Anthony Saves The World: Flippin' Puppets

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I hate puppets. Not these puppets specifically; all puppets. They're dead behind the eyes. It gives me the heebie-jeebies.

The Mikey/demon switch was well played however. I did not see that coming.



Well I was highly surprised about the characters being puppets, but first time I got to see muppet action Haha! Epic win video this was, which at the end I was literally struck when he revealed how he is able to cast fire.

If he is that, I wonder why he cares about saving the world and why he has a son for. Ether way, I am glad that I am sticking by these series and looking forward to seeing more of them each week. Good job guys, not sure where this is going but this video was hilarious.

Wait...he has a son?!

Also, what happened to Little Mikey and Canada?

Mikey doesn't have a son! If your refering to the kid from 1.7 that's not Mikey's son, that's Mikey when he was ten years old.

Thought so. The question about Little Mikey remains.

Little Mikey is not forgotten, nor is anything else.

The vibe that I'm getting from this series, is that they are intentionally being confusing with the storyline and that all will be revealed to those that stick to it if they have yet to figure things out for themselves. Either that or they will end the season on a foot note that will confuse the living daylights out of everyone, or with some questions unanswered to leave people guessing until they get a second season going.

With that in mind, I can understand why the storyline at this point in time seems a little dodgy. The continuity shifting between episodes has me feeling that there's even a reason for that as well.

Little tricks like that in story telling are something that I myself, enjoy doing when it comes to my writing, and have found shows and movies along the same lines to be truly an incredible experience.

Anyone else worried about a jump scare after the big reveal?

I'm a bit late, but great episode! Loved the puppets, and ZOMG at the end!!
But that audio effect really didn't help the problems we've been having hearing you guys. I know you're trying though, maybe get a boom mike for next season if you don't have one already?

This really reminded me of the Smile Time episode of Angel. Demon puppets kicking the crap out of each other... Heh.

Also, "No Mikey, you are the demons." And then Mikey was a zombie.

Very good episode, you can never go wrong with puppets. You vary the episodes well I just wish they could be abit longer.

This was awesome! Way to be innovative and surprising. Didn't see this one coming at all. Also Mikey being a demon is an interesting twist. Not as broadsided by a bus as becoming puppets but interesting as to where things go from here. Keep it up team ASTW!

Too bad about the audio problems. Please don't kill yourself.

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