Zero Punctuation: Kirby's Epic Yarn

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oh god! his kirby was so creepy

This game is honestly the only reason I want a wii. That and metroid prime trilogy.

Hard as hell to find, even used. My neighbors stole my copy (long story) and I'm still waiting to hear back from the police. The lockon-free aiming really rocks in Prime 1 and 2 now, btw.

wayward cumsprout..

i loled and then loled again.

oh god! his kirby was so creepy

I wonder why he didn't just remove the head and put eyes on the stomach. That's basically what Kirby is.

He is right. Modern gaming is shit. In fact 95% of all games coming out this year will be shit. So for the track record of the last 2 1/2 months have not been on the poor side. At less Yahtzee is not afraid to tell parents to fuck off. Kids should be studing. People wonder why I think the next generation of humanity will be the final one. So far kids are stupid as hell. Might as well sit here waiting for the nukes to take us all. Stupic fucks.

Wish he would address the second biggest problem with gaming. The Teens and very young adults. Which is why games like this is being made.

I never wanted to die so bad in a video game. I wanted to like it, but it was like I didn't even have to try, lol. Kirby Super Star and its difficulty was awesome in my childhood. :D

That game was awesome. My favorite part was getting to turn whatever powers you got into an ally. :P

Ah well now my suspicions are completely right! Nintendo is officially on it's last legs. If Skyward Sword blows, I'm melting my console.

And it's comments like these that keep me coming back and berating everyone. Just because Yahtzee hates it doesn't mean you will. Unless you're just as much of a jaded "I hate everything Nintendo does nowadays" elitist that Yahtzee himself is.

Really, was there any fucking point to Yahtzee reviewing a KIRBY game of all things? God people, think for a minute before you take everything Yahtzee says as fact: Kirby's always been a casual platformer series. Of course Yahtzee's going to hate it. So really, him bashing a game that I knew he was clearly going to hate isn't going to effect me as much as everyone who just says it sucks because Yahtzee did.

I mean really, the vibe I get is that Yahtzee only went back and reviewed this because A) not much new from anyone (not just Nintendo) has come out yet and B) he just wants another excuse to please the Nintendo haters.

Wish he would address the second biggest problem with gaming. The Teens and very young adults. Which is why games like this is being made.

It's also why the other two companies are oversaturated with FPSs that rip off Halo and COD which is one of the biggest reasons why I've been sticking to the Wii. And if it weren't for games like Marvel vs Capcom 3, Brutal Legend, Limbo, and the occasional FPS that doesn't fall into the former sentence like say Portal, Bioshock 1 or Bulletstorm, I would've never gotten a 360 as well in the first place.

I honestly really like this game, but it's rather obvious to me why Yahtzee didn't like it.. It's a Nintendo game for one.. and two, you have to have some fraction of a soul.

:P only half kidding Yahtzee, i love your Videos.

Hilarious and true at the same time. I am a huge fan of the Kirby series so I was disappointed with how elementary this game is. Kirby's cute but his games usually fall into that category of games that loudly declare, "YOU SUCK" when you fail to do something. Not Epic Yarn. It really felt like my hand was being held throughout the majority of the game. The only real challenge was to make sure you got everything you needed within a level so you didn't have to go back and replay the whole thing for just one item.

Children eight and under might really like to own this game, but for everyone else I recommend a week-long rental.

Hmm, are we going into anagram territory now? I'd like to see some more of that.

In my opinion, I think that the whole detour to what this games teaches (or not) to young players took a bit long and detracted from an actual review of the game itself (storyline, design, play mechanics, etc). I did enjoy watching this review and Yahtzee's hypothetical child rearing prowess, but if I could not buy a game based on that review alone.

Good job!

But as we've seen, being a fat girly lad is OK as long as you can piledrive.

I'm going to hell, but I laughed.

Also, Care Bears: Epic Mecha Battles would rock.

Honestly lately sometimes I feel Yahtzee hates on games just to hate on them. There are so many great things about this game that he simply failed to mention, and a lot about it he just misinterpreted almost specifically to make it look worse than it is. Seriously, Yahtzee, what happened to you pointing out things that were actually bad in games and simply overblowing them for humor's sake? ZP is rather quickly working its way lower and lower on my priority of shows to watch on the Escapist...

I love the game. Its just fun. Yeah its not really that challenging, but fuck it, its fun, charming, and a joy to play. I had more fun in 1 level then I had in full story modes from most games out these days.

Oh look, another episode where Yahtzee reminds everyone he doesn't like the Wii. *clap clap clap*
/disapointment that he didn't review DA2.

In all seriousness: Yeah, he's right for the most part. The lack of challenge is what seriously cost this game. To all devs: don't be afraid to challenge kids or remind kids that they fucked up! It makes the victory that much more satisfying!

This game is honestly the only reason I want a wii. That and metroid prime trilogy.

I bought Trilogy despite already owning all three games... (Well my Prime 3 disc broke but that's beside the point), sadly us Europeans only got a shitty cardboard case rather than a metal one like the US did, as usual we get cheated out of stuff like that...

Still, I'd really like it if he did review Trilogy, would be interesting :P

So far kids are stupid as hell.

oh please like your generations was any better

Am I the only one who's a bit disappointed that he barley said anything about graphics and art style?

and I guess we will get a more "Serious" look at the game in Extra Punctuation

I'm hesitant to say "missed the point", but I feel that the purpose of getting the gems wasn't just to buy stuff for the apartments, but also to get as high a score as possible on each level. Getting the satisfaction of collecting a gold medal, and beating your own score. It's about mastery, not just completion. Kind of like what a shmup might be like if put in an easy-going platformer.

Hahahaha, oh god how true how true, good review ZP!

I miss old school kirby crystal shards for the n64 THAT was an epic kirby game
fire+fire=UBER FIRE

i could name all of them XD

And this is one of the prime examples as to why I gave up on the Wii. It's not appealing to me. Yeah, it looks good. But... this is coming from the console whose rampant fanboys tout "it's not the graphics, it's gameplay that makes the game!" Well, explain this game, then. It looks good, sure, but there is no consequence for failure (so you can't call it a "game" so much as it's an "interactive whatsit"), and its gameplay is very subpar (sorry, it is. It's essentially Kirby minus what makes Kirby good). Something any other video game developer would've been given a huge panning for. But Nintendo... they can do no wrong.

All I can recall about my feelings over this title back when it was announced was a series of imagined frowny faces followed by actually feeling a great deal of disappointment.

I can imagine it's probably at least somewhat entertaining to play if you're like me and grew up with the little pink bastard showing up at some point in your life of playing video games. But now that I'm older and jaded I wonder if there will ever be a proper title released for this old franchise.

But when I come to think about it, that will probably never happen. Or at least if it does it's just a modern re-rendering of old material.

Hmm, so the death system is kind of like Wario Land 2's death system. In which you only lose money when you get hit and you can never die. Of course if you were hit in a boss fight, than you'd get set outside the boss room and you'd have to try again.

If this review won't be positive, I will kill you O_O!
Aw. But it's so cute, Yahtzee! That should render it immune to scrutiny by default!

That logic only applies to the fairy tale world!

I Loved Yahtzee's review of this. Seriously you really don't die!


TEACH KIDS SOME FAILURE DAMMIT!! It's what inspired us older gamers to do better at a game.

What would Battletoads be with infinite health?
What would Altered beasts be with limitless continues?

Crap what would Mario, Sonic or Megaman be like if they couldn't die!?

Challenge the little buggers Nintendo. You did it so well to us in the past, I think this generation deserves just as much a kick in the ass as we got.

I love the game. Its just fun. Yeah its not really that challenging, but fuck it, its fun, charming, and a joy to play. I had more fun in 1 level then I had in full story modes from most games out these days.

The same. All the area's look very cute. The whole game feels like made of yarn and patches.
Indeed the challenge is not that big except if you go and try to go for 100% (like nintendo is known for their ingame achievements). Specially the racing maps are try and error or remembering the complete map (like the old 8-bit games).

I miss old school kirby crystal shards for the n64 THAT was an epic kirby game
fire+fire=UBER FIRE

i could name all of them XD


Thank you for bringing up that awesome game. That's what Kirby was about god dammit.

By far one of the hardest last bosses I've ever faced IMO as well.

Wow! That review was full of venom and as a result I loved it. Very funny episode this week!

My first few games included Full Throttle and Secret of Monkey Island, and those are pretty difficult for a kid. So I intend to do the same to my kids and destroy any sense of logic they might already have at that point. "What do I do with a rubber chicken?!"

The Human Torch:
[snip]and a colorful cap with a propeller on top from me.[/snip]

It's called a beanie

At the end he says for the longest time he didn't have any K's in his ZP Library, but what about Kane and Lynch?

I find it odd that Yahtzee is usually such a stalwart crusader for "Games are supposed to be fun" and then just openly bashed this game as much as he did. I know fun is subjective, but I honestly liked Kirbys Epic Yarn. Sure it wasn't a challenging game, and I'm not even going to say "It wasn't supposed to be, it's for kids" but I had fun with the game, probably the most fun I've had with my Wii outside of old VC titles.

It was a good game with an interesting concepts of design, and was just good for kicking back and enjoying for a few hours.

Another epic review.

Kirby's Epic Yarn was pretty entertaining, granted you had no punishment for completely screwing up, aside from less shinies, but was still a neat way to blow some time.

Yahtzee should start doing some old school games as well. Would be interesting to see how Paper Boy holds up.

The Human Torch:
Further proof that the Wii truly is meant for childeren. First adult who I see playing this game will get a lollypop and a colorful cap with a propeller on top from me.

Can I have my lollipop now?

Here ya go.
Don't finish it one go, will rot your teeth.

HAHAHA clasic Yahtzee!! "wayward cumsprout"

HAHAHA clasic Yahtzee!! "wayward cumsprout"
Ok,system Posted twice an someone delete this double post

is it just me or is this entire video, just about yahtzee bitching rather pathetically about children. he barely talks about the game.

You think metaknight clashes with Kirby's world?

Check out the "Revenge of Meta Knight" game on 'Kirby All Stars' for SNES. Long story short, Metaknight's bombing Dreamland with a crazy industrial-style airship, and Kirby storms that shit like fucking rambo. All the little enemies panic at his name like he's the herald of death itself. They say their goodbyes and evacuate after Kirby destroys the engines and sends the ship into a death spiral.

Kirby is some serious business.

Yahtzee just spent half the video talking about why the game is essentially broken, but the truth is he had to misinform everybody here to in order to get enough criticism into his review to make it amusing. The game may rarely use motion controls, but the ways that it does are some of the best yet on any console ever, and make the game basically unplayable on any other system....not innovative my ass....this is one of the few games out of his last few months of reviews that didn't revolve around centering your camera on a target and pressing R, and he failed to recognize how this game greatly benefited from gyro-control. Furthermore, the apartment side-quest is entirely optional. You never have to set foot inside your own, anybody else's, or the furniture shop, but the rewards for these scavenger hunts (which are completed by finding certain hidden items within levels) are new minigames that take excerpts out of levels from the game and give you varying objectives like hide and go seek, time trials, and key in locks. Also, the beads are used in each level as a scoring system, and if there's an actual problem with the difficulty of the game, it's that gold medals are way too easy to get.

And saying that the best way to analyze the game is to talk about what it would teach a child is asinine. The game would teach a child about a fictional character in a fictional world....that's made of fricken yarn.

I'm left wondering how many games I improperly judged because I never played them and didn't get to see all the blatant holes in Yahtzee's argument. How long will he continue to deny any benefit to motion controls? He needs to stop being so stubborn and pretentious and admit that certain games truly benefit from them and aren't possible without them. He needs to play Bit.Trip Beat/Flux.

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