, the faces made it. I especially loved her face and his simple lack of reaction. XD

bahahaha.. oh god, the expressions.. I can't take it

It's a stupid idea. Lando could be the Sunflower. But, I think Jack should be the jalapeno or squash with that face. And, all I can think of for Luke is the Grave Eater.

If there was a "like" button for this, I would press it :)

There are "facebook share" and "tweet" buttons beneath the strip. Giving those a click helps spread the strip around like a good idea, or syphilis.

Good work this week, Leels.

Honestly, the first thing I got out of this comic was "HEY! Alix is in Jack's apartment! Squee!"

That was my thought, i even went back to previous comics wondering if i missed one haha

This one and Podibama are my favorites

I effin LOVE Alix's expressions in the last two panels. Especially the last one, she's really trying to get Jack on her side with that smile. Jack, on the other hand, seems to think "if I didn't like you so much I wouldn't even consider this".

Or something. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

So they live together now?

*Recieved 5 Dollars as he saw this post coming from miles away. Like, people in Japan where expecting this post.*

No love for the plant-headed zombies...sigh...

Jack's face in the third panel is absolutley perfect :P

Jack's face in the third panel is absolutley perfect :P

Somehow I'm more interested in the context of this situation than the actual joke.
(Why is Jack over at Alix's house?)

ROFL oh lord that picture is going to stick with me for DAYS! :)

l....YEAH! because we all want to see that!


I love last panel so much.

The expressions were brilliant. Made the comic hilarious.

Do they hang out at each other's houses now? Is it still platonic?

When the hell did I miss them dating?

Woo, Demon Days.
Every Plants vs Zombies we reach is dead.

You like Gorillaz too?!

Wait? When did they get together.

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