Name Game: Pants vs. Zombies

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Colonel Alzheimer's:
Nice N7 hoodie Jack.

You are FAR too perceptive for your own good

Wait? When did they get together.


Do they hang out at each other's houses now? Is it still platonic?

When the hell did I miss them dating?

I assume they're just hanging out... After the valentines comic, the writers wouldn't be able to just "SNEAK" them together

The Youth Counselor:
Reminds me of The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend.

-image snip-

Ummm... Holy Clevage Batman?

The facial expressions alone make this comic above and beyond awesome

I agree with Jack's face of disapproval.

Anyone else notice the Gorillaz poster? :D


Jack may have dodged a bullet.

Name Game: Pants vs. Zombies

Just a little gender diversity among seeds.

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Flowers are hermaphrodites (have both sexual organs)
Fitting really, as all the guys would have to have grown vaginas before agreeing to that stunt.

Wrong. Not all flowers have both genders.

Honestly, the first thing I got out of this comic was "HEY! Alix is in Jack's apartment! Squee!"

I'm not the only one.

love the Demon Days art on the wall!

It's always the sunflowers. I'd like to see someone dressed up as a kernel-pult or something obscure like that.

Someone likes Demon Days =D

Yeah Noticed that at the end.

holy shit where can I get that N7 hoodie!

Alix: :D

Jack: "...How the hell did you get into my house?"

I laughed out loud.. (I despise three letter acronyms. >:( )

I also like the little gorrilaz poster.

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