Trailers: Portal 2: Panels

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Vavle ads are the best! Glad they decided to do it themselves

Lol, is it just me or did the Blue bot say "D'oh!" as it hit the door?

Methinks that EA should hire Valve to do its marketing :P

Oooo, I want me one o' them crushers. Some panels too. XD

That's not a panel! (It's a game to look forward to) :P

This is fantastic.
Something about the trailer made me think of the old 2D Oddworld games. I'm finally getting excited about this game.

Always bet on Valve to bring major funny.

Valve, I love you.

:That's a crusher, we sell them too" that's so funny, I'm very much looking forward to this game. The Valentine day ad was also equally brilliant and funny, well done Valve.

The delivery of the announcer is incredible.

The only thing I'm not sure about the quality of, are the challenges. I really hope they'll be more enjoyable and less frustrating on this sequel.

If only I could hire them to author ads for me :(

also, I lolled.

I swear that was Gabe Newell doing the Voice Over...

all in all a brilliant trailer, kinda wierd how they are really pushing the co-op aspect though

Valve needs to make a full movie using Source Engine.

Conculsive proof that all companies should get rid of the marketing and do their own ads.

"That's not a panel" haha halirious, damn it valve your not making these last few weeks waiting for portal 2 easy are you.

so that what Valve had in mind when they decided to make the ads themselves! I approve.


Fantastic trailer. Time to go help it go viral

Very much like!

Valve, you really are way better than any advertising company. Also, I'll order a crusher now.

"That's not a panel, that's a crusher. We sell them too." That was funny!

I really love the casting decision for Cave Johnson, his voice and inflection sound so very similar to how I imagined he would sound based on the text from the aperture science web site.

"That's a crusher! ... We sell them too!" Awesome! ;)

Perfect advert for what will be an amazing game. Valve, pat yourselves on the back and give us Portal 2 NOW!

Glados is still alive...
and I'm still waiting...

I just got the original Portal, and this looks awesome.

I don't want panels or crushers, I want photos of Spiderman!

Portal 2 you tease, why must you make me want to play you right now. Hurry up April!

The advert was very funny, But I wonder what someone who had never heard of portal 2 would have made of it?

I swear that was Gabe Newell doing the Voice Over...

It's not. It's better. It's J. Jonah Jameson and President Ackerman from Red Alert 3.


I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'm tired of JK Simmons being in everything.

The voice actor for Cave Johnson is ::perfect::
EXACTLY as I imagined the crazy ol' son of a hem-hem would sound.It goes perfectly with the 'portrait' of him that Valve created a few yrs back.Remember when they were holding voice auditions for him? This must be the result.I SO want Cave to be in a Portal universe prequel.He's my kind of nuts.Well done,Valve! I love how they don't take themselves too seriously.


I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'm tired of JK Simmons being in everything.

Oh,is that who it is? I loved his performance as the Nazi psycho in 'Oz'He was brilliant.I didn't twig it was him.
I didn't know he did a lot of voiceovers in games.I'm a late comer to gaming.What else has he been in? To me his voiceover is PERFECT.

This trailer brought to you by hats. Lots and lots of hats.

This is just genius. Wonder how censorship laws would react to a robot getting beaten up like that.

That's the beauty of it, they probably won't.

Better than all the jets, explosions and American flags that money can buy.

They sure know how to make a good trailer don't they.

Thank you Valve <3


is it possible that portal 2 could be even more awesome than portal 1 ??!?!?!?!?!?

It was better than the last trailer, but just mildly funny and nothing more. Sold the game less because it contained less game.

They are still living under the shadow of the original Portal trailer, which was WOAH WHY HAVE I NOT ALREADY GOT THIS GAME. These ones are just standard

holy crap that was good

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