Show About Games Show: Launch Night Lineups & The Last GM

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Honestly, I have tried to like this show, but not a single episode has made me laugh.

Best. Show. Ever.

I think I just don't get it. =/

I love the nod to Survival Horror dying. Makes me jubblies happy.

Gunshoot Kill Ops 3: Space Vietnam is a big let down. The colosolization is very bad in this game, play by e-mail on the PC come on! That doesn't take into account removing the ability to use a scope with any gun including sniper rifle due to balance. The single player was only 30 minutes and the "story" doesn't make any sense XxKillzaxX1337 says that Roflbat killed your father but next level when you fight Roflbat no mention of your father comes up.

Gunshoot Kill ops 1 was the best sure no computer today can run it max still and people complained that you needed a 4,000 dollar computer to run even just run min setting, but at least at launch Joe and I were able to play online for first day.

The Grim Ace:
Absolutely loved this week's episode with the Pocky in particular but I must know where that Pacman necklace came from! I absolutely must have that necklace.

It was a give away item at last year's Comic-Con in San Diego. I was pissed when they ran out of them.

Haha. This is probably the funniest show on The Escapist. Very well executed as well.

But this isn't LoadingReadyRun.. There seems to be some confusion with your post here..

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