Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Cutest Redheads

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No Cissnei? Booooooooooooooooooh

And Amy looks like Kasane Teto

This... was more disappointing than I had expected it to be. Redheads are hot, but I guess there aren't that many candidates in video games. And I never liked Amy, mainly because the actress who plays her English voice is terrible.

The new hair is also a bit disappointing. I roll my eyes at bleach blondes, but seeing that a woman has DYED her hair red is kind of like finding out that Santa Claus isn't real. When are you going to let it go back to your natural color? Redheads can be sexy, but I like brunettes the most because you can almost always be CERTAIN that it's their natural hair color.

Three things. First, Dark hair destroys blonde any day, so Kudos to that. Second, I would argue that Claire is Brunette, and not Redheaded, but that's just me. I would also argue that Samus should be brunette (or green) and not blonde, so there. Third, speaking of Redheads, does anyone else remember Phantom Dust? Or the creature known as the Redhead? Freaky as hell. And awesome. That's all I got to say about that.


That's more like it Lisa! I'm happy to have not been completely spoiled by the synopsis at the bottom of the video this time. Actually kept me interested throughout the whole video!

Great episode too.

Hey was that the song from Castle Crashers? XD

Can someone explain to me why she censors? I mean, Yahtzee is on the website. I don't think she has to worry about anything.

Argh she changed her hair color, I'm SOOOO ANGRYYYYYY!!! *ragequit*

You guys totally need a Nerf Vulcan Automatic Heavy Blaster, cause reloading is for suckers! Also it sounds like its from Star Trek so it must be awesome!

I'm sorry Lisa, but this list's lack of Karin from Shadow Hearts: Covenant renders it invalid.

I mean come on:

I like how most of them are actual redheads (by that I mean people with red or maroon hair) and not people with orange hair(what I call gingers) WHY?

Its the era of the redhead. You have the triple threat of Felicia Day, Christina Hendricks, and the newcommer Julie Mcnivens

Man, I just saw the new episode of SGU, I was happy to see "Gin" make an appearance.

I did not recognise a single one of those, although that might be because I don't play enough games.
Anyway, great show as usual, but shame on you for not including Leliana! (Outrageous!)

Lisa and I have differing opinions on at which point the colour brown becomes the colour red.

This show pleasantly straddles the gap between dorky and endearing. Took me a bit to warm up to it, but I'm hooked! Lisa Foiles seems really genuine.

If you're not really a gamer geek, ma'am, I will be SEVERELY PUT-OUT.

So we got Lisa becomming a redhead, more redheads, silly string and a nerfgun battle? Ticks all my boxes.

oh... i liked her better in blond

but she does look more interesting and thoughtfull than before... is her personality changed or is my perseption of her different?? i have no idea

no offense for the blonds out there, it just seemed that way...

Wow, you look gorgeous Lisa! I'm seriously loving the new look.

I'd also like to nominate Leliana from Dragon Age Origins as an honourable mention. She's feisty, cute and has a killer accent to boot!

Also the nerf battle was awesome.

A Suikoden mention, Didn't see that one coming!

Kudo's for giving that series a mention!

Redheads make everything better.

Gleee, my primary captain Shepard was a redhead :D

Yay for redheads :D The hair looks great Lisa much better than blonde in my opinion :)

Awww, Lisa in a onesie! Do want a robot onesie!

Didn't realize there were so many read heads, although half the games I have never even heard of. Also why can't guys be cute ... I am starting to question my sexuality....

Nice hair. I think it looks much better than when she was blonde.
That. Is. Not. Red.
Reddish brown perhaps, chestnut? But not red.
This is red:

That was brunette, not redhead. Please actually have red hair if you're going to do this.

I could've sworn Kairi was a brunette. *shrug*

I'm sorry Lisa, but this list's lack of Karin from Shadow Hearts: Covenant renders it invalid.


Nice hair. I think it looks much better than when she was blonde.
That. Is. Not. Red.
Reddish brown perhaps, chestnut? But not red.

And this. It kinda sucks that people can just get their hair... I guess yeah, chestnut brown, an then say, "I'm a redhead." No you are not.
And neither is Claire Redfield, and neither is the chick from Suikoden.

She looks SO MUCH better. I hate fake blond hair.

Also! I finally got a captcha crazy enough to post and image about! Celebration. So... which button on my keyboard makes a black smear?

And why ain't I on this list?

Boy, those read-heads sure are one crazy bunch. [/sarcasm]

I don't know, I'd prefer a top 5 topless characters...

That'd be all hentai though - and who wants that? Seriously. [/sarcasm]

I second the Shadow Hearts comment btw.

According to Wikipedia (CLEARLY THE TRUEST SOURCE ON THE INTERNET) Claire has auburn hair, which apparently counts as red....technically...I guess....

She still looks more brunette to me.

Thank you for not including Johanna Dark. Yes she's cute, but she has black hair.
I don't know who that crazy redheaded punk in the picture was, but it certainly wasn't Ms. Dark. [/denial]

The Electro Gypsy:
(Actually "v-eye-ah") Sleep ><

You know, if you want to be really asinine about it you could insist on people using the original Latin pronunciation, i.e. "wee-uh". But that'd just make you look like a prick.

Anyways, I have to say, I used to hate this series, but it's been growing on me.





Cool review.....


I think it's just the camera, and maybe the lighting. It's actually a really good dye job, I've know a few genuine gingers IRL, and they do bear a striking resemblance to brunettes. but in the opening when she walks under the lights you can tell it's red.

Also: why can't I have a hot gamer gf with that zany personality?

Lisa now has red hair.

I approve of this.

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